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Jack Rokahr ’47, keeps very busy and active.  Jack has been mentoring a teenage boy who wanted to ask Jack questions about WW II.  They became friends and Jack has been mentoring and answering his questions for the past three years.  This is something that he is very proud of and has kept well-documented records of all questions and the answers he gave.  This friendship has been rewarding for both of them.

Chuck Palmeter ’49, has finally quit motor-homing, fishing and camping in Baja, but he and his wife are still up and around and relatively healthy.  He’s been retired from AT&T for about as long as he worked for them, 30+ years.  He have many great memories of Thunderbird and the subsequent years in Brazil!



Normand Cabral ‘55 passed away on September 5, 2018 in Anaheim, California from complications with type 2 diabetes. He was a talented, charismatic unique individual unforgettable to anyone his life touched. After serving in the United States Army stationed in Germany during the Korean War, he completed additional studies in Foreign Trade and International Management at Thunderbird in Phoenix, Arizona, later he earned an MBA and Masters in Hospital Administration from the University of Florida. Normand had a long and productive management career. He was multilingual, well-traveled with many domestic and global assignments at The United Fruit Company in Honduras, Montgomery Ward in Albany, NY, and at Alexander Proud Foot Consulting, both early and later in his career.

Kenneth C. Cogdill ’58- Kenneth passed away peacefully on July 6, 2018. After graduating from the Thunderbird he joined The First National Bank of Boston. Ken then worked five years in Buenos Aires, Argentina then moved to Cambridge, MA, where he earned his MBA at Harvard Business School and became a member of the Harvard Club. He worked for Exxon then Amerada Hess Corp. as V.P. Corporate Planning and Control until retirement.

David W. Berkey ’57- David Warren Berkey passed away August 16, 2018. David volunteered to serve in the U.S. Army during the Korean War from Nov. 1951-Oct. 1953. He served in Heidelberg, Germany and Paris, France. Following his service, he returned to the University of Minnesota, graduating in 1955. Following graduation, David enrolled in the American Institute for Foreign Trade (Thunderbird) in graduating in 1957. He was hired by Goodyear International and was a manager in San Francisco working in rubber sales for seven years. He then went in to Real Estate in Walnut Creek and later Santa Cruz, a career that spanned over 25 years when he retired in 1989. Following his retirement, David attended the Multnomah University Bible College, graduating with a graduate certificate in the Bible in 1990. David was the past president of the Pleasant Hill Rotary Club, past president of Presbyterians United for Mission Advance (PUMA). He was a 10 year winner of the Human Race for Habitat for Humanity. He helped build the first three homes west of the Mississippi in Soquel, CA. in 1988. He also helped build churches in Honduras for the Presbyterian Church and homes for Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala.

Vernon C. Wiggins ‘50- Vernon Clyde Wiggins passed away on July 20, 2018 in Tucson, AZ. During World War II he served in the Navy in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific theaters. He was a graduate of the University of Arizona and the Thunderbird School of International Management. He began his career as an accountant for Sperry Rand Corporation in Buffalo, NY before moving to Mexico City as the financial controller for Sperry's Mexico Operations. He relocated with his family to Phoenix in 1960 and continued to work for Sperry Rand until his retirement in 1988.

Charlene Duncan ’56, passed away on Tuesday April 24th at the age of 86. She had been ill for several months. After college, Charlene briefly lived and worked in San Francisco.  Charlene moved to Pasadena where she lived for most of her life. Charlene raised four children and had a successful career as a nursing home administrator in Southern California for more than 20 years. In 2004, Charlene relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area to be closer to her family. Charlene loved going out to lunch or dinner with her family and spending time with her seven grandchildren. Charlene loved to travel and later in her life enjoyed cruises to Tahiti, Alaska, Hawaii and the Caribbean. Charlene was a resident of the Rossmoor retirement community and took great pleasure in participating in excursions to the symphony, theater, and trips to Monterey and Carmel.

John Andrew Devine ’54, of Naples, FL, passed away on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018.  He worked for over 40 years in international banking at the First National Bank of Boston, spending most of his career as head manager in Brazil and in France, and as head of global private banking in Boston. He received the highest civilian medal, the Order of Rio Branco, in recognition for his indefatigable work for fostering better relations between Brazil and the US.

William Morgan ’58,  after more than fifty years of living and working in about 11 countries, at 85 I have settled down in the old cow-town of Collinsville, OK. Population 7,000 or so. At 85, with my 46 year-0ld wife, 16 year old son and 14 year old daughter. Both created in the time-honored fashion with their mother. An artifact of 10 years working with Airbus Industry and Vietnam Airlines, in Vietnam. When we emigrated to America in 2007 I had not lived in the US in thirty years. My 15 years in the Middle East was punctuated by some months spent as a prisoner of the جهاز المخابرات العامة‎  (Mukhabarat). Eventually thinking I would die there. But obviously did not, eventually escaping. Spent 6 years in Saudi Arabia, five in Bahrain. Spent time in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, India, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and amazingly, in Peshawar, Pakistan, up in the Northwest Frontier Province. After Bahrain I spent a year in Spain, then three years in England. Including a year in “God’s Country”, up in Norfolk. Then going to Vietnam for 10 years on a tripartite contract between myself, Airbus Industry and Vietnam Airlines, advising the latter on the operation and maintenance of their A320 aircraft. Earlier I had spent 15 years in Europe. Chronology is fractured because I started with a different intent, didn’t intend mentioning Middle East problems, and don’t want to re-write it.  I keep active thinking and writing, having published 6 books and the occasional article.

Richard K. "Dick" Pooler ’55, passed away January 8, 2018 after a courageous battle with metastatic melanoma.  After graduation from Thunderbird he embarked on a career in the oil industry working for Chevron, Tidewater, Phillips Petroleum and eventually operated the petroleum distributorships, San Francisco Petroleum Company and International Marine Fuels. He and his wife Jacqueline settled in the Bay area to raise their family of six children.

Clifford E. Harkness Jr. ’58, passed away peacefully on October 30th of complications from senile dementia. He served the US Navy for four years and was honorably discharged in 1954 as LTJG Clifford worked for Manufacturers Hanover Trust International, living and working in Southeast Asia for 15 years, eventually settling in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, NY.

Philip VanOsdol ’58, passed away December 30, 2017 in Elmira, New York.

Linwood L. Reed ’59, passed away on Wednesday, December 13, 2017 at I.U. Health Ball Memorial Hospital. After graduating from Thunderbird his interesting career began working for Cummins Manufacturing. He lived in Japan, India, Sweden and England. He retired from Borg Warner.

Walter Irving Bates II ’59, died peacefully in his sleep on October 14, 2017 in Wilmington, North Carolina.  During the Korean War, he served in the Army and was stationed in Germany. After graduating from Thunderbird he began a career in marketing for international corporations and later created and pioneered several businesses.

David Walter Francis Lloyd ‘59, died on January 3, 2018, in Asheville of kidney failure. His career in international marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment began in Trinidad, WI with American Cyanamid and ended 35 years and over 100 countries later as VP of International at Reveco in Asheville (which he proclaimed to be the best place in the world to live.)

Aldon Pierce Jr. ’59, passed away January 16, 2018. In 1973 Al founded Coronado Finance, Inc., in Las Cruces, NM, which is still run by his family today.

Harry Turner ’51, had a stroke and broke the femur bone in his leg but he is working it out and celebrated his 92nd birthday on August 31.

Donald Carley ’55, is living in Sun Valley, ID at age 90. He has occasional correspondence with Howard Crooks ’55 who is 93.

Dan (aka Horst) Daniels ’56, I am fully retired after two previous attempts. Just celebrated my 86th birthday living on Hilton Head SC at a high-end retirement community where I often get the feeling I am on a cruise ship. I have started to write my life story as seen through the rear mirror of history and the recall of many enjoyable and memorable happenings and events. Once I get it all put together I will share it with some of my AIFT contemporaries. Hasta la próxima vez!

William Rodgers ’56, after graduation William took a job with EBASCO, an electric utility holding company in New York.  Next, he was posted to Chile for three years, then moved with his family to New Mexico where he ranched but missed his overseas life. He joined the Peace Corps and went to Bogota, Colombia as the Deputy Mission Director, at that time the largest PCV mission.  After two years, he joined the State Department and was posted to Lima, Peru where he managed the Agricultural development office in USAID.  Then came Brazil with six years at USAID in charge of the Agricultural program.  He had two additional assignments in Ecuador and Guatemala.

Narce Caliva ’56, continues to spend a significant amount of time volunteering, mainly with the Korean War Veterans Association.  As a member of the Board of Directors, he attended a recent Wreath Laying at the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC, where he met the new ROK President, Moon, Jae-in.  President Moon's parents were among those rescued by the U.S. military during the Chosin Reservoir retreat.  Narce, an American Red Cross retiree, continues to volunteer with that organization. He and his wife, Leslie, now have a total of 104 years of Red Cross service.

Stanley Ely ’57, has lived in New York City since graduation.  He retired after time in advertising and teaching, has written seven books, the latest published in April.  The title is "Thinking It Through: Reflections Past Eighty."  It contains some 40 short essays and a similar number of personal photos. 

Jerome Firsty ’57, it is only 60 years since I graduated in 1957. During the year, 1956-57, Donald Klein and I were roommates. We lived in the quad, and every Saturday morning, we would give our living quarters a real G.I. cleaning. A large percentage of my class were veterans of military service. I was lucky, because I served in Puerto Rico in 1955 -56 working with the 123rd C.I.D. ln 1958. I worked for a cosmetic firm called Hazel Bishop. After a short training period, I returned to Puerto Rico and worked as there local representative, in the Caribbean. Then I got real lucky. Hazel Bishop merged with another firm and I was fired. I went into the representation business and incorporated, as Firbeck Inc. We have been in the representation business since 1961. Ruth, my wife since 1959, has been a great help and a wonderful· partner. We have two children and six grandchildren.

Richard Jackson ’57, remains physically active and is trying to keep the parts together.

George Blake ’59, after graduating from Thunderbird, I chose the first job that would take us to Mexico.  We spent 25 years there and loved it, never tiring of Mexico’s people, sights, food and climate.  We raised our two girls there and one of them lives in the colonial town of San Miguel de Allende with her family.  Since retiring over 30 years ago, we have travelled the world, but also revisited Mexico every year.  I spent retirement sculpting, hiking, biking and traveling.  We now live in a retirement community where I teach courses on robotics and artificial intelligence, and Bev line dances.  Both of us will be turning 90 at the end of this year.

Dan Schell ’59, in 1962 I took a job with Ames Irrigation International in Milpitas, CA.  My boss was Wally Petersen ’60.  Ames Irrigation sold to another company so Wally and I went separately on to other things. Wally passed away 5 yrs. ago in Nigeria.  We were still active in several projects together including with Bill Johnson ’60. When I first started in the irrigation biz we had a huge project in Baja California Sur.  That area was still a Mexican territory, not yet the state of Baja California Sur.  I had the responsibility of installing the systems. The new Mexican president was to be installed by that December; the entire project had to be paid for before the new government came in. Fifteen years later, I returned to Villa Constitucion, now called Ciudad Constitucion to manage two operations owned by Crisoforo Salido Almada, the man Wally and I had talked into starting these companies. He had retired and gone into raising fighting bulls just south of Cd. Constitucion building a fighting ring there.  Each year he had a tienta (tryout) to select the proper yearling cows and bulls for bullfights.  He brought a retired bullfighter, El Calicero, a legend in Mexican bullfighting, to make the proper selections.  The bulls would enter the ring to be introduced to the picador (on horseback), and the cows would be given the opportunity to be enticed by a selection of would-be toreros.  In the process they finally said, ‘It's your turn, Dan.’ I tried to back out, but with all the jeering I saw that I would have to fight a yearling.  After a few shots of brandy, I entered the ring to do my best.  I found that as the animal passed, the bandera would have to be drawn straight back. I drew the bandera part way back and drew it behind me.  The yearling followed the bandera and started butting me across the ring.  I was rescued by several others.  They said, ‘You've, created a new pass, The Nalgina!’ (The Butt Pass).  So ended my bullfighting career.



Stephen Hotchkiss ‘61 After 40 years in finance, I have sort of concluded 16 years of college teaching as Assoc. Prof of International business. Actually, I taught economics, finance, and (no oxymoron) business ethics. Life is good, volunteering and having a loving wife, children and grandchildren The best is returning to Ecuador as guest of an internationally famous artist, Voroshilov Bazante, and sharing time with colleagues from 30 years ago.

Avery McCarthy ‘61- passed August 25, 2018 at the age of 84. Memories will be cherished by his wife, Dot; four children; six grands; 10 great-grands; and many friends.

Rodolfo (Rudy) De La Garza ‘65- passed away at the age of 75 in New York City on August 5, 2018, after a series of strokes. After graduating from Thunderbird, Rudy was posted to South America for several years with USAID (United States Agency for International Development). He was a professor at the University of Texas, El Paso, and then for a longer time at the University of Texas, Austin, before joining the faculty of Columbia University in New York City in 2001. While at Columbia Rudy became the Eaton Professor of Administrative Law and Municipal Science, as well as Professor of International and Public Affairs. He was also vice president of research for the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute, a Los Angeles think tank for Latino issues. In 1990 the University of Arizona honored him with a "Distinguished Citizen Award," and in October 2004, the magazine, Hispanic Business, named Rudy as one of this country's 100 most influential Latinos. Rudy was an author, co-author, editor or co-editor of dozens of books. He was an outstanding person in so many ways, and shall be missed by those who knew him.

Stephen Jeffery ‘66- Stephen (retired CEO Wadia Digital, VP Harman International) achieved his 80th birthday goal by completing the newly extended 192-mile hike on the Sierra Nevada’s Tahoe Rim Trail. The eldest admitted into the program’s adventure, he hiked the challenging 24,000 ft elevation gains over eleven summer days!

Kent Swisher ‘67- Following graduation, worked on Wall Street;  moved on to Europe working with a financial management company;  Went to work with a Real Estate Development Company in the San Francisco Bay area;  moved to Sun Valley Idaho for a few years;  back to my hometown in Newport Beach;  and for the last 28 years living in the Sonoma County Wine Country and raising a son and daughter both of whom are married and we now have 2 grandchildren.  I always think fondly of my Thunderbird experience and education. It opened so many doors that I walked through!

Stephen E. Jordan ’68 is retired from international banking and living in Elmhurst, a Chicago suburb. His novel, Tatiana and the Russian Wolves, was released this past October. The story focuses on Alexander Romanovsky, an international banker, and his psychological journey as he untangles his mother’s shadowy past while his own life unravels as a result of blackmail and internal bank intrigues. The novel is available at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, discerning bookstores, and through the online shop of my author website at

William C. Dennis ’68- William C. Dennis Jr. passed away (74) at his home in Ocala, FL on July 28, 2018. Bill received his undergraduate degree from Texas Tech University then moved to Arizona where he graduated from Thunderbird. His passion to explore the world led him to travel the globe and live in El Salvador, Brazil, and Argentina to name just a few. He was previously the CEO of Latin America Operations for Laureate Education. He has a Cattle Ranch in the Ocala area and also grows olives and produces olive oil.

Craig Gladen ‘65- Craig Anthony Gladen, 76, passed away Saturday, July 7th in Sacramento. Craig graduated from Stanford University, where he studied German language and literature, and the Thunderbird School in Glendale, Arizona. Craig was known for his sense of humor and huge laugh as well as his keen mind, passion and tenacity. He worked as a bank officer for many years in Europe and the United States, but later became a founding owner of the rice processing and storage company Great Western Growers.

