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Global Mindset Inventory Certification Workshop

GMI Certification Workshops

Global Mindset Institute has developed a program to certify individuals to administer and to debrief the Global Mindset Inventory (GMI) survey and results.

The GMI is the premier assessment tool developed by Global Mindset Institute to help determine a global leader’s ability to be better prepared for the opportunities, risks and challenges that come from working with the cultures of a globalized business market.

GMI Certified Facilitators Program participants will gain a thorough understanding of the Global Mindset Inventory survey, be able to administer the survey to others, and facilitate feedback sessions and present guidelines on how to interpret one’s own GMI score.

We look for business practitioners and academics to partner with us at the Global Mindset Institute to add value to the individuals and the organizations that are competing in today's global business market. 

For more information, view our brochure or contact Lou Farina, Director of Global Sales and Client Services at: louis.farina@asu.edu

GMI Certification program participants will:The Certification Workshop

  • Learn what makes the GMI unique
  • Be introduced  to the concept of Global Mindset and its importance for global leaders and organizations
  • Gain an understanding into the research and science behind the definition, measurement and development of the GMI
  • Become familiar with the key terms and meanings of the instrument
  • Be certified in the self-assessment as well as the 360 version
  • Receive an Award of Certification authorizing them to facilitate their own GMI feedbacks sessions for 18 months 

Certification Fees:

Thunderbird's 70th Anniversay Special: Special rates available 

Contact Arvind Deshmukh, Business Operations Manager, at: arvind.deshmukh@thunderbird.asu.edu for more information.

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About the GMI Certification Program

  • There are more than 350 GMI Certified Facilitators worldwide
  • 2-day workshop for self-assessment and another half (1/2)-day workshop for the 360 version

The tuition fee for the workshop includes:

  • Program participation
  • Invitation to complete your own GMI survey
  • Your feedback report detailing your GMI Score
  • One hour of consultation with a Thunderbird expert any time before facilitating your first feedback session
  • Meals and refreshments
  • Valid certification for 18 months
  • GMI Handbook - 'Developing Your Global Mindset'

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Time for your Re-certification?

  • The GMI Certification is valid for 18 months.

  • We will contact you a few months prior to your expiration date with details of how to continue your GMI Certified Facilitator status.  


The Global Mindset Institute is dedicated to helping define, measure and develop global leadership, global talent and global knowledge.