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Another Day, Another Lei

October 1, 2018

TEM Lab, Fall 2018
Romania, ServUsTECH
Written by Parker Andrus

Being in Romania and working with ServUsTECH has been an amazing, memorable experience. Having never been to Romania, or even eastern Europe, I wasn’t sure what life would be like. I’ve been so impressed by the history, people, architecture, landscape, and of course the food, all of which will be missed (especially the massive 4 Lei [$1 USD], Nutella-filled croissants for breakfast). It's hard to believe we are about to start our final week.  

TEM Lab in Romania

A building in Sibiu, Romania. We’ve been blown away by this country’s beauty. Photo Credit: Parker Andrus

The hospitality we’ve received from our client has been second to none. The ServUsTECH team has gone above and beyond to ensure we feel welcomed and comfortable during our time here. They arranged tours of different cities throughout the country on multiple weekends We’ve been able to see, hear, and experience so much of the Romanian and Transylvanian culture. With the many hours our team has given to the project, the company CEO invited us to join him for a therapy session in the hills of the city. We were elated to see that his definition of “therapy” was going to a shooting range for some target practice. 

TEM Lab in Romania

Hitting the target at the range like we do in the office. Photo Credit: Ovidiu Barz

With our time running short, we knew that having an effective and efficient week would be imperative to our success. We made the focus of this week winning adoption of our ideas at ServUsTECH. After all, if the company has not bought into the ideas we’ve developed, all our work would be meaningless. In order to do this, we made a diligent effort to involve our client’s decision makers in the development of our ideas. We guided them to discover answers on their own and helped them come up with great ideas that will highly benefit the company. Our efforts were rewarded with a very flattering compliment from one of the team leads who said that our team “brings a very good vibe into the company and it’s hard not to smile when (they) get to work and see us.”

As we have invested a lot of time, effort, and emotion into our work, it’s depressing to think we only have one week left. We all have come to care for ServUsTECH and the people that work here. To deliver anything but our absolute best work to them would be unfair. We’re excited and optimistic about the future of the company and look forward to maintaining the friendships we’ve established.



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