Stephen G. Heiner ‘62-Stephen Gregory Heiner, beloved husband, father, brother, grandfather, passed to eternity at 79 on July 11, 2018. He enjoyed a successful career in the oil industry, which took him to the Middle East then SE Asia, where he met his wife, Margaret, in Singapore. After 19 years abroad, he brought his family back to California where he worked at Disneyland for 15 years greeting many with his trademark friendliness.

Roland Corriveau ’69 passed way May 27, 2018 at the age of 75 passed after a battle with Alzheimer's disease. Roland  graduated from University of Arizona, and then completed his Master's degree in International Business from Thunderbird School of Global Management. After a few years working in Brussels, Belgium, he returned to Tempe, AZ where he enjoyed building lasting relationships with his clients at Valley National Bank. He was promoted to Executive Vice President, and relocated the family to Cottonwood Heights, UT in 1988. In 2008 he retired in St. George, UT. He will be remembered by his family and friends as a jokester, a wise counselor, a kind soul, a man of faith, a husband extraordinaire, and a dad for all seasons.

Stephen Barber ‘65 passed away May 11, 2018. Stephen was a retired Lieutenant Commander for the U.S. Navy. His assignments, both at sea and ashore, took him from coast to coast in the U. S. and many bases in Asia, including Japan, the Philippines, Vietnam and Guam. His most rewarding Navy experience, which he never ceased talking about, was his tour on the USS DeHaven (DD-727), a destroyer homeported in Yokosuka, Japan. Upon retirement from the Navy in 1982, Steve spent the next twenty-years in the cruise ship business with American Hawaii Cruises and World Explorer Cruises. He enjoyed immensely his experiences in the area of reservations, sales and marketing and the fact that he had spent his entire working life in the maritime arena. Steve fully retired as the Director of Sales at the end of 2003 from World Explorer Cruises. Steve was very active in the affairs of the Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) (formerly The Retired Officers Association) and was president of the San Francisco Chapter from 2006 through 2008, and then as the Area Director for the San Francisco and Monterey Bay areas.

Thomas A. Brindley ’62, passed away peacefully on Saturday, April 28, 2018, in his home in Huntsville. Before becoming a professor of education at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, he received many degrees. Tom was a veteran of the U.S. Army, having been posted in Germany during the Korean War. From 1962-1965 he worked in Vientiane, Laos, participating in a program sponsored by the Binational Center (an offshoot of the US Information Agency). Serving as Director of Courses at a grade school in Laos, he met Mengqi Qian (now Monica Chien Brindley), his future, beloved wife. He taught at the University of Arizona from 1968 – 1973 before joining the faculty in the Department of Education at UAH, where he taught for 26 years, till 1999. Tom was the founder and past president of the North Alabama Birdwatchers Society and a member of the Audubon Society, the Nature Conservancy. He was a resident of Madison County for 45 years.

Roger Mathew Huhnke ‘63, of Wichita, KS, lost his long battle against Alzheimer's Disease on April 25, 2018.  Roger attended the California Maritime Academy, graduating in 1957 as a third mate. He sailed for American President Lines, circling the globe three times on their around-the-world service. When his "number came up," Roger left the merchant marine and sailed the South Pacific with the Navy. Eventually he came ashore, attending Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, AZ. He not only graduated from the international business program, but met and married Imelda Murphy, an elementary school teacher. Roger's adventuresome spirit was evident in his shore-side career as a shipping manager. He took his family along for the adventure, working in places as varied as Buenos Aires, New York City, and Wichita. He finished his career with 22 years at Koch Industries.

Don Kilgore ’69, I was hired by First National City Bank upon graduation.  Joined American Express Military Banking Division one year later.  Sent to Vietnam during the war and became branch manager in Chu Lai, 23rd Infantry Division HQ.  Transferred to Frankfurt and London for brief assignments.  After 3 1/2 years in banking moved to the textile industry where I spent 34 wonderful years, mostly in the International Marketing field. In retirement my wife of 47 years and I spend 6 months in NYC, 5 months on the Oregon Coast and a month in St. Maarten.  Life is very good!

David Wilson ’60, passed assay February 5th  in Phoenix, AZ., where he had lived in retirement for the past three years to be close to his daughter, Kimberly and her family.  David was 83 years old and the cause of death was cancer.

James Davis ’62, passed away in the late fall of 2017. He was recovering from a major operation without any problems when a massive infection occurred while he was in a rehabilitation facility. Jim’s business career was interesting and took place in the healthcare industry. Jim worked for Abbott Laboratories, Will Ross/G.D. Searle, and Pilling Weck before starting a partnership, AcuLux, which produces and sells hospital products. He and his family had lived in London, Paris, Rome, Guatemala City, as well as many US cities.  Jim had not only good business sense but also an ability with languages and spoke French and Spanish well.

William Strong ’67, passed away unexpectedly on December 14, 2017 at Carolinas Medical Center, Charlotte, NC.  William attended ROTC in college and served in the U.S. Army in Korea in l964-65. He had a deep love of country and life-long respect for the U.S. military. In his professional life William worked in Los Angeles, California for Lockheed International and was Vice President of the International Division of Teledyne, Inc. for 19 years. He and Linda moved to Charlotte in 1989 where William directed international marketing for Teledyne Allvac, located in Monroe, NC for several years. After his retirement from Teledyne, he became a consultant at Ketema Inc. and nally, McCrometer in International Management for several years. He traveled the world for business, especially in South America and Southeast Asia. Mr. Strong retired from McCrometer in 2010 and spent some time with SCORE as a volunteer mentoring small business owners. He loved playing weekly rounds of golf and enjoyed lunch gatherings with his friends. He leaves behind his wife Linda and 2 daughters.

Alan Herro ’60, of Phoenix, AZ, passed away peacefully on Good Friday, April 14, 2017, after suffering a heart attack. 

Andy Chryssolor ’66, after graduation in February 1966, and marrying another T-Bird, Clair Brady, we moved to Chicago where I started working for Baxter Laboratories International in Morton Grove, Illinois. Two years later, I joined a small ophthalmic pharmaceutical company in Santa Ana, California, Allergan Pharmaceuticals, as an International Area Manager. I travelled the world looking for distributors for our line of products when a few years later in 1972 I was  asked to move to the UK to open up the European market and set up Allergan’s European headquarters.  In 1974 I was relocated to my native city, Montreal, to be President of Allergan Canada. At the beginning of 1976 I joined Bausch & Lomb as President of B&L France and Managing Director of the Soflens Division of B&L for the United Kingdom and Ireland, based again in the UK. An opportunity arose in 1980 to purchase the majority of shares in an international company manufacturing contact lenses, artificial eyes, optical instruments and machinery to manufacture contact lenses. My intention was to retire in 2000 which I did, took up golf and quickly got bored. Up to the beginning of August 2017 I was a Board Director for a number of companies based in Europe but because Clair and I had no Family in the UK and our son and daughter both married with grandchildren living in the USA, we decided to move back and spend more time with our family 2 years ago. We are currently living in Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio close to my daughter and her son and daughter, aged 11 and 5. My son and his family live in Denver with our 2 granddaughters, aged 12 and 10.  Last September I founded a company, iAdvisors L.L.C. to help companies in the Eye Care industry to develop and grow. It is also an opportunity for me to keep in contact with the very many friends and colleagues world wide that I have met over the years in an industry in which I thoroughly enjoyed. 

Both Clair and I are very grateful for Thunderbird for the opportunity of a successful business career but also importantly, where we met. Now married for almost 52 years with our children and 4 grandchildren nearby we are indeed blessed.

William Strong ’67, passed away on December 14, 2017. His death was very unexpected and shocking. He left for his workout that day, took a fall, hit his head and never recovered.  William worked in Los Angeles, California for Lockheed International and was Vice President of the International Division of Teledyne, Inc. for 19 years. He and Linda moved to Charlotte in 1989 where William directed international marketing for Teledyne Allvac, located in Monroe, NC for several years. After his retirement from Teledyne, he became a consultant at Ketema Inc. and finally, McCrometer in International Management for several years. He traveled the world for business, especially in South America and Southeast Asia.

David L. Boston ’68, passed away in Argyle, TX.  He leaves behind his wife of almost 50 years, a daughter and three grandchildren. 

George Flynn Fletcher ‘68 passed away December 19, 2017.  George enjoyed telling stories about his post-graduate studies at Thunderbird and reminiscing on his years living abroad in Italy. His professional career included working for corporations in Marketing, owning Jones-Roberts Shoe Stores in Lubbock and surrounding areas, Insurance and a proud stint at Texas Tech on the Horizon Campaign. He had a deep appreciation for music and the arts, and performed many years in The Lubbock Chorale. George was a prolific reader and his favorite authors included Ernest Hemingway, Robert Ludlum, Octavio Paz, and James Michener. He described himself as having, "a cosmopolitan outlook with strong values".
George loved traveling, especially to Mexico. By air, train, and bus he took his young family on summer Mexico adventures. Wearing his guayaberas, smoking cigars and buying lottery tickets at the zocalos were amongst his favorite pastimes there. George was known to stay up late playing Gin Rummy with his family while vacationing in Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Tim Wilbur ’60, is retired and lives in Oceanside, CA & Camano Island, WA.

Steve Cole ’61, I have worked in the healthcare industry for most of the time since I graduated. I worked for Abbott Laboratories, G.D. Searle, and A.H. Robins before I took early retirement and started my own consulting business, Cole & Associates. I lived in Japan with my family almost nine years working for Abbott and Searle and enjoyed my time there. My spoken Japanese is good and, as part of my consulting business, I still travel to Japan at least four times a year. I was responsible for Asia, Canada, and some joint ventures at Searle and then for worldwide international operations at Robins. I have been very lucky over the years inasmuch as my bosses have not only been good people but competent. I have sent small contributions to Thunderbird for many years and appreciate the education it gave me that has certainly helped my career. I have been married to the same woman for more than 50 years and we have two grown children but, sadly, only one granddaughter.

Robert Drynan ’64, I have lived in Mexico for past 13 years. I have written four novels, and I’m working on a fifth, plus two short story collections.

Diego J. Veitia ’66, a few years ago, I stepped down as Chairman of the Company I founded INTL FCStone (INTL Nasdag). Since then I formed a family company that invests in Biotechnology's breakthrough drugs. I still commute from Winter Park Florida and Telluride Colorado with my wife Marsha. I also spent a few years as Chairman of the Hamilton Hold School of Rollins College In Winter Park, FL.

Joe Burke ’66, is retired in Madrid, but also spending quite a bit of time in Ecuador, his wife’s home country, and doing a lot of travel. This year they visited Chile, Argentina, England, Scotland, Cuba, U.S., and Costa Rica. They plan to slow down a bit and concentrate on in-Spain trips, starting with a September gourmet trip in Galicia…  Joe exchanges frequent emails with fellow T-bird Tom Coler ’67 of Sarasota.

Steve Swenerton ’66, worked for Cargill in Minneapolis and Buffalo after Thunderbird graduation.  He was an officer in Coast Guard in Detroit and VA for 3 ½ years.  He was with Thermador, an appliance manufacturer, for 12 years in: San Diego, South Bend, Ann Arbor, and Orange, CA. He then moved to Toro, managing sales and marketing in Orange, followed by 17 years in WI managing sales and marketing for Broan-NuTone. For seven years, he built distribution for Broan in South America, Australia, SE Asia, and China, making 80 international trips between 2010 and 2016.  Retired now in Boulder, CO he teaches history, volunteers for University of Colorado Boulder in various activities. He spends as much time as possible hiking and biking in this beautiful area, as well as traveling the globe.

Bill Brogdon ’66, I was recruited at Thunderbird by Bucyrus Erie and have been in the mining and heavy construction business ever since.  I traveled in sales throughout South America, Europe and Africa.  Later, I formed dealerships in Alabama and Florida and still have a small company in Mobile, AL.  Semi-retired now I enjoy being with my wife Carol, our children, and little grandchildren who all live nearby.

Dean Ross ’67, my wife and I moved to our permanent home in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where I can swim and  play tennis every day to my heart's desire. My two grown daughters are living in Los Angeles and San Francisco and my 20-year-old is studying in Switzerland. My memories of Thunderbird are always inspiring and memorable.

David Carpita ’67, has retired from his second career, a cooking school and private country inn in St Remy-de-Provence with his wife, Nitokrees.  They continue to live at the Mas de Cornud and spend their winter months in the Red Sea resort town of Hurghada, Egypt.

John E. O’Brien ’68, and his wife, Anne, who worked in the registrar’s office while he was at T-bird, are retired and have just moved from Lyons, CO to San Marcos, TX. They are building a house at Kissing Tree, a 55+ golf community.  John worked the first 20 years after Thunderbird for Eastman Kodak.

Stephen Nadler ’68, we just returned from a trip to Iceland, Paris, and Corsica. I am semi-retired – I own and manage commercial properties acquired during my business career. In 1972, I was offered a transfer to Liberia as an internal auditor for Firestone after submitting my resignation.  I turned them down and became a partner in a CPA firm in Denver, CO responsible for management consulting and business advisory services. The firm dissolved in 1987 and I purchased an automotive paint distributorship, which I sold in 1999 when I went into semi-retirement. One of my interests is as a postal historian and stamp collector (philatelist).

Wayne Battenfield ’68, I have been to 65 countries and still counting.  I moved back to Arizona with my wife, Julie, after being gone for 44 years. I have four great grandkids ages 8 - 19.  I was elected to the Yuma Athletic Hall of Fame in 2013.

Meg Goetz de Gaona ’69, I just celebrated my 36th anniversary with the Santa Barbara Neighborhood Clinics and 37 years as a Nurse Practitioner.  I started working halftime three years ago but still have my practice, plus I see patients at Santa Barbara City College twice a week.  I’ve been married to same wonderful man for 37 years!  Our two daughters are healthy and happy. I enjoy hosting international students, which we've done for over 20 years. It’s been a good life, business and medicine blended perfectly.

Richard Koehler ’69, finally located in one place after a mixed international career of business, consulting and adjunct teaching. Started in New York with an international engineering company, next to Venezuela, then marketing assignments over much of Central/South America. Subsequent postings in Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia, with marketing responsibilities in SE/Asia -  Australia/New Zealand. European residency, Norway, Spain, were mixed over the relocation chain and finally options to try and remember my Thunderbird German language and European area studies (needs work). As with so many T-birds, I have also enjoyed a rewarding adjunct career in university teaching, seemingly a Thunderbird talent we were trained for and did not realize. In retrospect, maybe lecturing should be offered as an elective course in the current T-bird curriculum. Among academic positions in the U.S., Finland, Mexico, and Sweden, I had the great opportunity to teach two summers in the Thunderbird Guadalajara Summer Program (before its untimely demise). In Sweden, I held teaching and Program Director responsibilities for a master’s business program, developing an MSc degree in international management (MIM), plus teaching and core development of a MSc degree program in Wind Power Project Management.  My wife Inga-Märit has been with me over the entire Thunderbird travel-log, 50+ years, including her Glendale Campus tour of duty. We are now settled on the Swedish island Gotland in the Baltic Sea, her home originally, and invest our time and energy in projects of island stainability.

