Join our distinguished panel to learn and discuss how the Fourth Industrial Revolution is helping the fight against COVID-19 and who are the key players, innovations and their (expected) impacts.

This new era of rapid technological advancement we call the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is fundamentally transforming how organizations compete on a regional and global scale. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has suddenly and deeply altered the global business environment. This worldwide public health emergency is accelerating the adoption of 4IR technologies such as machine learning, a trend driven by the growing realization that societies, economies, and the environment face a range of exponential risks. Are you and your team equipped to seize the opportunities emerging? Rather than focus on risks, Thunderbird’s world-class faculty will guide participants through the opportunities for leaders to understand a changing business environment, anticipate impacts on their current business model, and both generate and execute ideas within the framework of what many call the “next normal” - the accelerated Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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