Today’s fast-paced business settings can all too often feel like pressure cookers of competition, overwork, and emotional exhaustion. In this webinar, Dr. Sarah J. Tracy will pinpoint triggers for organizational burnout and share specific practices that may lead to meaningful work and organizational flourishing.

Sarah J. Tracy is a professor, speaker, and trainer whose research focuses on fostering wellbeing and positive communication. Sarah’s workshops and novel assessment techniques help people transform burnout and distrust into interactional patterns that build relationships and restore human flourishing. She regularly offers programs worldwide for a variety of universities and organizations. She hosts the Youtube channel Get Your Qual On and frequently serves as a media resource on topics such as workplace bullying, toxic positivity, and work-life balance. As a cross-disciplinary leader expert on workplace well-being and positive communication, Sarah is the author of two books—Leading Organizations Through Transition and Qualitative Research Methods—and over 90 published journal articles and book chapters. Her research has been cited more than 12,000 times and has garnered over 30 scholarly awards.

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