Chuck Hazen ’69 & ’72, when the first of my two Thunderbird degrees was conferred in 1969, that era was the beginning of a golden age for international/global career aspirants. In those early days, American business was just awakening to profit-expanding opportunities cross-border. When I received my second Thunderbird degree in 1972 that awakening was gaining momentum. Adding to the advantages enjoyed by us international types, most U. S. business, or nonprofit, or public sector employees who had offshore opportunities found them unattractive compared with domestic assignments, believing that an international career meant meant diminished opportunity for promotions. They were proved wrong. Those who opted for international assignments found less competition for choice postings and advancement owing to corporate prejudice in favor of domestic careers. The globalists often enjoyed greater responsibility, authority, and compensation relative to experience than did domestic counterparts. Those who took the risk internationally were rewarded with a richness of professional and cultural experiences, in addition to excellent promotion prospects, that would have been unattainable just one generation prior. There’s a diversity of worldviews among Thunderbirds. Mine is a worldview of faith in God to whom I offer heartfelt thanks for leading me to Thunderbird, and allowing me to taste the richness of outcomes that attend the Thunderbird experience.   



Paul Hammerstad ‘72- Paul Hammerstad passed away on August 21st in Seattle. He was buried on August 27th in Yakima, Washington.

Vince Daniels ‘74- Vince and his family hosted Fotis Papadopoulos for Thanksgiving dinner at their home in Kalamata Greece. The US Embassy in Athens has also appointed Vince as US Citizen Liaison Volunteer – Warden for Messinia/Kalamata.

Ric Lohman '75 Thunderbird helped me get back to Brazil several times. One of my daughters was born there and still holds dual citizenship. As I left Thunderbird, I decided not to rest on my laurels as Doubles Pong Champion and went back into manufacturing systems. I worked in a variety of companies from a legal firm to a medical research group, with many defense contractors on the way. Spent 20 plus years in local politics protecting the California coast south of San Francisco. Three years ago I retired, and we moved to a mini ranch in the hills of Montara. I even have a cowboy hat. Spending most of my time now with politics and restoring the ranch.

Brian J. O’Connor ’78- Brian John O'Connor passed away on July 27, 2018 in his home. He graduated from the University of Des Moines, Iowa in 1977 then moved to Glendale to obtain his Masters Degree from the American Graduate School of International Management. Upon completion of his education, Brian began his career in business and specialized in public finance. Brian worked for Walter E. Heller and Company, Boetcher and Company and Hutchinson Shockey Erley and Company as an Investment Banker advising municipalities, public utilities and school districts regarding their financial needs and facilitating the explosive growth of infrastructure and public improvements throughout Arizona and the Western United States. Brian was an outspoken optimist and proponent of the promise and future of Arizona and the West. Brian was also involved in charitable endeavors through the Phoenix Thunderbirds organization which sponsors and promotes the Waste Management Phoenix Open Golf Tournament on the PGA tour, raising millions of dollars for Arizona charities each year. Brian was a creative and inspirational businessman with investment interests in a variety of endeavors over his long career. However, his favorite business venture was the acquisition and ownership of the Class A Minor League Baseball team then known as the Salt Lake City Trappers. During Brian's ownership of the team with several partners and friends, the Trappers recorded a 29 game winning streak which remains a professional baseball record. The Trappers and their record season are enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York.

William R. Killeen ‘76- William passed away Wednesday, June 13, 2018. After receiving his degree from Thunderbird, William spent over 45 years living and doing business in Latin America.

Paul D. Smith ’75- Paul passed away July 7, 2018 after a valiant fight with pancreatic cancer. After receiving his MIM degree at Thunderbird, Paul spent many years in the food industry, both in retail and food service, working with several large companies including Carnation, Colgate, and Rich Products for over 17 years, where he was Vice President of the Food Service Division. Most recently, after having worked with Burry Foods out of Chicago, he decided to venture out on his own, working closely with Starbucks sourcing new food ideas for their stores.

John F. Ryan ’72- John Ryan h passed away on Saturday August 11, 2018. John was a lifelong resident of New Jersey. He was a graduate of Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management and American International College. John was a volunteer with the Peace Corps in Columbia from 1967-1969. After that he never stopped traveling. He visited every corner of the world and was still globetrotting this year, crossing the equator during a 50 night journey around South America. John loved a good adventure, the outdoors, and the furthest reaches but he also made a home full of wonder and beauty for all who entered to behold and be welcome. John was an educator and worked at Collier High School from 1980-1985 and served as the Principal of The Center School from 1985 - 2008. In the last few years, he served on the board of directors of Collier Youth Services.

Michael L. MacAfee ’71- Michael Lee MacAfee (80) passed on June 22, 2018 at his place of residence in McHenry, Illinois. He worked at his father's business, Painters Warehouse, and served in the US Navy and reserves. While working as a Police Officer for the City of Phoenix, he attended and graduated from ASU then left Phoenix PD to attend Thunderbird. After graduating from Thunderbird, Michael worked for the Arizona State Attorney General's Office as a Special Agent where he retired.

Jerry Mathews '78, I joined the Navy and became a Naval Flight Officer, and did a lot of cool things.  I retired somewhat honorably.  I also ran the family manufacturing business for 15 years.  I got creamed by the recession.  I received an accounting degree.  I am retiring this year as a Supervisory Auditor with the Feds.  I am moving to Hilton Head to work on my tan.

John C. Patterson ‘71 of Jackson died peacefully at home on April 8, 2018, surrounded by his loved ones. In 1967 he married Donna Zimmerman and they recently celebrated their 50th anniversary. They both served as Peace Corps Volunteers in Hamadan, Iran, (the biblical Ecbatana). Later, John worked as a sales manager for a Saudi company in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia , where he, Donna and their two children lived for 6 years. In 1985, he accepted a position in Milwaukee as International Sales Manager for Cleaver-Brooks which began a 28year history until he retired in 2013. During his career, he traveled to over 80 countries and made many life-long friendships both in the States and abroad. John treasured the many experiences with them. He enjoyed planning trips and vacations for his family, boating, reading and photography.

Keith Taylor ’72 passed away March 4, 2018. After Air Force service he worked as a sales engineer before attending Thunderbird.  Jobs took him and the family to Brazil, Venezuela and England before he continued his education at ASU for his doctorate. Keith taught Finance at Utah State University (Logan) and Sonoma State University before he retired. He and Carmen continued traveling in the US, Canada and abroad. A great joy was collecting die cast models of cars and trucks.

Don Hiruo ’75, after a career in both the Private and Public Sector that took me to Southeast Asia, Europe, Central America and the Middle East I have finally retired.  I leave National Integrated Systems as its Vice President of Sales & Marketing and thank Thunderbird for allowing me to live my dream.

Louis Gaker ‘75, of Middletown, Ohio passed away on Saturday, January 27, 2018 of pancreatic cancer. He worked in Management for Northrop Corporation in Esfahan, Iran where he supervised construction of an airport. Later he worked for BFI in an international management position and traveled throughout South America. Later he relocated to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia with BFI. Jeff later settled in Atlanta, Georgia with his wife, Suzanne, where he worked for Republic Services until he returned to Cincinnati, where he enjoyed golf, fishing, hunting, racquetball and travel. One of his greatest adventures was exploring the Alaskan Highway from South America to Alaska. In retirement he worked for Oasis Golf Club in Cincinnati.

Judy Yep Hughes ’77, passed away peacefully on February 08, 2018. She courageously fought an 18 month battle with ovarian cancer. Judy was a natural entrepreneur, successful businesswoman, active community supporter, and a world-class mom. She owned and operated several businesses in Sonoma County throughout the past forty years. Judy was known for her generosity, ambitious work ethic, quick wit, and ability to navigate complex situations. Judy's loyalty and devotion to her family and friends was one of her many strengths. Her enthusiasm for life and passion for cooking brought people together. Judy loved traveling the world, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people.

Rod Granger ’75, like many in my class years, I recently retired. I worked for a major regional bank, later for KPMG as a CPA, and eventually as a CFO in transportation, senior living, and most recently an educational website. So a varied career with turn-arounds and startups often involved and now doing some occasional consulting. Aside from a stent in Brazil, the opportunities were all domestic.  Currently living in Las Vegas, with our sailboat in the Sea of Cortez, and grandkids nearby in Arizona.

Thomas Jackson Fullerton ’77, died November 11, 2017.  Tom was an avid political junkie with a broad understanding of global politics. The theatre, especially New York theatre was a passion and a hobby. He helped secure the London production of Shadowlands for the New York theatre circuit. His distinctive and theatrical voice was a recognized by all who met him and often caught the "ear" of commercial producers. It is said that all very bright people have a great sense of humor, and his sharp wit was no exception. He will be remembered as a fun, sophisticated and charming man that was the most sought after dance partner at any party! The most descriptive word that embodied Tom is charitable. He was abundantly giving of his time and his love to, his family, church, community and legions of friends. His personality and kindness filled any room he entered, and he will be remembered as vivacious and one of a kind.

Jeffrey Wise ’79, passed away January 13, 2018. Jeff spent the majority of his professional career in the automotive retail automation industry, most recently as a Director at CDK Global, an industry and company that Jeff truly loved.

Tom Sanders ’70, a year ago I retired from teaching finance at the University of Miami.  I now teach part time at Washington, DC universities.  I worked in international departments of banks on Wall Street in the 1970s.

Dave Hackett ’70, Dave and his wife Cindy reside in Gig Harbor, WA.  They have two children and four grandchildren.  Dave retired from a career with the U.S. Government Accountability Office with assignments in Europe, New England and Washington DC.

Jan Jarne ’70, was elected Chairman of the Board of the Brazil-Finland Chamber of Commerce (FinnCham Brazil) in May. He founded the board and presided for the first two terms. He has also been the Honorary Consul General of Finland in São Paulo for the last 12 years. He was decorated by the Finnish government as Commander of the Order of Lion of Finland. He continues to put 10 hours a day into his profession as an M&A expert and private equity advisor in the investment banking boutique (Invest Partners) that he founded 20 years ago.

Phillip Moore ’70, I attended Thunderbird after serving in the Marines, and was hired by a global insurance group out of New York, then spent 22 years outside the US, mostly in Southeast Asia and South America, running insurance companies and eventually M&A work, with stints at head offices in NY, Philadelphia, and Boston. I retired as Senior VP of a Fortune 100 company after a 30 year career. I could not have asked for, or imagined, a more interesting or challenging life.   The kick off was in Glendale, and the world has turned over many times since then, but I’d do all again today.  Youth is not a gift, but just a loan.

David Josephson ’71, David is Managing Director, Northern California at the Export Import Bank of the United States in San Francisco CA.

Robert Ainslie ’71, I have been involved with Greater China since 1980.  My company produced promotional goods for companies like Sears, Broadway, several airlines, and financial institutions.  I retired for the first time in 1986.  In 1993, I was asked by a group from the PRC to assist them in structuring Sino-Foreign joint ventures.  I left them a few months later and organized another company focused on bringing companies and investment to China from North America and Europe. I also had an office in Rome.  I was an advisor to New York investment bankers like DLJ and Bear Sterns and was instrumental in establishing their business in China and their participating as managers and or co-managers in about $2Bn in the IPOs of Chinese enterprises in the U.S. stock market.  I retired again in 2006.  During 2013, old friends in China asked me to participate with them in identifying good technology companies for investment in the West.  The companies had to have cutting-edge technologies that improve human health, the environment and were disruptive technologies. I organized two LLCs and have been successful in accomplishing these goals.  So, no retirement in the foreseeable future.

Mahlon Barash ’71, I have been living in Lima, Peru since 2008 when I returned from living in Cajamarca while directing a housing micro-finance program from a contract in Mexico. I was working with non-bank financial institutions to improve their mortgage lending practices. Now I teach English to three second-level management students at Adidas, the sports equipment company. I am also conducting an evaluation of FINCA's, a local NGO home improvement loan program. This is the fourth time I have lived in Peru, starting in 1965 as a Peace Corps volunteer working in the highlands helping small communities build better schools. In February of this year I became a Peruvian citizen, in addition to my American citizenship.

Juan Manuel de Cardenas ’72, is founder, main investor and CEO of Energia Azul, a development company of Santa Maria Hydro Power Project (SM), a 750 MW hydro in late stage of development based in Peru.

John Cullison ’72, retired in 2015 after 42 years with Bank of America including a decade overseas.  John served on the Board of the San Francisco Opera for eight years and the American Red Cross Bay Area Board for nine years and recently joined the Board of Global Partners for Development that focuses on community driven projects in East Africa.

Basel Khalifeh ’72, I am a resident of Dubai / UAE. I own a registered consulting office in Dubai focused on providing management solutions. I did significant research, including providing business plans, on behalf of oil and gas firms from Europe. I am semi-retired but still do consulting work focusing on research. I now focus on the medical sector as well as on international law, in particular intellectual property, since my son has a prominent law office in this field. I help him with international communications. I am now establishing a state-of-the-art diagnostic hospital as well as a cancer centre, two fields that occupy my work at present. I had colon cancer diagnosed and treated recently and both centres will provide significant medical services of the highest quality. I am still working on these two hospitals and expect to finish my proposal for investors the end of this year. I have the highest regard for Thunderbird and I cherish the time I spent at Thunderbird.

Tom Kenyon ’72 is retired and lives in Paso Robles, CA.

George Hiller ’72, I am still teaching ‘Doing Business in Latin America’ at the University of Richmond Business School.  It’s an experiential-learning course; teams of UR business and law students work with a Richmond-area company to develop market entry strategies in Latin America.  It’s a lot of fun!  This fall, I will be teaching a short course at a university in Colombia.

McDiarmid (Mac) Messenger ’72, I’m just completing my sixth year of retirement and my 31st t year of living abroad since graduating from Thunderbird in May of 1972. I have really lived my T-bird dream. Living and working in Germany, Denmark, the UAE, Brazil, England, and now in Geneva, Switzerland where I just completed my 18th year. My travels for business and pleasure have taken me to more than 80 countries and have met fellow T-birds living and working in at least 20 of those countries.  Without Thunderbird, my life would have been very different and, I am sure, not nearly as interesting. Perhaps easier, but not as rewarding.  What more could one ask?

Kevin Tam ’73, I'm working with Script International. Script has worked on projects in over 30 countries, across four continents, with over ten decades of combined experience. As management consultants, we'll be able to help guide businesses towards efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

Ernest L. Kangas ’73, in May 2015, my wife, Melody, who worked for President William Voris while we were at Thunderbird, and I moved from Portland, OR area to Windsor, CA smack dab in the middle of the Sonoma Wine Country. We can almost walk to several wineries.  In June, we celebrated our 48th wedding anniversary and started the day with a hot air balloon ride.  I have been with Hefferan Insurance Brokers going on 12 years now, I still specializing in trade credit and political risk insurance working out of their Petaluma, CA office.

Dimitri Andonov ’73, Thunderbird was a different place at that time. It was in the middle of the desert. After working several years overseas as international sales manager for International Paper Co., Campbell soup Co., and Johnson Controls International Co. I started my own export company in 1994. After 23 yrs. I am passing the baton to my son John.  I live with my wife, Sharon, in Miami Beach Florida.

Brian Marshall ’73, I am currently back in the U.S. recovering from hip replacement surgery, I have worked since 1997 in the Balkans, Eastern Europe and Central Asia with the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE), most recently as a  Long Term Observer on postings in Ukraine. During this period, I also served four years on temporary one-year appointments to the U.S. State Department in Iraq. 

Bela (De) Mariassy ’73, I am wrapping up a long career in Aerospace.  I worked many years for Allied Signal / Honeywell in Phoenix.  Twelve years ago I moved to Annapolis where I work for ARINC / Rockwell Collins in export compliance.  I retire at the end of September and plan to travel.  Then I will divide my time among being with my wife and grandchildren, kayaking on the Chesapeake Bay, and part-time consulting on export compliance in the Washington, DC area.

Stephen Elson ’73, I currently live in Palm Springs with Tom Stewart, retired in 2001 from Sodexco, a hospitality management group. I am a docent at the Palm Springs Art Museum and a member of the Pasadena Society of Artists (photographer).

