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Succeeding Across Borders

Sometimes Even the Best Brands Strike Out

Sometimes Even the Best Brands Strike Out

January 14, 2021

Successful marketing depends on two things: having a good understanding of your audience and using what you know about them to create value. Some brands do this through humor, others by tugging at the heart more

It’s a Peach, Not a Stork! How P&G Recovered from Pampers Fail in Japan

It’s a Peach, Not a Stork! How P&G Recovered from Pampers Fail in Japan

December 28, 2020

Rookie mistakes may be common, but some are more costly than others. You know it’s bad when a corporate blunder becomes a case study in business schools. (Want to read a few? See Sometimes Even the Best Brands Strike Out.)read more

3 Dimensions of Global Mindset

Measuring Global Mindset®

December 15, 2020

Global Mindset is the set of individual qualities and attributes that help a manager influence individuals, groups, and organizations from other parts of the world. Faced with the complexity of working across borders, the lack of rigorous large-scale empirical studies on global leadership, and companies’ reported challenges in finding or developing global leaders, a group of eight Thunderbird professors embarked on a research project to identify the core individual qualities and attributes that would enable global business success – that is, the Global more

Negotiating With vs. Without an International Mindset

Overcoming Cultural Differences in Negotiations

December 9, 2020

All businesses these days are looking for new ways to differentiate: new ways to offer customers something of value, something unique. Sometimes that search leads them to new technologies, sometimes to fine-tuning old ideas. And almost always, as companies grow, the road to success sends them to new corners of the more

3 New Realities for Doing Business in China

3 New Realities for Doing Business in China

July 9, 2020

In a webinar conversation with Dean and Director General Sanjeev Khagram, Thunderbird Professor of Practice and Director of China Initiatives Doug Guthrie talked about how Xi Jinping, trade wars, and COVID-19 have changed the rules for doing business in China, and what to expect as China is poised... read more

Key to Success and Weathering the COVID-19 Storm: Shared Human Values

Key to Success and Weathering the COVID-19 Storm: Shared Human Values

June 3, 2020

As Thunderbird alumnus Raphael Rique ‘16 has built his career in international trade, he has learned that while understanding and respecting differences is important, it’s actually alignment on shared human values that drives business more

Building Trust, Loyalty, Productivity Across Cultures

Building Trust, Loyalty, Productivity Across Cultures

October 8, 2019

Great leaders know how important it is to establish trust with their teams. And those who are adept at building trust see the results quickly. Their teams perform better, are more loyal, and are often happier and more productive. Trust within an organization or team, like respect, has to be earned. Trust, across cultures has to be more

Does partnering with the World Bank shield investors from political risks in less developed countries?

Support from the IFC Adds Clout During Political Disputes

September 24, 2019

Foreign investment can be a risky business at the best of times. When an organization engages in global business, it does so in order to look for new opportunities but it also opens itself to additional risk. Top of the list of major international risks are foreign exchange risk and political risk. There are a variety of ways to hedge against foreign exchange or FX risk. But navigating, or insuring against, political risk is often more

Balancing Brand and Reputation in an Ever-Changing World

Balancing Brand and Reputation in an Ever-Changing World

July 16, 2019

“Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything. #JustDoIt” With that nine-word tweet, sent on Labor Day afternoon in 2018, Nike and Colin Kaepernick kicked off a campaign that would draw attention, admiration, and sales from its intended target audience. It would also win fans and create enemies. It drew praise for being “on the right side of history” and criticism for being “on the wrong side of the American people.” For these reasons, Nike—which also made revenue leaps in 2018 by bolstering its direct-to-consumer sales pipeline—was named Ad Age's 2018 Marketer of the more

Photo related to a Trump-Xi trade deal

A Trump-Xi trade deal would do little to fix the real problems US companies face in China

July 1, 2019

Hopes aren’t that high that U.S. President Donald Trump’s meeting with Chinese leader Xi Jinping at the G-20 economic summit in Japan on June 29 will lead to a comprehensive trade deal. For now, the leaders merely agreed to restart trade talks. Nonetheless, most U.S. business leaders and investors are optimistic that the two countries will eventually reach a trade agreement – and when they do, it will pry open Chinese markets and create a wealth of opportunities for U.S. companies. Specifically, American negotiators are pushing for a deal that could end forced technology transfers, improve intellectual property protection and widen access to China’s markets – all with the ultimate goal of creating a “level playing field” for U.S. more