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For more than 25 years, Thunderbird has offered top-tier executive education solutions to businesses across the entire oil and gas value chain — educating more than 15,000 professionals, in more than 50 countries, across six different continents. 

Considered the gold standard worldwide, no other school is better equipped than Thunderbird to prepare oil and gas professionals for the challenges and opportunities of their dynamic worldwide marketplace. Thunderbird understands the truly global nature of the energy industry – and the critical need for managers and executives who need to master the geopolitical, cultural and organizational complexities in an always evolving industry. 


Even for those who have spent years in the profession, mastering the dynamic and evolving energy industry requires continuous learning and development. Thunderbird leadership and tactical programs for oil & gas professionals are considered the gold standard worldwide. 

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Custom Offerings

Every organization and individual is different, with unique challenges and professional needs. Thunderbird works with you to customize a program that addresses your specific needs. Examples of customized offerings related to Energy, Oil & Gas include:

  • Fundamentals of the Oil and Gas Industry
  • Global Oil and Gas: Value Chain and Geopolitics of Oil
  • Growth Challenges for the Energy Industry
  • NOC Strategies and Challenges
  • Strategic and Financial Decision Making


The value of [Thunderbird's Oil & Gas] program is to take you out of your normal operational environment and bring you together with like-minded and similarly positioned people from other aspects in the industry. 

Mark Thompson
Woodside Energy, Australia

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A Thunderbird executive education experience begins with strong content developed from current events in the real world today. Faculty who are engaged with companies around the globe dealing with existing marketplace conditions along with a diverse mix of colleagues in the classroom will combine to enrich your learning opportunity. 

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