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Julie Goodman

Founder and CEO, Goodman Global Consulting, LLC, Dallas, Texas, USA

Tell us about your current role and responsibility. 

I am the Founder and CEO at Goodman Global Consulting, LLC. I am an offset service provider working with defense contractors to provide funding for companies creating new business overseas with a focus on Fortune 500 companies. I am also the President of the Dallas/Fort Worth Thunderbird Alumni Chapter and serve on the Thunderbird Executive Leadership Council.

Why did you choose Thunderbird? 

My grandfather was my inspiration. He told me he hired his top global managers from Thunderbird. When I told him I wanted to have a career in international business, just like him, he encouraged me to visit the school. During family vacations to Arizona my grandfather would always make a stop at Thunderbird for recruiting. His company continues to recruit from Thunderbird today.

How has your Thunderbird experience played a role in your career?

While at Thunderbird, I developed skills and experience in the consulting field and, more importantly, connections to people from all over the world. One Thunderbird project I still refer to frequently that had an impact on my career was helping Red Wing Shoes with market entry into Brazil. Today, I work on similar projects in many different countries by helping US companies get large investments for these types of projects. Thunderbird is almost always what gets my foot in the door when meeting with new companies. 

How has being a T-bird affected your personal life? 

The majority of my closest friends in Dallas are T-birds, some from my graduating class, others I’ve met through First Tuesday events. I enjoy meeting up with T-birds while traveling as well, and most recently stayed at a T-bird’s home in Turkey.

What does the Thunderbird mystique mean to you?

When you organize a group of T-birds to meet at an Afghan restaurant, 40 people might show up—no questions asked. Some will probably even know exactly what to order, have traveled there and most likely have friends from that country. Global business will no doubt come up in the conversation, and by the end of the evening each person will have new friends, professional contacts and opportunities to grow their business.

How can recent graduates benefit from the Thunderbird network?

Stay connected. From my experience, T-birds will go above and beyond to help other T-birds. If you have an interview or a meeting, check on LinkedIn to see if any alumni members work there. It’s an easy way to show you’ve done research on the company and give yourself that extra edge.

What advice would you give to someone considering Thunderbird?

  1. Take classes where you get the opportunity to work with companies on real projects. This can help you discover new industries or work functions you may enjoy. 
  2. Do an internship. Internships are a great opportunity to try out a company or industry to see if it’s the right fit for you. 
  3. Spend time at the pub—seriously! Your classes will only last two years, whereas your connections will last a lifetime.
Thunderbird is almost always what gets my foot in the door when meeting with new companies.

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