Thunderbird Alumni Challenge Lab

The 2020 Alumni lab is postponed due to Covid-19. We eagerly await the resumption of global travel!

Alumni Challenge Lab Summary

Prior to the program start, Thunderbird will work with the client to determine one key question (e.g., “how can we…?”, “what if we…?”) that will serve as the basis for the week’s work. Throughout the week, participants will engage in discovery and exploration to develop unique and innovative ideas to address this key question. This will include site visits to the client’s office, visits to relevant ecosystems stakeholders, and presentations from local experts.

Thunderbird faculty and various Indonesian stakeholders will provide expert content on consulting best practices, the local business environment and on-call support to Alumni Consultants. Alumni will work collaboratively with the client organization and gain a deep cultural and economic experience that would not be possible without local insight.

One of the best parts of the Alumni Lab is how T-birds work with each other to achieve results to be proud of; and build lifelong relationships!

Alumni Challenge Lab 2020:

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Client and Project Overview

In Santiago, Quito and Bogota, we worked with growing and ambitious companies that represented a range of industries and challenges. This year in Jakarta we will work with ONE outstanding client and split into groups to develop final deliverables. The profiles from past years, below, illustrate what the Lab experience is all about and the type of client we will seek in Jakarta.

Develop 5-year road map to expand product offering, manage operational growth, and ensure cohesive organizational vision. (Quito)

Strengthen marketing and branding strategies, and define target customers/markets to attract new clients and increase sales. (Quito)

Re-imagine business model and strategy to deliver a "version 2.0" service touching on product offering, target market, pricing  and digital marketing. (Bogota)

Refine go-to market strategy and develop roadmap to ensure effective and sustainable scalability. (Quito)

Analysis of company's operations to help leverage resources, increase margins and improve quality. (Bogota)

Assess business model to prioritize products/services to invest in from a financial and human capacity standpoint. (Bogota)

Determine how to leverage competitive advantage and regional differentiators to increase online sales in target markets throughout the US. (Quito)

Deep operational analysis to reduce costs and improve overall patient experience (i.e., wait time) and satisfaction. (Quito)

Examine internal processes and define key org. design priorities (i.e., structure, positions) to scale effectively and efficiently. (Bogota)



Sample Days

Alumni will engage in discovery the first days of the program so they can more effectively ideate around the key client question; they will orient themselves with the client organization and learn about the Indonesian context from faculty, local ecosystem stakeholders and experts. By the middle of the week, participants will shortlist ideas for analysis and divide themselves into groups to validate opportunities. At the end of the week, they will present proposed solutions to the client at a closing event.

   Day 1 – Welcome and Discovery 

  • Introductions
  • Company overview presentations by clients
  • Traditional Indonesian lunch
  • Group visit to client offices (tour operations and Q&A with company executives)
  • Overview of Indonesian business environment and consulting best practices with Professor Hunsaker and local contacts
  • Group dinner

     Working Day with Client

  • Brainstorming session with alumni group and professor
  • Visit to relevant ecosystem stakeholder
  • Lunch with client
  • Feedback session with client
  • Working session with team
  • Group dinner with local alumni

 Note: *Actual working days will be based on individual client needs. 

To learn more about the Lab experience, read an article written by one of the participants in the first Alumni Challenge Lab in Colombia.


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