Please join the CMC and representatives from the World Academy for the Future of Women for a round-table, on the Thunderbird campus - Tuesday, February 11, 2020. Room 706.

Round-table agenda topics include:

* Introduction of the World Academy for the Future of Women. How it started and operates in China, Nepal, and Bangladesh? What is the current situation?

* Unpaid Internship available - Internship purpose: support the World Academy for the Future of Women in accelerating women's leadership worldwide. Participate in World Academy classes, leadership teams, and projects in China, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Participate in the 14th Annual Women Symposium in Zhengzhou, China on May 8 - 10.

* What do you want your internship to include? Q&A After the round table should students be interested in this internship, they must attend a 3-day Introduction and Orientation training from Feb 14 - 16.

Please join us for a great session!

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