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Dynamics of Global Negotiations

Examine the theory and practice of negotiations among individuals, organizations and groups in multicultural settings to understand and identify cultural differences in communication and negotiation styles.

  • Describe unique challenges for global negotiators and understand the difference between international, multinational and global challenges.
  • Evaluate the impact of using "Power Over" versus "Power With" in developing your negotiation strategy.
  • Distinguish different types of negotiation approaches through stages and phases and understand the importance of preparation and trust in a multicultural context.
  • Analyze the “hardball” and problem-solving tactics you will use to plan your negotiation strategy.
  • Recognize cultural, situational and social factors of virtual negotiations by understanding the surprises of social distance.
  • Interpret how to gain confidence and competency through dialogue, problem solving and the power of understanding.
  • Understand how to close your negotiation with reasonable offers rather than one-sided offers.

Exclusive offers

  1. Gain access to the Cultural Orientations Indicator® web-based software self-reporting tool that is designed to foster self-awareness and cultural-awareness so you can effectively communicate and collaborate in a global team environment. 
  2. Recieve access to the ExpertNegotiator® web-based software to help plan and enhance your negotiation strategy.

Both offers are available for 1 year from the start of your first course.

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Course Content

  • Introduction to Global Negotiating "Power Over" versus "Power With"
  • Trust and Preparation
  • Understanding Self and Strategic Choices in a Cultural Context
  • Design a Strategy to Win
  • The Virtual Negotiation: Surprises and Social Distance
  • Introduction to Phases and Preliminary Steps
  • Opening and Exploration Phase
  • Closing Stage and Wrap-Up


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