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Market forces create distinct differences not only by industry and cycle, but also by region. What drives markets in one part of the world may look quite different in another part of the world. If your business or organization operates internationally, it’s important to be prepared for the conditions of the region.

Supply chain, marketing, financial practices, public sector engagement, risk assessment, investment strategy -- all of these and many other important factors vary from region to region and from one country to another.

Thunderbird brings a global perspective to all the hard skills involved in running a successful business or organization.  We are uniquely qualified to help you and your team develop the international business acumen you need to be successful.


Market forces, processes and policies vary widely around the globe, affecting everything from supply chains and marketing to finance, public sector engagement and risk management. Thunderbird is uniquely qualified to help you develop the international business acumen to be successful.

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Custom Offerings

Every organization and individual is different, with unique challenges and professional needs. Thunderbird works with you to customize a program that addresses your specific needs. Examples of customized offerings related to International Business Acumen include:

  • Business Process and Workflow Analysis
  • Enterprise Analytics and Big Data
  • Financial Literacy
  • Marketing Leadership for Global Innovation
  • Operations Planning and Execution
  • Procurement and Logistics

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A Thunderbird executive education experience begins with strong content developed from current events in the real world today. Faculty who are engaged with companies around the globe dealing with existing marketplace conditions along with a diverse mix of colleagues in the classroom will combine to enrich your learning opportunity. 

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