Join us for Taking Stock of Climate Change: Earth, Air, Fire and Water this Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 12:00pm ET for the third in the Joint Webinar series of: IIEP Rethinking Capitalism and Democracy Series & Thunderbird Finance and Sustainability Series with Sir David F. Hendry and Jennifer L. Castle.


The climate of planet Earth depends on the energy balance between incoming radiation from the Sun and re-radiation from the planet. Greenhouse gases (GHGs) in the atmosphere, like water vapor and carbon dioxide, help regulate whether the planet is a “snowball,” as warm as the Eocene some 55 million years ago, or something in between like our world today. Natural forces, including plate tectonics and volcanism, drove previous climatic upheavals, but today the main driver is humanity’s emissions of greenhouse gases, primarily from the burning of fossil fuels. Although life has survived previous climate upheavals, thriving in quite different global temperatures, huge numbers of species went extinct in the transitions. This webinar will show how humanity is altering the climate with impacts on the Earth's limited available land, atmosphere, and water resources. The webinar uses the ancient frames of Earth, Air, Fire and Water as ‘essential ingredients’ of life to explore what is happening, the dangers of precipitating an anthropogenic mass extinction, and actions humanity could take to avoid disaster.


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