Michael Zahaby ’74, Michael is semi-retired in Naples, FL after 40 years in banking and corporate finance.  He is also an adjunct professor of Finance at Florida Gulf Coast University.

Roberto Bradford ’74, I am the owner and CEO of RG Bradford Representações, based in Rio de Janeiro. Our family company was found in 1946 and, over these 71 years, we have specialized in marketing/representation services to foreign companies interested in doing business in or with Brazil in various sectors of our economy including defense and private industry.

Craig Williamson ’74, I recently retired in Queen Creek, AZ after a very satisfying career that included two overseas assignments in Singapore and Hong Kong with Fleet Financial Group, now Bank of America.  Shortly after retiring in 2014, my wife, Lynda, and I went to Beijing, China for 18 months to serve as Humanitarian Service Representatives for the LDS Church.  Here we traveled almost the entire country by rail, air, and car to deliver wheelchairs to the needy, supplies to schools, and health care training to hospitals.  This was a very different experience than banking and we enjoyed working with different types of people.  China is an amazing place.  We are now resting in Queen Creek after a recent Baltic Sea cruise and tour, which took us to the Scandinavian countries, Germany, Estonia, and Russia.  St. Petersburg was a favorite.

Michael Crotty ’74, has been in the home textiles business for thirty+ years as the President of TexStyle, Inc., and its China subsidiary, TexStyle Asia (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, that he founded in 2001. In 2007, he established MKT & Associates, Ltd. to capitalize on his expertise in building networks between Chinese and U.S. companies. In 2012, he moved to Shanghai to be on the ground and closer to his partners and factories. He has been active in T-bird Alumni affairs since he graduated and is a member of the TIAA. He has also been very active in the American Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai (AmCham), serving on the Board of Governors, Invest USA Committee and Supply Chain Committee. He has no plans to retire anytime soon!

Curtis Piper ’74, I am retired from Nomura Real Estate, Inc. My wife and I, and our husky, spend summers on Prince Edward Island, Canada and we travel to Japan twice a year to visit my 91-year-old mother-in-law. I have written a 300-page historical mystery entitled “The Shogun’s Gold—Its Lethal Legacy.”  Target date for publication is late 2018.  I am dabbling in genealogy and have discovered cousins in France. 

James Dodson ’74, after living and working in Spain for 36 years, I have moved to Algarve, Portugal to avoid Spanish tax on a small inheritance. I am now retired and I am busier than ever.

Tom W. Glaser ’75, after retiring from Miami-Dade County Public Schools, I started teaching for Academica Charter Schools, and I just transferred to Brooks Collegiate Academy in San Antonio, TX. I have been somewhere for free for at least a week every summer since 1990. I LOVE being a teacher, and retiring a second time would mean missing out on those free trips!

Larry W. Ishmael ’75, retired on September 1 from Northwest University as a professor of economics and entrepreneurship. He and his wife, Francie, will be moving to Sunriver Resort in central Oregon.

Dirk Visser ’75, I am still working and now in my final year prior to retiring in April 2018.  I am a risk director at Cargill Europe, based in Belgium. Once retired I will take it easy living between Brussels and Sitges near Barcelona.

Timo (Saunaman) Lahdekorpi ’75, I’m in Finland to research the renowned Loyly Sauna facility in Helsinki. I’ve been commissioned to design and help construct a similar one in the U.S. For even more fun, afterwards I’m heading to France and Switzerland to continue my newly found love, paragliding.

Scott Johnson ’75, is sales manager for Martin Door Manufacturing in Salt Lake City, UT.

Mark W. Andersen ’75, after almost 28 years abroad running businesses in Latin America and Europe with responsibility for EU, Russia/Ukraine, Turkey and Northern Africa, I moved back to the U.S. and started my own consulting business and it’s been going strong for the last three years. I continue to let the ‘Latin’ in me out.  I still have a single digit handicap in golf and enjoy my two grandchildren growing up.

Emmett Steed ’75, after 25 years in the hotel industry, I went back to school and earned a Ph.D. in Hospitality Administration.  I was hired by Southern Utah University to launch a hospitality management curriculum.  I am now a full professor in my 15th year at SUU.  One of the highlights of my academic career was an invitation to team teach a tourism course at FHNW in Olten, Switzerland.  I also taught a graduate tourism course at FH Wien in Vienna, Austria.

Leonard Brockman ’75, Thunderbird, oh Thunderbird!! The doors you opened led me from Ukraine to Singapore, from Zambia to Panama and 25 or more other countries. Today, at 74, I still run, a company I started in the rainforest of Panama in 1990.  Now we are embarking on the greatest adventure of all, service to God with the proceeds of Traderbrock's sales. Come join us.

Alan P. Goode ’75, has been elected to the position of Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Manchester Transit Authority (MTA). Alan has been a member of the board since 2013.  He served as a senior insurance examiner/regulator for the New Hampshire Insurance Department for 37 years. He also is a member of the State Employees’ Association of New Hampshire, Chapter 1, and served as a U.S. Army Field Artillery Officer.

Rich Pedersen '76, has retired to rural life in the Texas Hill Country north of Enchanted Rock, raising chickens, cattle, bees, fruits and vegetables and enjoying his grandchildren.  Rich's last position before retirement was as a risk advisory director with KPMG, working to help clients manage commodity risk exposure across their global enterprise.

Pru Pande ’77, I am working as a financial analyst/auditor for the Department of Labor in Denver, Colorado.  My husband, Arun Pande ’77, is enjoying retirement.

Rafel Puig ’77, I'm retired, living and having fun in Gavà, a beach town close to Barcelona. All T-birds are welcome.

Susan (Sunny Speca) Suval ’77, is based in Doylestown PA, where her company, Susan Duval Seminars, hosts experts in personal growth, holistic health, healing, spirituality and metaphysics.  In addition, she organizes Sacred Journeys worldwide for small groups.  How can a T-bird not travel!  Plus, a daughter in London gives her a good excuse to go to Europe once a year!

Mark Bubar ’77, I’m helping financial services clients with their digital transformation. Continually excited to see where these changes take the world.  Very grateful to have the global foundation provided by Thunderbird. 

Steve B. Stevenson ’77 and Lisa Moore Stevenson ’77, Lisa worked with an 8000 member non-profit Capital Area Soccer League in Raleigh, NC as Controller. Steve worked with various international companies, was Director of International Development for the State of North Carolina, taught International Management at North Carolina State University and Meredith College, as well as lecturing at the Duke Fuqua School of Business. He spent the last 13 years prior to retirement as owner of Tesco LLC an international sales company representing for 12 major U.S. electrical manufacturers outside the United States. Steve and Lisa, with two sons, reside in Asheville and Cashiers, NC.

Sue Gile Whitmer ’77, I am still enjoying my career with global health insurer GeoBlue, and I am working on my third book, which will be about everyday heroes.

Jon Dietz ’78, I met my wife, Jennifer (Woody) Dietz ’79 at Thunderbird on the first day of school in 1978.  Shortly after graduation, I started a printing service company in Southern California that became FSSI, and she went to the East Coast to pursue banking.  When she came out to marry me in 1982, she took a job with Fluor, in their project management group.  After our first daughter was born in 1988, Jennifer came to work for me, and then five years ago she became President of FSSI.  I’m still active there, but have started several other companies, including Gorilla Gadgets (internet retail) and Sonostar, making geodesic domes.  I just filed a patent application for my hub-connector invention.  We’re both involved in nonprofit work, primarily in China, having to do with placing English teachers in universities and the management of several orphanages and special needs programs for kids there.  My youngest daughter, Christina, just got married in June.

Wes Bigler ’78, Mike Camplin ’78, a classmate and friend, and I reconnected two years ago on LinkedIin and this summer we met at his place in Victoria British Columbia. I took a Float Plane from Vancouver to see him. We hadn't seen each other in 39 years. The Thunderbird mystique continues!

Tom Cath ’78, has been the Director for the Career Center al Valparaiso University since 2009.

Alyce Tidball ’79, I am semi-retired from the U.S. Foreign Service and work up to six months a year as a reemployed annuitant. I recently attended First Tuesday in Bogota with Alumni TEM Lab participants, where I enjoyed meeting other alumni who were offering mentoring to Colombian companies. I currently work at the U.S. Embassy in Bogota.  In my spare time, I travel and work on maintaining my classic 1964 Bonneville Pontiac convertible.  I have two daughters, and I look forward to the birth of my first grandchild in March 2018!

William Moore ’79, after three years in the Philippines with the U.S. Peace Corps Agency, I transferred to Morocco in May as Director of Management and Operations.

David Ford ’79, about 10 years ago I started developing a special applicator for the distribution of fast-drying liquids on small bottles (1 oz. or so).  Three prototypes later, I received a patent and a trademark.  Fineline Applicators are sold all over the world under the Fineline brand name and under private label brands.  Do a YouTube search to see how it works. I welcome ideas on production mold places that could lower manufacturing costs.

Dave Kastner ’79, is enjoying semi-retirement in San Luis Obispo, CA, rated one of the best places to live in the world. (True!) He also enjoys being a grandfather. Dave keeps up with current marketing by helping local performing arts organizations.

Mohammed Azab ’79, currently heads Private Banking Group for Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, a position held for the past five years, providing wealth management advisory services for high and ultra-high net worth individuals and families in the UAE and Gulf countries.  He lives in Dubai.

Willie Cone ’79, I am still traveling the world and living the T-bird dream!  After a 40-year career in corporate event marketing and promotions, I'm now giving back by teaching ESL (English as a Second Language and Business English) to adult/professional students from around the world.  Over the last few years, my wife and I have taught over 2000 students from more than 40 countries.  We've taught in Ireland, Malta, England and at our home base in Miami, FL.  Currently, we are wrapping up our third summer in London, where we've been able to rendezvous with great Thunderbird classmates. 



Mark Baker ’82 Mark was recently appointed as Senior Advisor at Kroll Bond Rating Agency (KBRA). Prior to joining KBRA, Mark was a Founding Partner at Shorebridge Capital Partners, LLC, an alternative focused investment and merchant bank and was responsible for senior client relationships across a broad spectrum of alternative managers and select direct offerings. Previously, he was Treasurer and Head of Capital Markets for HSBC Bermuda where he was responsible for managing the balance sheet and directing the trading and sales groups. In addition to his Capital Markets role, Baker was a member of HSBC Bermudas Senior Executive Management committee that guided the direction of the overall institutional strategy for the bank.

Markus Kessler ‘85- Co-Founded Humanista, a social consulting firm that educates companies, cities, and investors on the importance of social purpose, and how to implement social practices to ensure long-term growth and sustainability. Operating from Boise, ID, USA, and Munich, Bavaria, Germany, Humanista’s global reach connects clients to the world’s most dedicated leaders in social responsibility.

Kimberly Ely ‘86 was named Development Director for Patronato San Xavier, the non-profit organization responsible for promoting the restoration, maintenance and preservation of the Mission San Xavier del Bac, a National Landmark near Tucson, Arizona. Kimberly is the former Vice President of Development for the Tucson Symphony Orchestra.  Prior to arriving in Tucson in 2016, she spent 20 years in Nashville, where she served as Vice President of Development for the historic Cheekwood Estate & Gardens and raised funds for the Frist Art Museum.

Jennifer Buras ‘88 was appointed to Beverly Bank’s Board of Directors. Jennifer is an executive coach and partner with Boston-based Camden Consulting Group, a division of Keystone Partners, an executive coaching and leadership development firm helping client companies improve their organizational effectiveness and leadership talent.

Luc Hostein ’88 after 23 years working in the sporting goods industry in France, Luc has relocated to Salt Lake City this November, with his wife Yuh-Fen. They have a 19 year old daughter who is a sophomore at Northwestern in Chicago. Luc is now planning on doing real estate investments.

Ramon Laguarta ‘86- Ramon was recently named the CEO of PepsiCo and will be the sixith CEO in the company’s 53-year history.Ramon has been with the company for around 22 years. In his two decade long career, he has held several posts including CEO, Europe Sub-Saharan Africa, president, PepsiCo Eastern Europe Region; commercial vice president for PepsiCo Europe; general manager for Iberia Snacks and Juices; and general manager for Greece Snacks. Notably, Laguarta became the president of PepsiCo in September 2017.

Nina Maria Fite ‘88- Nina,a career Foreign Service Officer with the State Department, was sworn in as U.S. Ambassador to Angola on January 5, 2018, following her nomination and Senate confirmation in November 2017.

Daniel Ward Jones ’88- Dan Jones joined the Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG in Maennedorf, Switzerland on July 1, 2018. Dan is the omnichannel learning and development manager in Swarovski's Global Retail Academy where he creates and delivers training programs for sales associates and managers in Swarovski stores around the world. Dan's also a thought leader and regular speaker at the Association for Talent Development's annual international conferences and spoke on "More Awesome Apps for Trainers" at the ATD conference in San Diego in May 2018.

John E. Rolfstad ‘85 died peacefully on April 4th, 2018 surrounded by family and friends in Seattle after a short illness. John Eric’s career and civic activism in his adopted hometown of Seattle is a testament to his compassion for others. He was a social worker for Providence Health in Seattle, and then for many years with Providence Hospice.  For seven years, John Eric was the Executive Director of People’s Memorial, and later he became Interim Director at End of Life Washington, and was a passionate advocate for an individual’s right to make quality end of life choices. While John Eric was a big guy, his heart was even bigger, as well as his zest for life.  He was a very social and outgoing person who loved spending time with both his family and friends, hiking, boating, enjoying music, choral performances, and dining together. 

John Kroonblawd '85, after a career of nearly 33 years at Whirlpool Corporation working across many areas of the business, including sales, marketing, after sales service, business development, product development and project management, most recently working as Director of Product Delivery for IoT (Connected Appliances) and living nearly 10 years in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Shanghai, I have accepted an early retirement offer from Whirlpool, and will be retiring effective July 1, 2018.  I continue to reside in St. Joseph, MI with my wife, Sheila, and exploring opportunities for the next phase in my life.  

Linda Frank ’80, I have been a practicing Art Therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor since 2002. I received my Masters in Art Therapy from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  I lived and practiced there working with the Developmentally Disabled  and The Rape Crisis and Trauma Treatment Center seeing clients from Mexico and Central America  until 2008 when I moved  back to Huntsville,  Alabama  and started a private practice working with Individuals and The Dept of Human Resources with individuals  and families again seeing clients from Mexico and Central America speaking only Spanish . I currently live and work with my companion German Shepherd/ Belgian Shepherd mix, Elsa, doing Art Therapy and counseling.  We live close to the woods and often take walks through the trails and enjoy our time in nature.

Harrison Snow ’82, I've been in the Washington DC metro area since 82 but worked in 26 different countries as an organizational development facilitator. My recently published book, Confessions of a Corporate Shaman, recounts some of those adventures and learnings.  Will continue to focus on developing global leaders who apply self, group and social awareness to their leadership challenges. 

Eric McDonald ’88, has taken voluntary early retirement with the U.S. Commerce Department.  His career was that of a global trade professional with 25 years of domestic and overseas substantive knowledge in facilitating exports of U.S. products and services.  Having moved to Williamsburg, Virginia, he is now seeking new opportunities for the next phase of his life.  

Vijay Anand Jangiti ’88 & Mohit Chuganee ’89 co-own Charles Bridge, a three year old bay colt.  Charles Bridge debuted with a maiden win at the races in Mumbai on April 28th.

Edward Fraijo Delgado ’81, received an Honorary Doctorate from North Park Theological Seminary. Ed is the President of the Hispanic Center for Theological Studies-CHET after being the Compassion International Director first for South America, then Africa and Central America, Mexico and the Caribbean.

