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<p>The Thunderbird IT team has recently completed an integration between the Thunderbird Salesforce instance and ASU's<br /> Aventri Event Management platform. You are invited to join us for a 45-minute webinar to showcase the integration and its<br /> functions and capabilities it provides and answer any questions you may have regarding the integration.<br /> <br /> This meeting will cover the following functionalities:</p> <ul> <li>The integration between an Aventri event and a campaign in Salesforce and subsequent updates to Aventri event data</li> <li>The automatic creation of leads from event registrants and the addition of campaign members to Salesforce campaigns</li> <li>Use of QR code and Self Check-In functionality in Aventri to allow the automatic update of campaign member statuses</li> <li>Sending of SMS messages to event registrants based off of the registrants registration status in Aventri.</li> <li>Automated tracking of Aventri event emails on registrants records in Salesforce.</li> </ul>
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