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In today’s interconnected global marketplace, an international career is more accessible than ever. Thunderbird’s world-renowned faculty has extensive, hands-on experience in global management—and they’re passionate about sharing their personal insights, proven solutions and global networks with you.

Where many management school professors teach theory, Thunderbird’s esteemed faculty teaches real-world scenarios drawn from their own experiences. This unique approach to management education provides you with practical, applicable tools and strategies to take on any global business challenge you encounter.


Research propels innovative curriculum

Global business is complicated. Regional regulations. Political considerations. Cultural nuances. As a global manager, you face these challenges every day. Thunderbird’s faculty is energized by the intricacies and complexities of global management—and driven to find innovative, practical and effective solutions. This passion fuels their research endeavors, keeps them on the forefront of international management trends and makes your learning experience at Thunderbird broader, more powerful and exponentially more engaging.

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Thunderbird International Business Review

Thunderbird is the editorial home to the Thunderbird International Business Review (TIBR), a practitioner business journal that publishes the latest in research and thought leadership on global business practices. The TIBR, published six times a year, aims to be the most trusted source of practical and innovative ideas for global business managers.

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Thunderbird Case Series

Thunderbird's faculty actively research and develop case studies based on complex current global business scenarios. Impeccably written and thought-provoking, these cases are used in Thunderbird degree program and executive education environments to illustrate real-world global management occurrences and initiate deep analysis and professor/student discussion of causes and solutions. These unique case studies offer brilliant insight into international business and are available for purchase as part of the Thunderbird Case Series.

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