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Become a client

You need talent. It's our core competency.

Thunderbird Applied Learning courses provide diverse organizations with skilled and motivated human capital. They are truly win-win propositions, creating value for companies and providing a unique, professional learning experience for our graduate students seeking to immerse themselves in emerging markets, whether on the ground or from Thunderbird’s campus in Phoenix, AZ.

Thunderbird consulting teams:

  • Create sustainable business solutions and transfer their knowledge and skills to their client organization.
  • Are strengthened by combining students’ professional experience and academic expertise with the client’s knowledge of their home market.
  • Create a comprehensive work plan to address the needs defined by the client.
  • Bring fresh eyes to a business problem, along with a research-based approach to finding solutions.

Consulting teams have direct access to internationally recognized Thunderbird professors who have business intelligence, financial analysis, supply chain resources, marketing/brand management and organizational consulting expertise as well as full access to Thunderbird’s world-class business library and resources.

There are various ways that your organization -- whether a business, government or non-profit -- can have access to Thunderbird’s global consulting talent.