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5 Things I Learned from T-Bird Alumni at Career Weekend

October 16, 2017

By Amanda Cardini '18, Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management
Das Tor Staff Writer

5 Things I Learned from Career Weekend A few weeks ago, the Thunderbird Career Management Center hosted a career weekend filled with events designed to help new students prepare for job and internship searches. I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t necessarily thrilled about the prospect of attending—we had just gone through Foundations, and I was definitely ready for a break from jam-packed weekends. It wasn’t until after attending that I realized just how valuable the weekend was.The scheduled events ended up being instructive in a number of ways, from résumé building, to interview tips and even business dining etiquette. What I found to be the most useful, though, were the connections I made with various alumni over the course of the weekend. Some offered advice and some shared experiences, but I learned something from each of them...

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