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Interview As A Team Player

Interview as a Team Player

January 15, 2018

Do you come across at an interview as a competent but self-interested candidate or as a high-performing team player? Many companies are anxious to hire new employees who don’t just have the right experience and expertise, but who will also fit the corporate culture and act as strong team players... read more

How To Avoid Getting Fired

How To Avoid Getting Fired

January 8, 2018

Being terminated from a job is scary. Reality is, it’s not always your fault, but in some cases, there may have been steps you could have taken to prevent it from more

The ONE THING You Must Do After Submitting Your Résumé

The ONE THING You Must Do After Submitting Your Résumé

January 2, 2018

You apply for a really cool job, and now you wait for the phone to ring, right? Calling the company could make you look over-eager, or even rude, right? Actually, no. Waiting would be a big mistake. You can’t just submit a résumé and think your work is done. Being proactive by following up is key, and now there’s research to back this more

How To Ask For A Raise – And Get It!

How To Ask For A Raise – And Get It!

December 26, 2017

There may be nothing harder than walking into the boss’ office to ask for a raise. But budget cuts are a way of life and in many companies if you don’t ask for a raise – you don’t get one. It’s not impossible with a little prep work and a shot of more

6 Tips to be a Better Manager/Coach

6 Tips to be a Better Manager/Coach

December 18, 2017

Be a Better Manager with These 6 Coaching Tips The days of top-down, command-and-control leadership are coming to an end, giving way to a more transparent, empathetic management style. Instead of managers who breathe down their necks, the modern workforce demands a more supportive environment; one... read more

Workplace Meditation

Benefits of Meditation in the Workplace

November 29, 2017

North Americans have adopted meditation and mindfulness because it can improve work performance, personal relationships, and health. In an average 9-to-5 work day, just 5 minutes of deep breathing, reflection, and tension release can work to decrease stress levels and increase overall productivity... read more

New Manager? Build and Maintain Your Credibility!

November 27, 2017

As a manager (and as a human being), your credibility stems from the way you conduct yourself every minute of every day. It’s not a façade you can slap on when the occasion calls for it; you have to live it. If you’ve recently been promoted to a management position, it’s clear that you’ve already... read more

5 Simple LinkedIn Hacks to Optimize Your Job Search

November 22, 2017

Did you know 94% of recruiters use LinkedIn to fill up a job position? If you’re looking for a job in 2017, having a great profile on LinkedIn is crucial. Moreover, once you get hired, having a strong presence on LinkedIn will help you connect with other professionals and enhance your career. So... read more

Getting to Know You – Appreciating Diversity

November 20, 2017

Science has confirmed what some of us have known for years: diversity fosters innovation. More and more companies recognize this and are making diversity a priority. “As innovation becomes more of a key differentiator for the world’s largest companies, these organizations increasingly see having a... read more

Five Steps to Making the Best First Impression

November 15, 2017

We all know it’s important to make a good first impression on a buyer or anyone else we want to influence. What we don’t often realize is how quickly that impression is made and how lasting it is. Brian Tracy ( Psychology of Selling ) says it happens within 30 seconds. Michelle Tillis Lederman ( 11... read more