Benjamin Wolf ’86, I currently live and work in Italy as an English teacher and exam prep center administrator.

Craig Christianson ’80, is a second year law student at Ave Maria University in Naples, FL.

Tor Oivind Tanum ’83, has returned to Norway from his position as a counsellor - energy and private sector at the Norwegian Embassy in Abuja, Nigeria for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He is now a senior adviser at the Civil Society Department in the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation. Tor has previously also been posted at the embassies in Angola, South Africa, Zambia and Mozambique.

Martha Irene Stewart De Leon, ’87 passed away in February 2017. Throughout her life Martha worked many jobs including Platt's Pharmacy in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Fashion Merchandising at Maison Blanche in New Orleans, Louisiana and at AT&T - Bell Labs/Lucent as a Market Development/Senior Project Manager/Strategic Marketing Director.  A devoted dog owner and dog lover, she was also a world traveler focused on trips of a lifetime such as crossing the Atlantic on the QE2, an archeological dig in Oaxaca, Mexico, a bamboo raft trip down the Li River, Guilin, China, 3rd class rail from Spain to Morocco, a fjord trip to Scandinavia, and many other travels in Europe. A lover of indigenous cultures, colorful, stylish clothes, and fly fishing, she was also a Master SH Yu Martial Arts, an arts teacher (Craft Fairy at Ninja camp) and a talented member of the Process Painting Studio.

Kelly Seibold ’88, passed away January 27, 2018 from cancer.  Kelly was a Citizen of the World, having lived and worked in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, East Jerusalem/West Bank, and Moldova. Most of his work was Technical Assistance in International Development, helping make the lives of the people living in those countries better

Gregory Scott Whitehorn ’82, passed away December 6, 2017 after s short illness in Shanghai China.  In recent years, he has worked in leadership, cross cultural business and executive coaching. He was an early pioneer in the American expat community in Shanghai where with John Portman & Associates of Atlanta, he was instrumental in the founding of Shanghai Centre, then the largest joint venture project in China.

Carl Daher Delnero ’80, retired from PepsiCo International and now lives with Sylvia, his wife, in bucolic New Hampshire. He published four Kindle books on Amazon about Liberal Theology, of all things.

Griffith Frost ’80, works for the Hawaii Cooperative Development Center, helping people develop multi-stakeholder cooperatives. CoOp Gym, Noni Juice CoOp, Tea Farm CoOp are all based in Hilo, HI.

Mary Schmitt ’80, I practiced bankruptcy law in Everett, WA for over 25 years. My staff and I assisted over 2000 families save their homes from foreclosure during the 2008 -2013 financial crisis.  I had a large client base of recent immigrants to the Pacific Northwest.  I enjoyed working with individuals from all races and cultures. I scaled down my law practice in 2016. I now have a small bankruptcy law practice in Friday Harbor, WA. After years of working 12-hour days, I am now enjoying my free time exploring the San Juan Islands with my dog, Keeva.

Linda Jaekel Avery ’80, life is great for us here in beautiful southwestern Colorado, just outside Telluride.  There is no more spectacular place to be - with great vistas and the perfect summer climate.  I have been an independent real estate broker in this region for the past 15 years.  My husband, Doug, and I also like to travel to different areas nationally and internationally, by both sailboat and by land.  I am very involved with our Telluride Rotary Club especially coordinating speakers and with our Rotary Youth Exchange students.  They are keeping us young, along with our sweet dogs. 

Jan Meertens ’81, last March, my second book, “Do We Have A Deal?” was published. The book is in Dutch for Dutch people working with people from other cultures. The book reflects on Dutch culture, the differences with other cultures, and how this works out in negotiations. The Hofstede cultural dimensions are integrated in the Negotiations Disc comprising nine factors such as persons, time orientation, ethics and goals. I plan to publish an international edition “Do We Have A Deal?” in English.

Dan Austin ’81, I just returned to Miami after heading Consumer Marketing for MasterCard in Asia-Pacific. Great region, great people and never a dull moment from India to New Zealand with Singapore as the belly button.  I could have lived there forever!

Barbara (Mattie) Mertz ’80, after 35 years of working in the global produce industry, I am getting ready to retire from my current position as Director of Business Administration at David Oppenheimer and Co.   My long career has fully utilized many of the skills I learned at Thunderbird and it is always a pleasure to run into a fellow T-bird!   Now I am eagerly planning my next career where I look forward to many other adventures outside of the corporate world. I am thankful I have good health and an active lifestyle, as well as a loving family to join me!

Babs Potvin Ryan ’81, received her seventh patent, creating the first direct-to-consumer product for her client, Aflac.  Psyched for Success is a tele-psych (Skype-type) sports coaching/psychology service for kids in sports and performing arts.  She is an agile management and custom software consultant, receiving ThoughtWorks’ 2016 Outstanding Leadership award.  Babs has visited 85 countries, the most recent, Nicaragua and Czech Republic, and lives in Boston's North End.  She is also a PSIA certified ski instructor.

Melissa Taylor ’81, as are all the alumnae mentioned in London for years, just had a mini-reunion with housemates Melissa Stoll Santucci ’81 and Dennis Howard ’81 in Dallas, and Cheri Tillman Anderson ’81 in Albuquerque.  We still all keep up after 26 years! Some benefits of Thunderbird just keep on going - great friendships!

John Citti ’81, has joined the U.S. Board of URBAN REFUGEES, a non-profit organization addressing the refugee crisis in innovative ways. His day job is running the treasury function at the American Civil Liberties Union.

Tracy Hufford ’82, I teach at the University of Iowa in the Event Planning Certificate program. The certificate program is growing very quickly and I enjoy sharing my passion with engaged college students.  I live in Solon, IA and we are blessed to have a granddaughter that lives nearby.  Life is good!

Barry Richard ’82, I happily moved from Seattle to Oberlin, OH, with my wife, Carol, sixteen years ago to raise our family.  Jack, now 23, and Hannah, 20, are both in college.  I was able to remain at Expeditors International, now with 26 years at the company.   Thirty-four years total in the global logistics business, and there’s something new every day.

Shelley Blessing Bay ’82, upon graduation, Shelley moved to Los Angeles to work for the stock analysis firm, William O’Neil & Co.  Shelley met her husband, Greg, while working for Bill O’Neil, founder of Investor's Business Daily. In 1987, Shelley worked in the commercial satellite contracts organization for Hughes Space and Communications (now Boeing) as the youngest member and the only female on the team at the time. She negotiated international commercial satellite contracts, mostly in Asia. She also negotiated a unique contract to re-boost a stranded Intelsat satellite into its proper orbit via NASA astronauts, and another contract to manufacture the only commercial satellite sold to Russia by an American contractor. She also led the business management team for Boeing Digital Cinema and the operations efforts for the business development organization at Boeing Satellite Systems. Taking early retirement from Boeing, Shelley now enjoys grant writing for nonprofit organizations and real estate projects for The Bay Companies, her husband's real estate business. This year the couple will celebrate their 33rd wedding anniversary.

William Liu ’82, after working in Human Resources for 26 years, I am devoting myself to developing new talents in retirement. We have a weekly gathering with retired executives in Taipei, Taiwan.

Ian McCluskey ’82, for the past couple of years, I have been running the Americas operations from Miami for Thinking Heads, a consulting company based in Madrid, which pioneered the business of personal positioning.  We help leaders in business, politics, culture and the arts enhance their reputation and influence by packaging and promoting their ideas through books, op-ed articles, websites, videos, social media posts and speaking engagements. We represent former and aspiring CEOs, as well as a number of ex-presidents, including Vicente Fox, Laura Chinchilla and Felipe Gonzalez. 

Jane (Mary Jane Lewis) Lael ’82, I moved to Vilcabamba, Ecuador, in 2010. I continue to work as a freelance writer and editor. I edit books, mostly for a company in Singapore, all books on Asia, mostly China. I teach Chinese to kids here, Chinese originally learned at Thunderbird. My visits to China in 1977 and 1979 with the U.S.-China People’s Friendship Association gave me insight into Ecuador’s developing country status. I edit the summer edition of the U.S.-China Review. My Sister Cities China visit in 2007 showed me just how fast things change! I do massage therapy and Reiki, and distance Reiki as well.

Jerald (Jerry) Veit ’83, I retired from the Commercial Service of the U.S. Department of Commerce after 28 years of employment with the federal government.  I still live in Milwaukee and have been keeping busy with volunteer work with Travelers Aid International at Milwaukee's General Mitchell Airport; bookstore volunteer at the Milwaukee Public Library; and tutoring English conversation to a new U.S. resident from Japan at Literacy Services of Wisconsin. My wife and I traveled to France two years ago as part of a group hosted by BLF Editions, which publishes and disseminates Christian literature in the French language.

Donavon Ostrom ’83, I have recently created Arizona Collaboratory, a 501(c)6 economic development non-profit to grow the Arizona economy and create sustainable, high-value jobs for Arizonans.  We primarily focus on addressing the funding gap problem in Arizona.

Alison Stern Stilwell ’83, I have been working in the Communications Department of Kiwanis International in Indianapolis, IN for nearly 16 years. Kiwanis is a global service organization with clubs throughout the world.

Gary Geller ’83, has been appointed to Atradius Special Products as head of the London underwriting team. As an industry veteran, Gary brings over 30 years of experience in trade finance, commodity trading and management of commodity-related projects to the new role. He has since led investment projects related to oil trading, shipping and logistics in a trading company and worked on alternative fundraising strategies for trade finance clients across a variety of sectors.

Tom Garrity ’84, and his wife of 35 years, Colleen, are retired. In 2011, they sold their business, Thermshield, a heat sink and cooling product supplier in global electronics industry. Together they recently visited their daughter, Hannah, in Buenos Aires and Montevideo where she lives and teaches English. Great trip!

Rob Lewis ’84, I recently celebrated my 18th year at PDQ Vehicle Wash Systems, a division of OPW, a Dover Corp. Company, located in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area. I am responsible for global sales of automatic vehicle wash equipment, parts and consumables through distribution in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and Europe.  

Ted Wendelin ’84, has retired from the University of Colorado Denver after 21 years, where he taught classes in Spanish for Business and in Translation, with 28 years in the education field overall.  He plans to spend time hiking, nordic skiing, sailing, reading, writing, traveling and maybe some more teaching as well.

Zeek Ojeh ’84, is the Chief Financial Officer for the Cartwright School District in Phoenix, Arizona.

Nancy Baldwin Wagner ’84, I spent seven years with the Wenger Corporation in Owatonna, MN as Director, International Sales.  I am currently seeking new career opportunities in international business development or sales leadership. I live in the Minneapolis/St Paul area with my husband of 21 years, Al, and two cats, Thelma and Louise.

Doug Beckerman ’85, joined Danforth Advisors last August as a Finance Consultant in the life sciences industry

Gary LeCheminant ’85, after 28 years in the Bay Area, I moved to Utah in January 2014 to become the Finance Director for Highland City. Local government is quite an eye-opener. I am now close to my three children and four grandchildren. It has been great!

Ahmed Dawood ’85, I am semi-retired and living in La Habra, CA with my wife, Seham, and my son, Amr, seven years old.  I’m doing some consulting projects for 500 fortune companies for the EMEA region.

James Bogin ’85, I am now in my 20th year of managing my own global hedge fund. I’ve been studying Italian for several years and have gone on several self-guided cycling trips to Italy with my wife. I enjoy keeping in touch with classmates Gary Greenberg ’85, Peter Boardman ’84, and Franco Bove ’84.

Abdul S. (Abe) Khan ’85, I worked as director of marketing for over 20 years. Since then, I have been writing short stories, poems, and creative non-fiction, which were published in two anthologies—“Seasons of Life and Voices from the Ledges.” In his article published in the Lansing State Journal, Ray Walsh depicted my stories as, “thought-provoking.” The Grand Ledge Independent described “A Way of Life Vanished” as, “the heart-wrenching chronicle of the author's family's struggles to escape, to survive, and to narrowly break away from death against the backdrop of India's partition into two countries—India and Pakistan.” Currently, I'm in the process of editing my memoir which, as of now, covers more than 200 pages. I plan to publish it soon.

Daniela Bryan ’85, I have been working extensively with senior leaders, helping them gain clarity, make difficult decisions and lead themselves and others to maximize meaning and fulfillment. Since I am  location-independent, I get to travel and connect with clients, friends and family around the world. Most recently, I submitted a proposal to help change global governance through the Global Challenge Foundation.

Kathleen Phibbs-Pierz ’85, is the Practice Development Manager, Global, at JAMS. She works in the New York Resolution Center and recently completed a T-bird’s dream project of working on the Global Pound Conference series.  The project organized 31 identical events around the world to discuss Mediation, Arbitration and Access to Justice. Using electronic voting to capture responses from the thousands of participants around the world, a final report will be created with an analysis of where and how Alternative Dispute Resolution is being used and the way forward for countries to increase access to justice.

Karen Baldauff ’85, I am in the midst of transitioning out of purely hi-tech, in part inspired by academic and sustainability talks at the Thunderbird reunion in Mallorca.  I've been facilitating success groups in finding meaningful work as I figure out my next creative and international step. 

Juris Ulmanis ’85, has lived in Latvia for the past 24 years and is co-founder of Experiential Simulations, an EdTech company that develops and markets computer simulations which help make business topics/courses more interesting and fun for students as well as for professors. Juris is an adjunct professor, teaching marketing and entrepreneurship, an avid mountain climber and polar explorer, having written two books on his experiences. He is also an active member of the volunteer National Guard in Latvia.

Brian Nilsson ’85, I joined the State Department in October 2015 as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Trade Controls.  My directorate is responsible for the U.S. export control system for defense articles and services.  I joined the Department from the White House where I was on detail from the Commerce Department for over seven years.

Catherine Curry ’86, is a real estate entrepreneur, a licensed Real Estate agent, investor and property manager specializing in architecturally unique properties.  She is also the proud mother of one son.

Claudia Worthington Hess ’86, combined her Thunderbird degree with her long time experience in the fine art market to become a certified professional art appraiser.  She uses her business acumen and facility with French, German and Spanish to do research on the art history and the economic trajectory of art. Her company provides valuations for insurance, estate and museum donations.   Her company not only provides appraisals in the U.S. but worldwide as well under the name of Hess Art Advisory.  She also conducts exciting museum tours and art trips to places like Santa Fe. 

Barry Weiss ’86, I'm celebrating 20 years as a residential and multi-family Realtor in Los Angeles with John Aaroe Group, a division of Pacific Union. This year, I sold my 100th property with a cumulative volume of $52.7 million.

Bob Caragher ’86, following an almost 30-year career in higher education administration, I recently transitioned to working in the museum world.  This is a welcome change that brings together my professional experience in the not-for-profit sector with a great personal interest in museums and cultural organizations.   In December 2016, I was appointed Vice President of Finance and Operations at the Autry Museum of the American West in Griffith Park in Los Angeles.  Through its exhibitions and programs, the Autry tells the stories of the peoples of the West in an innovative blend of an art museum and a history museum.  The Southwest Museum collection of Native American materials in the care of the Autry is one of the largest such collections in the United States.

Daniel Wagner ’87, published his fourth book - "Virtual Terror" - in August. The book is a comprehensive review of cyber terrorism, redefines what terrorism has become in the 21st century, and provides prescriptions for what we can do to protect ourselves. It is available through Amazon. Daniel is the founder of Country Risk Solutions and a prolific author on current affairs and risk management.

Bob Caines ’87, continues to serve as Managing Partner of Paley Advisors, LLC, the New York-based M&A advisory and global business development firm. In 2016, Bob was elected Chairman of the Board of Directors of CardioComm Solutions, Inc., the Toronto-based developer, marketer and seller of medical software and devices to both the institutional and consumer markets.

