Come join us for a relaxing Zoom meeting with Los Angeles area alumni!

Launching and running an online business is hard enough, but if you are full of stress and anxiety from wearing too many hats (like an educator, marketer, techie,) it’s practically Impossible.

If you want to be totally focused, have unlimited energy, and the positive flow to attract clients and run your business,  you aren’t going to find that watching a YouTube video.

What if there was a way to create a daily routine that fuels you with positive energy, gives you mental clarity, and allows you to succeed?

Bill Shuttic '90 will be conducting a live workshop where we will be discussing how stress affects your health and your business.  

We will meet on Zoom in breakout rooms to help each other. 

This workshop will be focused on stress reduction for the online entrepreneur.  Your contributions could quite literally save someone’s life or even your own because stress can kill.

Supercharge your success in your online business by coming to this exclusive Tbird Alumni workshop 

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"Bill Shuttic '90 is a Health Coach, Natural Health Practitioner, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Personal Trainer, Massage Therapist, Life Coach, and Martial Artist. He has an MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird  He is the owner of Ultimate Health and Wellness.  He has created The Complete Wellness System and the BillyStix 6-part workout series.  Bill is an author and speaker and has written a book called "How to Lose Weight Naturally" and a series of cookbooks focusing on Healthy Eating.

Bill works with clients of all ages to help them improve their health, reduce stress, gain more energy, increase strength and flexibility, heal naturally, and prevent illness by making healthy changes in their diet and lifestyle.  He combines multiple health modalities into the Complete Wellness System. This includes Detoxification, massage therapy, exercise, herbs, nutraceuticals, breathing techniques, and self-defense. Bill has worked with Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, and Physical Therapists.   Bill’s clients typically include busy entrepreneurs with high stress and low energy and other health issues.

Bill is a martial artist holding a black belt in jujitsu, aikido, and iai-do.  He teaches women’s self-defense classes and is available for corporate classes.  Bill enjoys giving presentations on various health topics including how to lose weight, anti-aging, inflammatory disease, stroke & heart health, stress reduction, and self-defense."

Look forward to seeing you!!! 

Your Los Angeles Tbird Alumni Chapter Leader Team

MeiWah Wong '99

Erika Schlomer-Fischer '89

Jorge Pedraza '14

Chris Hope '03

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