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FAQs for Current Undergraduate Students at ASU for 4+1 MGM Program

  1. What is Thunderbird’s Master of Global Management program?

    The Master of Global Management (MGM) is an in-depth, highly specialized global business education professional degree that combines global management/political economy coursework, cross-cultural insight, leadership development, and global field seminars studies to educate future-ready global business leaders. The program currently offers a global consulting opportunity and 16 business and non-business concentration options to expand students’ skillset and perspective in the industry of choice.

    Thunderbird School of Global Management is located on the downtown Phoenix campus. Classes are held in the same location.

  2. Which ASU campus is Thunderbird graduate programs located on and where are classes held?

    Thunderbird School of Global Management is located on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. Classes are held in the same location. For academic year 2020-2021, Thunderbird is located in the Arizona Center next to the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus. For academic year 2021-2022, Thunderbird will be housed in a brand new, state-of-the-art building on the ASU Downtown Phoenix campus.

  3. What are some benefits of joining the 4+1 MGM program?

    Thunderbird 4+1 MGM program offers an accelerated pathway for ASU students to obtain a Master of Global Management degree in only one year after a student’s undergraduate graduation.

    Students will receive an automatic scholarship of $17,000 USD reducing the program cost from $70,000 USD to $53,000 USD. Students are eligible to apply for additional merit-based scholarships for their second year as well.

    Students can graduate from a prestigious master program with 1-2 concentrations that globalizes their undergraduate degree, adds international work experience to their resume, expands their job opportunities, and prepares them to work for either private, public, government or social organizations that have global missions/purposes or are in multiple locations.

  4. Is the 4+1 MGM program only available for on campus students? What about ASU online students?

    The 4+1 Accelerated Masters of Global Management is only available for ASU students enrolled in full-immersion campus degree programs.

    Thunderbird and ASU have an ASU Online 4+1 program, however, that is only for students who are pursuing a very specific degree program within the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering, and with Thunderbird’s online degree, Masters of Applied Leadership and Management (MALM).

  5. How long is the 4+1 MGM program?

    The program is 4 semesters. Two semesters are completed during the senior year of the undergraduate program. The last two semesters are completed after graduating from bachelor’s degree. In addition, the student completes a 6 credit Global Challenge Lab (GCL) during the summer.

  6. What is the difference between the fall or the spring semester start?

    There is no difference, other than the timing of the four core classes, which can be adjusted based on the undergraduate schedule, and the MGM graduation date (May or December).

  7. Can students participate in the 4+1 with any major? Or double major?

    For the 4+1 program, Thunderbird has a list of approved majors with other ASU schools and colleges. If you would like to know if your major is approved, please reach out to a Thunderbird Graduate Student Recruiter to see if your major is approved and how to begin the 4+1 process.

    For double majors, you will need to make sure that at least one of your majors is approved in order to be in the 4+1 program, and you have enough remaining electives to partake in graduate courses in your senior year.

  8. How do you apply to the 4+1 MGM program?

    1. The undergraduate advisor or student should contact Thunderbird Recruitment and Admissions department at admissions.tbird@asu.edu or 602-496-7100 to determine if the undergraduate program is approved for the 4+1 MGM program.
    2. During your junior year, the undergraduate advisor and the student must complete the advisor checklist form to ensure the student meets the GPA, credit completion and elective requirements for admissions.
      • The student should contact Thunderbird Recruitment and Admissions Department to complete the 4+1 MGM online candidacy application and admissions interview.
      • Under the undergraduate advisor’s guidance, the student will register for the four core graduate courses during fall and/or spring semesters of their senior year. Graduate advisors will provide necessary overrides.
    3. During senior year, the student will officially apply for admissions to the Master of Global Management program. The student should contact Thunderbird Recruitment and Admissions Department for assistance.
    4. What are the admission requirements for the 4+1 MGM program?

      • Good standing with Arizona State University
      • Min. GPA of 3.0 from all academic institutions
      • GMAT/GRE required except when cumulative GPA is 3.25 or higher (waived)
      • International experience (preferred)
      • Submission of online application, including
        • Resume documenting professional and academic history
        • 1 essay answering an application question
        • Contact information for 1 professional or academic reference
        • Official transcripts from all previously attended undergraduate and graduate institutions
    5. What is the advisor checklist? Whom completes and submits it?

      The advisor checklist is the first step in the admissions process for an applicant. It is a form that the student receives from Thunderbird to take to their undergraduate advisor. This is to prove that the student is eligible for the 4+1 Accelerated Master of Global Management program. When meeting with the undergraduate advisor, the advisor is checking to make sure that the student is able to take the 12 credits of Thunderbird graduate classes during their final year/or semesters of undergraduate. The advisor checklist can be sent back to either the enrollment advisor at Thunderbird or to admissions.tbird@asu.edu

    6. Who should write my letter of recommendation?

      You have the preference on who writes your letter of recommendation. You can choose a professional reference which could be a former employer, colleague and/or supervisor, or you can use an academic reference which can be a professor/instructor or academic advisor.

      Students only need one recommendation for the application.

    7. Do I have to meet the minimum 3.0 GPA?

      Students applying for the 4+1 program must have a 3.0 GPA or higher and good standing at ASU in order to be admitted. The GPA is a strict requirement. Students will not be able to be admitted until then meet the minimum 3.0 GPA. This might mean waiting one extra semester to raise one’s GPA before applying, or taking summer classes, but students must meet the minimum GPA to apply.

    8. Is the GMAT or GRE required for admissions?

      Students that have a cumulative GPA of 3.25+ will have the GRE or GMAT waived in their application. The GRE or GMAT is required for students with a GPA of 3.0-3.24.

    9. Do I need to prove English proficiency with an English exam for the 4+1 program?

      For international students, that have not completed 90 credits at a U.S University. An English proficiency test would be required. Student can reference the different English exams and “Other ways to demonstrate English Proficiency” under the International Graduate English proficiency requirements here.

    10. Can the students apply for scholarships?

      Yes, the student can apply for scholarships during the admissions process into the 4+1 MGM program. The scholarship will be applied to their account during the second year of the program.

    11. When should I apply?

      Students will want to start considering applying for Thunderbird’s 4+1 program during their junior year at ASU. Students will need to have completed 75 credit hours before applying to the 4+1 program.

    12. When should the student apply if the major is not approved?

      If a student’s major is not approved there are two options:

      • Meet with an enrollment advisor at Thunderbird to determine if the major’s approval is pending or the timeline for that major.
      • If the major is not approved or cannot be approved in time for the student to complete before their graduation date, then the student can consider the full-time Master of Global Management degree program.
    13. Do students need to choose their primary concentration during the online application process?

      During their senior year, 4+1 MGM applicants are not required to choose their primary concentration during the online application process and should select the general MGM application.

    14. When may I begin taking MGM courses?

      In order to begin taking MGM courses, students will need to have completed 90 credits, which is generally during their senior year.

    15. What is the ideal candidate for the 4+1 MGM program?

      Our program consists of diverse students that all have a desire to access the global marketplace in the industry of choice. The ideal candidate wants to obtain a global view of organizations and desires to add globally-focused projects, a foreign language, travel and complementary global business skills to their resume to expand their job opportunities in more than one country. Applicants who are pursuing a foreign language, participating in a study abroad program or demonstrating an ability to thrive in cross-cultural environments /program should apply.