Kenneth Strange ’87, I recently launched an international investigative services company (Development Fraud Investigations), that offers risk mitigation services to NGOs and non-profit organizations, although is open to other opportunities.  Several Thunderbird students collaborated with us on the launch.  How cool is that!  Recent work with a UK based NGO found me based in Senegal and visiting country offices in Mali, Niger, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Maria Houle ’87, after winding down a corporate career in New York and Geneva I returned to the Phoenix area, and for the last nine years I have served as Program Director of the Thunderbird SHARE Fellowship.  SHARE provides funding and mentorship to exceptional Thunderbird students from developing countries and I encourage all alumni to get involved.

Stephen Hargreaves ’87, I joined Agilyx Solutions, North America in January 2017 as an Implementation Consultant for Unit4 ERP software.  So far, in this new job, I have traveled to Sydney, Australia and the Cook Islands to support local clients.  During my Cook Island visit, the managing director of Agilyx New Zealand, whose customer I was assisting, paid me a huge compliment by saying I was not the typical American he had met. He indicated this was due to my world-view and cultural sensitivities.  Of course, this is one reason I am a T-bird!

Patrick Holland ’87, and his wife, Pia, and son, Andaman, spent this summer in Eastern Europe.  They travelled three weeks in a rented Czech Skoda and traipsed around the Romanian Carpathian Mountains, and stayed a week in Prague and a week in Budapest.  It had been 28 years since Patrick worked in Budapest (1988), so it was quite an experience to return after so many years. Currently Patrick and his family live in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Genevieve Salley Athens ’87, I'm currently working at Wake Forest University in the Bioethics Graduate Program, responsible for recruiting more working professionals to complete the Master of Arts in Bioethics.   I am also an Autism Advocate and was the Executive Director of the Autism Society of Oregon for nine years.   Prior to that, I worked in Marketing and Public Relations in Portland, OR, Silicon Valley and Los Angeles. 

Paul Bradley ’87, I was appointed to serve on the B20 Task Force on Employment and Education for the G20 (the annual Heads of State Summit), which was hosted by the German Government. There are five working committees on key policy themes. The meetings spanned a 10- month period beginning with a formulation of strategy meeting at the United Nations (ILO) in Geneva, and concluding with a final meeting and presentation of policy recommendations to Chancellor Angela Merkel and several of her Cabinet Ministers at the B20 Summit in Berlin during May of this year.  Separately, at the annual Supply Chain Asia Awards Dinner, I received an Award from the Honourable Teo Ser Luck, the Singapore Government's Minister of State for Manpower (and former Minister of State for Trade and Industry) for 10 years of service on the Board of Supply Chain Asia and contributions to the Supply Chain and Logistics Industry in Asia.

Pamela (Pauline) Jenkins ’88, my Australian husband and I just celebrated 25 years of marriage.  We have three children in their early 20s and live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. I am a professional Fine Art Photographer. I have now been in Australia for over 20 years. 

Reed Ramlow ’88, after serving seven years in overseas posts in Jordan and Vietnam as a “Chief of Party for USAID family planning and HIV programs, and as Country Director in Vietnam for FHI 360, I have recently relocated to the Washington, DC area. I continue to work in a part-time capacity supporting overseas programs, while hoping to spend more time pursuing other interests.

Greg Olson ’88, after spending time this past year re-establishing myself in my hometown of Spooner, WI, I moved back to Egypt to manage a performance management and evaluation project with USAID/Egypt. I’m delighted to be back in Cairo, where I first lived as a graduate student at the American University of Cairo before studying at Thunderbird. I'd enjoy meeting other T-bird alumni in Egypt.

Steven Gan ’88, On August 17th I gave my sixth author speaking event on my book “Making it & Breaking It in Japan- My true Story of Songs, Sins, and Solitary.” The event was held at the Japan America Society of Chicago.

Kevin Chan ’88, after Thunderbird, I was in advertising with Leo Burnett, Grey and Dentsu for over 13 years in Tokyo. Then I worked for Japan’s biggest beauty chain for 12 years managing their Asia operation. Now I’m self- employed in real estate investment in Japan. My latest love is practicing martial arts wing chun style.

Rene ’88 and Michele von Rautenkranz ’88, have returned to Europe after spending 12 years in Asia.  Michele accepted a new position with the International Atomic Agency (IAEA) as the Administrative Officer for the department of Nuclear Safety and Security.  She is keeping the world safe from all this Atomic threat!  Rene continuous running his trading company based in Singapore, representing clients in Asia/Pacific. The big difference is that the distance to visit clients has become a bit longer!  They enjoy living in Vienna, recently ranked by the Economist as the second most livable city in the world.

Ann Kunderer Hughes ’88, was appointed as a member of the Technical Advisory Committee for the R2 Standard, third party certification for those who manage end of life computer and other electronic equipment. She has been in the electronics and IT Asset Disposition industry for 20 years, and speaks at industry conferences such as International Association of IT Asset Management and National Property Managers Association about IT asset disposition.

Helmut Kaisergruber ’88, is co-founder and CEO of Astro-Pharma GmbH, a family-owned company specializing in the distribution and trading of pharmaceutical products. Astro-Pharma specializes in innovative and affordable medicines and niche products, which are otherwise difficult to obtain. A year after acquiring the marketing authorization for Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccine Td-Pur ® in Austria in 2016, the company increased their international focus by distributing the vaccine to Germany and Italy.

Sabine Möritz-Kaisergruber ’89, co-founder and CEO of Astro-Pharma GmbH, a family-owned company specializing in the distribution and trading of pharmaceutical products, was appointed first president of the newly founded Austrian Biosimilars Association in 2016. The association works to ensure a positive regulatory and political as well as policy environment for biosimilar products and helps to educate both public and patients about the effectiveness and savings potential of biosimilars. Astro-Pharma GmbH spotted the potential of biosimilars early on by putting a greater focus on the distribution of these products and is a proud member of the Austrian Biosimilars Association.

Diana Cowan Morrow ’89, in February I joined Risk Removal, an environmental services company in Colorado as the CFO/COO.

Jane Hamilton ’89, lives in Nokomis, FL.

David R. Morse ’89, I have just had a new book published:  “Divided We Stand: Racism in America from Jamestown to Trump.”

Taide Guajardo ’89, is currently living in Geneva, Switzerland, and going strong after 27 years working for Procter & Gamble right out of Thunderbird via Mexico, Poland and Italy. She is the head of Europe Brand Operations. She is happily married to Marco, an Italian she met in Poland in true T-bird style, and has two sons, Federico (20) and Leonardo (17).

Ingo F. Schreiber ’89, Managing Director of in Hannover, Germany, sells business equipment worldwide and in such remote areas as Mongolia. A warehouse project has recently been finished in the Gobi desert. Fifty tons of material were shipped more than 8000 km by the Trans Siberian Railway.

Steven Perkinson ’89, I recently trained (Factory Product Sales Training) at the KION Group in South Carolina on the Linde forklifts and was awarded my certificate by none other than a fellow T-bird: Mark Roessler ’77 .

Lisa Woods Ploeg ’89, has joined Baylor Scott & White Health in Dallas, Texas as Leadership Development Program Manager. Baylor Scott & White Health is the largest not-for-profit health care system in Texas and one of the largest in the United States. Lisa will be developing and managing leadership programs to serve the entire system.

Julie Johnson ’89, is celebrating 27 years of living in The Netherlands with her Dutch artist husband Lieuwe Kingma and two teenage children! She founded JJC, a fast-growing global coaching services business (executive coaching, developing a coaching culture, developing leaders who coach, coaching teams). This is our new purpose statement. “We are passionate about turning everyday conversations into game-changing ones.” We welcome your feedback.

Michael Laurie ’89, in March of 2017, I joined Fifth Third Bank as a Managing Director, Head of Food and Agribusiness Group.  Prior to joining Fifth Third Bank, I built and managed a food, agribusiness, and beverage corporate banking group at BB&T Capital Markets from September of 2012 to February of 2017.  Both positions are located in Chicago, Illinois.



Michael Krafft ‘92 Managing Director of M&A Media Group was appointed to the organization’s Board of Directors as its Treasurer.

Jeffery Whitcomb ‘92- Our family moved to Huntington Beach, CA and I joined Mitsubishi UFJ to lead their construction and industrial commercial asset finance growth.  My work is primarily in Southern California and I am working more and more with sustainability initiatives.  Increasingly lease financing can be used by OEMs and installers to turn money savings from more efficient lighting, HVAC and the like into FREE upgrades of these systems for large corporations.  Our six children are now ages 14 to 22.

Oscar Verges ‘95- Oscar was promoted to President and COO of Fall Creek Farms & Nursery Inc.

Randall Jackson ‘97- Randallconcluded an 11-year career with Saudi Aramco where he was employed in the Contracting Department as a supervisor overseeing procurements and developing systems to facilitate the Supply Chain transition of the world’s largest oil company.  He has mentored many, procured billions in services, and launched doctoral studies.  He will be in residence at the Grenoble Ecole de Management until Mid-December where I will avail myself to academia and seek to defend my doctoral dissertation. Randall and his wife will be returning to Frisco, Texas, to uncover new adventures and challenges yet to come.

Andreas Wolf ‘98- Andreas was recently appointed as President at EyePromise. EyePromise provides supplements, technology and support to enhance and protect vision. Andreas previous employment includes Novus International and Young Dental, where he was vice president and general manager. In his new role, he will be responsible for EyePromise’s business operations and growth strategies.

Kelly Jones ‘98- Kelly Jones launched Notes of Wine perfumes inspired by the scents of a variety of wines. Her wine-inspired fragrance collection includes six Eau de Parfum varietals — Notes of Pinot Grigio, Riesling, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet and Rosé. This summer, she is also launching a roll-on Reserve Collection and an air freshener line.

Derek Miller ‘93- Derek Miller has been named president of the International Housewares Association. Currently the vice president of global marketing at International Housewares Association he will assume the role of president Oct. 1. Derek joined IHA in December 1999 as director of international business development, and was named vice president of international services in October 2001. He led IHA’s international department until March 2014 when he was named vice president, global marketing.

Katarina Dempsey ‘93- Katarina has joined Boyden, a premier global talent advisory and leadership solutions firm, as Principal. Katarina most recently served as Global Practice Director at a major global search firm, where she contributed to successfully growing the firm’s Supply Chain & Operations Practice by 30% over three years, primarily in the industrial, consumer and financial sectors. She has also served in senior management roles with McKinsey & Company, Boston Consulting Group and AIG in the U.S., France and Austria.

Kyle Volluz ‘91- As of July 15, Kyle Volluz was named Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Paceline Equity Partners, a newly-formed private equity fund based in Dallas, Texas.  Kyle was most recently Managing Director and Regional General Counsel with Hudson Advisors, L.P. (“Hudson”), an asset management affiliate of Lone Star Funds (“Lone Star”) since 2009.  Previously, Kyle was Senior Vice President for Goldman Sachs Specialty Lending Group, an affiliate of Goldman, Sachs & Co., a position he held from 2005 to 2009. Earlier in his career, Kyle was an attorney with Baker Botts L.L.P. and Thompson & Knight LLP, where he supported clients in various types of commercial banking transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private and public securities offerings and debt financing transactions. Kyle served as a member of the board of directors of Continental Building Products, Inc. (NYSE: CBPX) from February 2014 to March 2016 and currently serves as a member of the board of directors of Forterra, Inc. (Nasdaq: FRTA) and Foundation Building Materials, Inc. (NYSE: FBM).

Sonia Patterson ’98 was named the President and CEO of TearFund USA June 1, 2018. Tearfund USA is a Christian a global humanitarian relief and development organization combating global poverty and injustice. Sonia brings 20 years of senior leadership experience in developing business, non-governmental and community relations in the United States, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.  Her career includes nine years working in strategic financial management with World Vision, followed by five years as CEO and President of Five Talents, a Christian micro-enterprise development organization.

Kevin Gahwyler ’93 joined Navy Capital Management, LLC on May 1, 2018 as the President and CFO.  Navy is the very first cannabis hedge fund.  They have had incredible success and it is my job to take them to the next level as an institutional firm.  I have been an incredibly lucky man to have the great kids and friends I have been fortunate enough to have in my life.  In addition to my career and my friends and my great memories at Thunderbird some of my proudest moments have come in competing in ironman distance races. I was lucky enough to actually win the Master’s division of one many moons ago; but the best one was crossing the finish line at Ironman NYC with my two kids beaming knowing all the trials and tribulations that I overcame day and still finish in top 10%.

Joseph A. Hostler ’92, of Lititz, PA passed away suddenly from a heart attack in Orlando, FL on January 22, 2018 at the age of 51.  In his professional life, Joe managed the Latin American Region and the UK/Ireland for many companies, primarily in the flooring and building products industries. He worked for Armstrong, Stonehard, BASF, and Keene Building Products. Joe was an avid photographer, he spoke five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, and French), and traveled to 52 countries.  

Timothy Tribbett ‘94, died suddenly at his home on February 13th.  After a career working in international finance for several corporations, Tim owned and operated a commercial sign business in Denver. Tim was proud of his pioneer roots in Yuma, Colorado and enjoyed hiking, camping, and hunting.

Jarad Carleton ‘99, is now the  Industry Principal for Frost & Sullivan's European cybersecurity market research practice. Based in Austria, he will lead the direction of the practice and provide a European perspective on cybersecurity issues impacting every industry in the region.

Jim Surek ’92, a 25 year industry veteran has been appointed Chief Commercialization Officer at Stimwave.  Stimwave LLC is a medical device manufacturer and independent research institute headquartered in South Florida.

Christine Wilkins ’93,  passed away on January 16, 2018 following a brief illness.  She dedicated her career to social development in Angola, Sudan, Jordan and Afghanistan. She promoted women’s rights by meeting with world leaders to imiprove education and economic enterprise for women.  During a time of conflict in Afghanistan, she worked with Afghan women entrepreneurs, at great risk to both herself and them, to empower them to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Dan Rabil '94, our family has been in Baar, Switzerland since 2009. Our five children are all still in local schools and feeling quite "native." I recently switched careers from golden beverages (beer) to actual gold. I now manage the local subsidiary of Royal Gold, Inc., a US-listed precious metals royalty and streaming company. Though I was not one of Herr Penrose's star German students, the language foundation has been very beneficial and makes me think of Thunderbird often!

Erik van der Schaft ’96, has founded CONIA, the Confederation of Independent Athletics

CONIA uses sports to create sporting, social, cultural and economic opportunities for ethnic minorities around the world. CONIA  will organize the first global Unity Games in 2019 and has set up a training and development program for (young) athletes and sports associations, an ethical athlete agency and management firm and a global athlete network.

Catherine Cook LaCour ’97, has been named Chief Marketing Officer of Blackbaud, Inc., the world’s 24th largest cloud software company.

Amy Barone ’90, has a new poetry collection, “We Became Summer,” from New York Quarterly Books, which will be released in 2018.

Soon-Yong Kwon ’90, since 2012 I have been working as COO of LHH (Lee Hecht Harrison) KOREA. LHH is the world’s leading integrated Career Transition and Talent Development Company in over 60 countries.  Recently I participated in the annual Asia Region Meeting in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, for the discussion of better sales development focusing on the clients, mainly Fortune 500 companies.

Steve Syrmopoulos ’90, claim to fame: I used to be the bouncer at the PUB, LOL!  I just wanted to let you know that I completed my Ph.D. in Financial Management earlier this year at Northcentral University, and now it’s Dr. Steve Syrmopoulos!

