Thunderbird Difference

Thunderbird School of Global Management is the vanguard of global leadership, management, and business education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

We are much more than a school. Thunderbird is a global network of future-ready leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs across the private and public sectors who advance inclusive and sustainable prosperity worldwide.


New technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence and genetic engineering are fusing the physical, biological and digital worlds, fundamentally altering the way we live, work and relate to one another. In this new paradigm, organizations need a different type of leader.


Thunderbird is unique in that we operate at the intersection of business, international affairs and public policy, providing leaders with the cross-sectoral skills they need in order to shape the dynamic environments impacting their organizations.


Thunderbird empowers global leaders to harness the transformative power of the Fourth Industrial Revolution by leveraging the tremendous resources available throughout Arizona State University’s Knowledge Enterprise to provide relevant training across a wide spectrum of disciplines.


A collection of qualities and attributes that allow a leader to understand and influence individuals, groups and organizations across cultures. The global mindset of the 21st century is digital because the way we connect and create value is through the technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.