Aleksandra (Aleks) Lubavs ’91, I was promoted this year to vice president, global field marketing for NCR Corporation. I manage a global team of marketing professionals across multiple industries.  I am still based in London, and I am thrilled to continue to support Thunderbird through the Thunderbird Executive Leadership Council (TELC) and the Student/Alumni Mentorship program.

René van Baardewijk ’91, In August, Robert Falco ’91,Eric Kufel ’92, and I had a reunion in Sterling Alaska where Eric (Alaskan) has a summerhouse. While fishing, kayaking and hiking we were able to add new memories to our 25-year friendship that started at Thunderbird and has remained very strong ever since.

Kathryn Ang ’91, joined Korn Ferry as Senior Client Partner, she is joining the firm in its Singapore office, where she will work to develop the firm’s consumer offering. She brings more than 20 years of experience to the role, with a background including a mix of both executive search and industrial jobs on her resume.

Mario Zaldivar ’91, has diversified his products and services. His firm opened offices in Morelia, México City and Houston, Texas. They provide services such as auditing, taxes, accounting, outsourcing payroll for expats. Another division of their group is the sale of LED screens in the U.S.

Lisa Tanen-La Fontaine ’91, is Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at LIMRA.

Leslie Hilleman ’91, I am Broadcast Relations Manager for Adstream. I live in Golden, CO.  After several international positions I now just travel to Canada and throughout the U.S. for work. International travel is for pleasure.  I miss the T-bird rugby crowd!

Sanjeev Chowdhury ’91, completed his five and a half year term as Consul General of Canada in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in January, 2017.  He took a six-month sabbatical to study at the Sorbonne in Paris and is now back at the Global Affairs Canada headquarters in Ottawa, Ontario, where he has assumed the position of Head of the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement Task Force.

Terry Rosenbluth ’91, I've been in Luxembourg for 23 years and am now Director of Business Development for Morningstar Benelux having joined the company five years ago after 20 years with ThomsonReuters.  I am married to a Frenchwoman and our only daughter is starting at McGill University this fall, which is the start of a whole new adventure.

Adrienne Pierce ’91, is crazy about renewable energy and sustainability. Currently, she is the Director of Product Marketing at IronRidge, a manufacturer of racking systems for mounting solar panels and she is also on the Board of Directors for RE-volv, an innovative nonprofit that crowdfunds to enable other nonprofits to go solar!

Samir Kumar ’92, was a delegate of Governor Clement Otter of Idaho's trade mission to Beijing and Shanghai to explore business opportunities in China. He is based in Hong Kong where he runs his China food import and market access consultancy, Sino Hero Foods.

Sunder Kimatrai ’92, recently stepped down from his role as EVP Asia Pacific for Twentieth Century Fox International ending a 24-year career there starting right after Thunderbird, which took him to India, Singapore and Australia. He and his wife, Saira, currently reside in Sydney with their children Aysha (21), Shazia (20), and Jai (13), and most recently visited Thunderbird for the 70th Anniversary celebration, along with Jai, who is, hopefully, a future T-bird.

Sven Thorslund ’92, has assumed the role of Vice President of Sales and Product Strategy, Travel Assistance at Generali Global Assistance.  Sven will develop and implement sales, account management, product, and marketing strategies to expand the company's comprehensive portfolio of travel assistance services.

Brendan McInerney ’92, who is head of Risk Analytics Europe at HSBC, recently completed the Fastnet yacht race from the UK to Ireland and back, to raise funds for the UKSA charity.

Musharraf Khan ’92, I have worked in North America, Middle East, and South Asian countries in various senior management positions with major FMCG (fast-moving consumer goods) companies, multinational corporations, and international development organizations. My last position was as advisor to Emirates Telecommunications Corporation (Etisalat) in United Arab Emirates. Retiring in 2011, presently I am living in Dhaka with my wife, Zakia.

David Sanchez ’93, is semi-retired and living in Hawaii. He is also substitute teaching and managing his mainland house through Airbnb.

David Wittenberg '93, has joined the Indian School of Management and Entrepreneurship in Mumbai as professor of entrepreneurial innovation.

Katherine Brucker ’93, has been a Foreign Service Officer with the Department of State since 1994.  In July, she finished a three-year assignment as Deputy Chief of Mission in Libreville, Gabon, and in August moved to Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire to take up duties as Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy there.

Michael Adams '93, is a director with PwC in Eurasia, focusing on international financial institutions and regional M&A and valuation advisory.  He lives with his wife, Olga, and their two children Victor (16) and Kathleen (13) in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Jeff Smith ’93, is enjoying his new adventure leading Backroads biking trips in California and also actively advises technology companies through the Tech Futures Group in Berkeley. He continues life-long learning and is finishing an environmental sustainability certificate program at UC Berkeley. His wife, Tami, is working at their community arts center. Kids Shelby and Casey are thriving in Boulder, CO and San Luis Obispo, CA.

Patrick Galvin ’94,  this year, my wife Ellen Galvin and I are celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary and 15th year in business as owners of The Galvanizing Group, a marketing communications company in Portland, OR. My new book, “The Connector's Way: A Story About Building Business One Relationship at a Time” has sold nearly 10,000 copies since its release last year.

Jesse Lunsford ’94, is a real estate developer in Austin, TX.

Achim Gutknecht ’94, works as Operations Finance Director in Zurich /Switzerland for an Australian packaging company.

Louisa Elder ’94, Manager, Global Trade Compliance and Trade Agreements for AbbVie, a biopharmaceutical company, is busy with USTR and EU trade re-negotiations, updates and Brexit.  Based in the Chicagoland area, she has been traveling to the EU and been a leader in reaching out to industry across the globe to educate and advocate within the realm of global free trade agreements.  She most recently gave broad-FTA training via webex to some in the UK government. She also has responsibility for ‘everything’ origin within her company, requiring deep supply chain knowledge.

Mark Field ’95, is Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer for Geneva Financial and received the Mortgage Loan Originator of the Year award from the Arizona Real Estate Journal. Mark has worked in the mortgage industry for 18 years serving as an underwriter, loan officer and branch manager. He has made significant contributions to the State of Arizona including restoring over 70 memorials at the Arizona State Capitol.

Andreas Sigl ’95, has joined Burson-Marsteller in Switzerland as Managing Director, Geneva and as Member of the Executive Board.  He is also working as Strategic Advisor at the International Olympic Committee to keep the Olympic Games relevant for future youth audiences.  Previously, Andreas was the Director for Nissan’s brand and sponsorship strategy worldwide, and as Global Director Infiniti Formula One he was responsible for the partnership with Red Bull Racing in Formula One across all Infiniti markets. In this capacity, he took a major worldwide project from concept to four consecutive F1 World Championships.   Andreas lives at Lake Geneva, Switzerland with his wife and their sons.

Nicola Hartmann ’95, is CEO for Youth On Their Own. A nonprofit helping youth experiencing homelessness stay in school and graduate from high school.

Mark Field ’95, was selected for the 2017 Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame. Mark is a U.S. Navy Submarine Veteran.  He received the 2017 Mortgage Loan Originator of the Year.

Eric Stoen ’95, I’m a travel writer with three kids (7, 9 and 11). I’ve taken my kids to 47 countries and all seven continents and write/photograph to inspire others to travel with their kids as well. Forbes just named me the world’s 4th most influential traveler. I’m an ambassador for AFAR, Travelocity, Universal Orlando and Thomson Family Adventures.

Alison Sturdevant Miller ’95, is Product Manager, Dispensers ESSITY.

Bryan Rice ’95, my tourism company - San Francisco Movie Tours - just celebrated its 10-year anniversary of providing memorable tours to famous movie locations all over San Francisco. I also recently ventured into the world of cross-cultural exchange between the U.S. and China with 21st Century International Cultural Exchange (  In an effort to share what I learned at Thunderbird, I have also been teaching international marketing courses at the University of Phoenix for almost 15 years.  Both of my daughters are now officially in high school at Alameda HS in California.

Brian Beeghly ’96, is co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Informed360, a technology company focused on supporting effective ethics and compliance programs. Brian was recently recognized by Compliance Week as a Top Mind 2017 for his work in the area of ethical leadership and his vision for Informed360. He currently lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife and three daughters.

Gregory Simmons ’96, is the senior vice president of sales for Amplifire in the company's higher education and test prep division.  Greg, with his 20 years' experience in higher education and educational technology, will be responsible for the growth and strategic direction of AmplifireAdvanced Education, which partners with colleges and universities on curriculum innovation and student analytics resulting in higher retention rates.

Alberto Cipriano ’96, Oh Crepes! Founder and CEE, I have put on hold a very rewarding global leadership career in manufacturing, production and service sectors. Trepidation aside, and with calculated risk, I have combined my passion for food and operational excellence.  Oh Crepes! Bistro to Go is the first launch from a handful of highly creative ideas in the food and beverage industry that fulfills a need in a niche market of a growing and evolving prepackaged gourmet meal segment.  RusticaCocina is the parent company where all these ideas are taking shape, and with time, becoming a reality. 

Kim Lee Ozawa ’96, designs jewelry for numerous hit TV Shows and Films.  Her handmade jewelry has been purchased by customers from 26 countries, and counting, and has been featured in Huffington Post and several issues of Lucky Magazine.  Her TV show and film clients (past and present) include Grey’s Anatomy, 90210, Scandal, How To Get Away With Murder and many other popular TV shows.

Greg Fitzgerald ’96, is Chairman of Cyberforce Security LLC ( a global cybersecurity reseller and Managed Services Provider.  Cyber protection is paramount in today’s world. Cyberforce represents the best of the next generation cyber products, which Greg helped build from idea to over $1.5B valuation, called Cylance Inc.  

Marnee Reiley ’96, is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in Irvine, CA, who loves seeing clients in her private practice.  She spends much of her free time training her Labradoodle puppy, Luigi, to be able to join her in sessions as a therapy dog. 

Elizabeth Painter ’96, I completed my Ph.D. in Ethnochoreology at the Irish World Academy of Music & Dance at the University of Limerick this year. 

Adam Falkoff ’97, was recently named, for his close ties to the White House, the Congress, and Fortune 100 Corporate CEOs, to the Power 100 List - a list of Washington, D.C.'s 100 most powerful and influential people.

Dimitry Polyntsev ’97, recently moved to Darien, CT with his wife, Anne, and three young children. Dimitry works for Mylan N.V. in New York City as head of Branded BD, and will soon celebrate a three-year anniversary with the company.

Kristi Meyer Walsh '97, is a communications consultant for Arizona Public Service. She started in October 2016. She was previously the Assistant Executive Director for the Arizona Exposition & State Fair.

Chelle Johnson ’97, Ann Bozick ’98 and Marianna Hynson ’97 recently got together in Denver, CO.  The three are a part of a T-bird women's group of seven that graduated in 1996-1998!  Ann was visiting from Pittsburgh and Marianna and Chelle live in the Denver area.  The seven try to get together once a year.

Brett Marx ’97, I am an accountant for the Manitowoc County, Wisconsin Recycling Center and a tax professional for H&R Block.  I volunteer for the Autism Society of the Lakeshore and am looking forward to our annual 5K and 10K Ugly Sweater Run on November 11!

Bo Herbst ’98, Heidrick & Struggles a provider of executive search, leadership consulting and culture shaping services worldwide, has appointed Bo to lead its Industrial Practice worldwide as Global Practice Managing Partner. Bo “will lead Heidrick's global Industrial Practice in further enhancing our impact with clients, leveraging a global network of experienced consultants and complementary leadership services," said Krishnan Rajagopalan, Acting President and CEO.

Melissa Conforti ’98, has spent the past year skiing around the world with Ski7, a fundraiser for Pancreatic Cancer research. She also launched her executive and life coaching business She currently lives in San Jose, CA and spends her free time with her boyfriend, Marco, her daughter, Cece (15), AFS Exchange student from Italy, Chiara (17), and their two dogs, Alfie and ChaCha, enjoying the California coast, hiking trails and wine country.

Mel Jackson ’98, our T-bird classmates, Eric ’99 and Susan Zimmerman-Peter ’99 and Sergio Ilic ’98 and his wife, Becky, joined me and my wife, Lucie Jackson ’97, in Sun Valley, ID for an eclipse-watching weekend.

Joseph Urso ’99, was appointed in July as Director of GM International Operation’s Corporate Development, Mergers & Acquisitions covering the Asia Pacific, Southeast Asia, India Subcontinent, Middle-East and Africa regions.



Daniel Etulain ‘03- Daniel Etulain has been named Asia Sales Manager for Chore-Time. In his new position, Daniel will be responsible for overseeing Chore-Time product sales for the Asia Pacific region through existing regional sales managers and the company’s distributor network. He will also be helping to develop and execute new initiatives for increasing Chore-Time’s growth and market share in the region. Daniel joins Chore-Time bringing nearly 20 years of experience with dealer development and sales management for heavy-duty trucks, agricultural commodities and grain handling equipment in southeastern Asia and Australia.

Yalman Ansari ’07- Chapter Leader Pakistan, met with Thunderbird's Professor Dr. Mary Sully De Luque, who was in Islamabad early this year for a series of invited talks and research meetings.  It was so wonderful to recollect the past memories of Thunderbird and to share excitement for its future. The Belt and Road Initiative, also known as the Silk Road Economic Belt, also came under discussion which has boosted tremendous opportunities for the corporate sector, creating a need for capacity building both in soft and hard skill-sets including training programs in global mindset and logistics and supply chain areas. 

Jing Jin (Irene) ‘08- Still Vice President of NOAH Holdings.  NOAH is the first public and the largest independent wealth management corp. in China. My career focus on wealth management, private equity, commercial banking, working experience in financial was 13 years, working experience in wealth management industry is 7 years. In August my team won the “Best Quantified Investment Team” award by Noah(China) Holdings Limited, Gopher Asset Management, and RayLiant Global Advisors. This October I received my Enterprise Trainer Certificate and also became a Family Trust Consultant.

Gaston Sandoval ‘02- Gaston has been appointed as Global Head of Marketing and Product Management. In this role, Gaston will lead Panasonic’s marketing and product strategy as the company evolves into a digital platform and services company and delivers the next generation of passenger experiences. Before Panasonic, Gaston enjoyed a lengthy, successful career at IBM. Most recently, Gaston served as SVP, Global Marketing at Openlink Financial, a leading fintech enterprise software company, where he led its marketing transformation to a digital-first, outcome-based organization, repositioning the company that resulted in its accelerated successful acquisition by the ION Group.

Josh Ballard ’03- Josh was appointed as the Chief Financial Officer for Energy Recovery, Inc., the leader in pressure energy technology for industrial fluid flows. In his new role, Josh will oversee Energy Recovery's finance, IT, and investor relations organizations as the company continues to cultivate its core water business and further develop innovative PX® Pressure Exchanger® technology solutions for new markets. Josh has more than 20 years of experience and most recently held the position of Operating Partner at Orox Capital Management, a Dallas-based private equity firm.

Roberto F. Cid ’09, of Miami, passed away May 27, 2018 after a five-year battle with colon cancer. Roberto earned a degree in International Relations from Boston University as well as an MBA from the Thunderbird. Roberto joined the family business in 2007 and helped found Cid Botanicals with the vision of creating a preventative health and wellness company. An avid travel lover, he spent his time in and out of Miami researching the immense biodiversity and ancestral wisdom of the American continent and the world. Always eager to explore new places, Roberto was also drawn to make repeat visits to the Amazon rainforest, Chilean Patagonia, Paris, Quito, Hong Kong and amusement parks. He was also passionate about politics, played the guitar, and appeared in a Korean pop music video.

Elizabeth Freedman ’00, I'm a Principal at a boutique consulting firm called Bates Communications based in Boston - we're a small firm but have worked with close to 20% of Fortune 500 companies, at the senior leader level - in the world of management consulting, we’re known for our work in bridging the gap from strategy to execution. We consult with leaders to help them engage, inspire, align and move people to act. I like to say we pick up where the McKinsey’s exit when the strategy is on paper, and it is time to bring it alive.  I live in the Boston area with husband Andrew - we celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last year and have two boys, Max (age 14) and Zachary (age 11).

Catherine Callaway ’00, recently joined the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY) as VP, Marketing and Development. After 20+ years as a marketing and innovation leader, managing diverse brands from Dentyne and Sour Patch Kids to British Airways and Theraflu, I decided to follow a mission-driven passion and turn to the non-profit sector. I’m happily living AND working in NYC, a first after 15+ years of travel for global brands. I’m enjoying marketing with passion, addressing the constant challenges of our healthcare system today while giving back to my community.

Jill Tracy ’02, just celebrated her 15th anniversary with Microsoft and has been named the new CDS Commercial Partners, Cloud and Solutions Channel Sales Director for the company. Jill has held roles in OCP, EPG, C+E Marketing, Worldwide Partner Group, Services and Worldwide Operations. 

Carrie (Stein) Melanda ’00, has recently joined Apple as the Sales Training Operations Manager for Latin America.  She will be based in the Coral Gables, FL office.  Prior to Apple, Carrie was the Latin America Partner Operations Manager at Microsoft.  She lives in South Florida with her husband and children.

Brian Kenny ’00, after serving as an analyst at the U.S. Department of Commerce in Washington D.C., Brian joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District in September 2009. Brian’s current role is Civil Works Project Manager, Arizona Nevada Area Office, in Phoenix. In an earlier career spanning 31 years, Brian worked as an anthropologist for the State of Arizona, and, for private cultural, environmental and engineering firms. Brian served in the U.S. Air Force 1974 -1980, and is a graduate of the Presidio of Monterey Defense Language Institute in Monterey CA. He also graduated from the Air Force Cryptologic Intelligence Schools, and SERE & Air Crew Survival Schools.  Also, as a civilian with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers he received notice to deploy TDY to Houston to assist the disaster recovery by serving on the Corps' "Housing Team."

Brian Kaplan ’01, I’m married to Kimberly Kuhn ’02.  We just spent a little over a week in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.  We are a Thunder-Couple and have a seven-year old son, Quincy.

Jennifer Beaston Hedrick ’01, is the executive director for Eagle Mount Bozeman, an organization committed to provide quality therapeutic recreational opportunities for people with disabilities and young people with cancer.

Irene Kontje ’01, after four years living in North Carolina and working at Duke University Medical Center, I returned home to the New York City area and am currently Director of Graduate Medical Education at Mount Sinai Beth Israel/Mount Sinai Health System. I've always been a do-gooder MBA and am thrilled to be working in education and hospital administration, overseeing training programs for interns, residents and fellows in their specialty and subspecialty training. It's incredibly rewarding work and being back in the bustle of NYC and near my family is the icing on the cake. The NYC T-bird alums are active, friendly, and overall awesome. Grateful for the T-bird network!

George Sales ’01, after almost 20 years in management consulting and project management, I've decided to follow my passion and open up a mid-scale Filipino restaurant in Saint Johnsbury, VT.  It is a low-profit, limited liability business, with the goal of providing culinary students in the local academy hands-on business operations and training experiences, as well as employment opportunities for residents in the downtown district.  It's the one and only Philippine restaurant in the state, and everyone is excited!  I look forward to welcoming T-birds from near and far!

Paul Caldron ’02, completed a Ph.D .in Governance and Policy Analysis at Maastricht University, United Nations University - MERIT in the Netherlands after defending his dissertation regarding motivations, economic, and manpower inputs into short-term medical missions by U.S. physicians. Still practicing clinical rheumatology and research at Arizona Arthritis and Rheumatology, a group that has gained state and national notice for its successful business model in a challenged specialty in U.S. healthcare, Paul anticipates the Maastricht degree may enable a transition into the global health environment. AmeRuss Clinical Trials, founded by Paul and colleagues after finishing Thunderbird to conduct drug and device trials in Russia and its near abroad, continues to operate in this space. 

Steve A. Varela ’02, earned a 2017 Fulbright Scholar award for his research and development in international program development for business school programs.

Andy Harris ’02, my wife Molly and I had our first child Penelope Juliet on July 9.  Baby and mom are healthy and all are doing well!

Ercan Turkuner ’03, I am the Head of Internal Audit and Senior Banking Expert at Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency of Turkey based in Istanbul.

Todd Kirkbride ’03, I am living in Pristina Kosovo with my wife and two kids (3 and 7). I run my own Public Private Partnerships for Development Consultancy with clients in the Balkans, Asia, Africa and the U.S. I serve on two local University Faculties as Adjunct Business/Marketing Professor.

Kevin McKellar ’03, I have been living in Los Angeles since 2008 and opened a restaurant concept called Bottega Louie in Downtown Los Angeles.  We are the most Yelp’d and Instagrammed restaurant in the U.S. and will be opening other locations in Chicago and Las Vegas soon. 

Matt Frary ’04, the company I founded,, has been featured again this year in the Inc 5000 fastest growing companies in America.  This is our third year in a row, and we have built more companies as a result.

Gerardo Gonzalez-López ’05, I met my now wife of 10 years, Maria E. (Sissy) Urista ’05 at Thunderbird. We now live in Princeton, NJ and I am running the NYC marathon in November.

Gbemi Disu ’06, everyone thinks I am joking when I laughingly say that Thunderbird is with me anywhere and everywhere I go! I was on a trip to South Africa earlier this month and on one of the days out on Safari, I find out that a couple on my group tour are actually ThunderParents! Karen and Tony's son Malcolm Whitehead graduated in 2012 from Thunderbird and we had quite a great discussion over lunch about the School and its transformative impact on my life. It just so happened that I had my 70th anniversary ThunderWear with me, which I proudly wore because any time I think Global, I of course think T-bird!

Tracey Nguyen ’06, I wanted to share a recent study I authored for IBM for the magazine. Over 330 nonprofits surveyed and 30+ organizational case studies synthesized. A convergence of trends in the nonprofit sector has created urgency to advance the current state of data and analytics use. Major funders are demanding quantified evidence of social impact. Constituents expect both transparency of operations and a digital presence. None of these is a luxury, but a requirement.  Being a technology laggard could send donors in other directions and threaten future outcomes. Our newest IBM research reveals that it is more important than ever for nonprofits to leapfrog analytics capabilities by using new approaches to talent, technology and by partnering.

Becky Sacher Woods ’06, I recently joined ADP as their Global Mobility Director in New Jersey.  That is keeping me busy, in addition to my five-year-old twins.  If anyone wants help negotiating their expatriate package, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Mike Tomasello ’07, having spent 18+ years speaking with thousands of hiring executives and recruiters to determine what works most often for job search and career success, Mike launched his company out of Los Angeles after a successful Marketing Executive Career. In the fall, he will be launching his first book for students and recent graduates called "How to Land ANY Job When Everyone Says You Can't." Kevin Harrington from TV's "Shark Tank" called Mike a ‘Career Thought Leader.’ 

Thomas Steck ’07, between April 14 – 16, 2017 our EMBA Prague Cohort IV celebrated its 10th anniversary in Dubai, UAE. Wahoo! Ten years go so quickly and we were confronted with the choice of our first big anniversary location. Thanks to Ghusoun Al Khaled ’07 from Kuwait, and Stephane Sinimale ’07 now living in the UAE, we celebrated this important milestone in style in Dubai. From the top of the Burj Khalifa, to the tip of the Palm Jumeirah, we swam, dined and even completed a tour in the Dunes. Happy Anniversary EMBA Prague IV!

Jaz Wray ’07, purchased a plane and earned his pilot's license about five years ago.  With the freedom of wings, he flew with his two sons from Southern California to experience the total eclipse of the sun just north of Boise, ID.  They were astonished to experience totality for about two minutes and from 9,000 ft. above sea level, could even see the shadow of the moon on earth approaching for the start of the full eclipse and then the end of the moon's shadow approaching at the end of the full eclipse.  What an amazing sight!  Definitely something for every T-bird bucket list.  Perhaps they will see you in Texas for the next 100% U.S. eclipse in 2024 (or 2019 in Chile and Argentina).

Shaun Smithson ’08, is now the CEO  of Fig and Olive Restaurants.  He will continue to live in his Washington, D.C. home, but will be working from the company's offices in New York.   He will be overseeing the portfolio of restaurants with a focus on stabilizing and growing the brand both domestically in the US and on an international level.  

David Riggs ’08, I run a business in Nashville, TN and Kathmandu Nepal.  I have 10 employees in Nashville and 30 in Kathmandu.  My company names are and   I have also been to Turkey, India, Panama, Colombia and Peru this summer.

Angelika Makkas Rougas ’08, I am currently working in the biotechnology sector in Human Resources
as a business partner. My husband and I live in Cambridge, MA with our two children. I've been busy with them – they are 1 and 2 years old. This summer we traveled to Greece to introduce our children to our motherland and to see family of course!

Umar Ahmed ’09, after graduating from Thunderbird, I developed a passion for teaching International Business and Strategy. So, I taught for about seven years in a University in Pakistan. And now I am working on a Ph.D. in International Business at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand.  

Bradley Lazard ’09, I am the Vice President of a steel company called North Shore Steel.  We are a conglomerate that owns five steel related businesses with our corporate headquarters in Houston.  We have additional locations in Los Angeles, CA, Beaumont, TX, and Charleston, SC.  We import and sell steel products all over the world.  Our most recent business concern is taking care of our employees, customers, and vendors that have been devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  We plan to provide steel products to help rebuild our community. 

David Schrader ’09, I am the Chief Operating Officer of Scythian Biosciences Corp, a Canadian company.  The company recently became public on the TSX-Venture exchange in Canada. We are in the pharmaceutical development field and are currently working on a drug treatment for traumatic brain injury.



Duff Janus ’13- Duff was named the Director of Investments for Alexander & Baldwin. Prior to joining A&B, he was a founding principal of Form Partners LLC, a real estate development, investment and management firm headquartered in Honolulu.

Jonathan Harmon ‘15- Jonathan Harmon was named the General Manager for Church Brothers Farms and will direct the company’s Mexico operations. Before joining Church Brothers Farms, Jonathan worked with Pricewaterhouse Cooper in the supply chain consultant group and as Director of Operations for Mission Produce, where he was involved in supply chain operations in California and Latin America.

Craig Hammond ‘12- Craig was newly appointed as the Head of Marketing for GearLaunch, the leading E2E commerce platform. Craig has been called-on multiple times throughout his career to establish, build, and develop both businesses and departments in growing companies. Most recently before joining GearLaunch, he built his own children’s pajama company that achieved immediate success, including holding the current record for the highest funded children’s apparel product in crowdfunding history. In his career, he has helped businesses scale globally, led the creation of marketing departments and strategy, and had numerous companies he’s helped start go through acquisition.

Lance J. Alexander ‘10, of Liverpool, NY, formerly of Watertown, passed away May 25, 2018 at his home.  Lance was employed with the US Defense Contract Management Agency as a Defense Contract Administrator in Syracuse. Previously he was employed with the Department of Labor as a Labor Services Representative and was a liaison with the Human Relations Department for incoming soldiers at Fort Drum. He was a member of the board of directors for the Thompson Park Conservancy from 2014-2015.  Lance loved grilling on his Weber grill, playing Golf and Lacrosse, reading especially WWII history. He lived life to the fullest, was outgoing, knew everyone, talked to everyone, had lots of friends and had a special smile.

Sergio G. Castañeda Cortes ‘10 after a 28 years career in different top management positions in BBVA Bancomer, has taken on new challenges as Co-Founder of The Alternative Board Master Franchise in Mexico. The Alternative Board TAB helps forward-thinking business owners grow their businesses, increase profitability and improve their lives by leveraging local business owner advisory boards, private business coaching and proprietary strategy services.

Mackenzie Cane ’10, I've been using my Thunderbird knowledge to leverage the reach and influence of the for-profit sector in helping to support the non-profit sector. I am the Associate Director of Business Partnerships at the Sierra Club based in Oakland CA, and I work with mission-aligned companies who are helping to advance solutions to environmental issues. I get to work with everyone from sustainability executives at large companies and environmental activists, to fundraisers and Sierra Club chapter volunteers. Working across departments in this way has prompted me to use my cross-cultural communication skills that only a Thunderbird education could have given me. This winter, I will travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to see my sister and meet my new niece!

Bryan D’Souza ’11, is getting married to Sophie Ramer on October 7, 2017. He is currently working at Microsoft in Redmond, WA.

Sidharth Madhav ’11, a few T-birds from the class of ’11 attended the Second Annual T-birds & Friends Cookout hosted by Antoine Eloi ’11 at his home in Philadelphia. It was great catching up with this fun group I went to school with and sharing our experiences on work and the current political environment. It was refreshing how global our mindsets are and how important that is today.  Pictured Back (L-R): Taylor Culver ’11, Sidharth Madhav ’11, Antoine Eloi ’11, Jesse Markham ’12. Mid (L-R): Tarek Fahmy ’11, Albert Tan ’11, Audrey Dorfman ’11. Front: Lucy (friend of T-birds).

Bharath Balasubramanian ’11, works for American Express Global Network Business bringing emerging payment solutions to new markets in the Americas. He lives the typical suburban New Jersey life with a 90-minute commute each way to New York City.

Michael Johnson ’12, earlier this year I was made Vice President - Global Strategy at PracticeMax in Scottsdale, AZ. Since then I have opened our first overseas operations in Cebu, Philippines. We opened in May with zero employees and we are now at over 150 and plan to expand to 300 by the end of the year.

Andrew Goehl ’13, I recently accepted a three-year National Office rotation with EY that will relocate me and my family from Seattle to Cleveland through the summer of 2020.  I am excited for this unique opportunity.  While it's going to be a tough transition to move from a place that we absolutely love - this is an opportunity that will really define and accelerate my career.  My family and I are looking forward to new adventures - and I'm looking forward to reaching out and connecting with the Cleveland alumni.

Brent Nelson ’13, I was recently on business travel in London, UK for my job at Amazon in the global Sustainability department. I was fortunate to run in to my fellow alum and cohort mate Ben Gherardi’13 who leads international efforts with Jackson and is working in London. Cheers!

Sean Murphy ’13, is Vice President-Regional Asset Manager for JPI Companies, a commercial real estate firm in San Diego headquartered in Dallas. Sean and his wife, Amber, welcomed their second son in August.

Barbara Noseda ’14, was named to the 30 under 30 for the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). Barbara joined LifeScan, a Johnson & Johnson company, in March 2015 as a member of the Procurement Leadership Development Program (PLDP), a highly selective two-year leadership program for recent MBA graduates that gives them a deep insight into the business and prepares them for future leadership.

Andres Porras ’15, I am Operations and Logistics Manager at Uber in Colombia for Cali, the country's third largest city. Shortly after, I was assigned to work on the expansion of Uber in Colombia, 16 cities total, and in early 2017 was sent to Thailand to lead the expansion in that country. Now I'm back in Colombia leading the CRM and Remote Cities Teams.

M. Brett McMickell ’16, accepted the position of Senior Vice President of Global Product Development at AgJunction.  Brett has over 12 years of experience in Product Development for several product types.  He joined AgJunction from Honeywell, where he was the Senior Director of Engineer for Actuation Systems.  He held several roles at Honeywell in Engineering and Business Management.