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Career Corner

5 Ways to Build a Breakthrough Personal Brand

5 Ways to Build a Breakthrough Personal Brand

May 23, 2017

Whether you’re just stepping into the job market or have 15 years under your belt, you’ve probably noticed the stifling environment of competition. It starts with our college applications and follows us to the boardroom. There are jobs we get, jobs we want, and promotions we’re ready to tackle. How... read more

Work Life Balance

8 Ways to Achieve Work-life Balance

May 17, 2017

The idea of a balanced work-life relationship seems totally unachievable to many of us. Either we’re “in balance” or we’re not. However, it would be much more useful to think of work-life balance as a spectrum, rather than an absolute. Chances are, none of us are ever going to feel like we’ve... read more

Unifying an Office Spirit Across Continents

3 Tips for Fostering a Unified Office Spirit Across Continents

May 1, 2017

When it came time for Shmulik Weller, CEO of SundaySky, to expand his company from Tel Aviv, Israel, and open a new U.S. headquarters in New York, he was challenged with maintaining the corporate culture as the business grew. Not only was the employee count growing quickly, but there were time... read more

The real reason your resume is being ignored

The Real Reason Your Résumé is Being Ignored

April 25, 2017

Job hunting can be an incredibly frustrating process. You’ve brushed up your résumé, written a solid cover letter, and been applying to roles that seem darn near tailor made for you… But when your phone is silent and inbox remains empty… It can be tempting to ask “What’s wrong with me?” But I’ve... read more

Meet Thunderbird's Director of Employer Relations, Helen Wu '12

Q&A with Thunderbird's Director of Employer Relations

April 12, 2017

Thunderbird students have immediate and consistent access to our team of career-support professionals in the on-campus Career Management Center. Among the CMC team is Helen Wu '12, Director of Employer Relations. She shares some insight with us here! Meet Thunderbird Director of Employer Engagement... read more

3 Networking Mistakes You're Making

3 Job Networking Mistakes You’re Making

April 10, 2017

When executives find themselves trying to get traction on a job search, they reach out to their networks and ask a few key people to grab coffee or lunch. But that’s the wrong approach. Sorry, Starbucks, but this has to come to an end. When executives with extensive experience and a broad network... read more

Dana Manciagli '84

Career Q&A with Dana Manciagli '84

March 1, 2017

Thunderbird School of Global Management alumna Dana Manciagli '84 is the author of "Cut the crap, Get a job" and the sole syndicated career columnist for the nationwide Business Journals with her 'Career Mojo' column. On her blog at / , Dana answers her readers' questions... read more

10 Tips

10 Tips to Help 20-somethings Reach Their Career Goals

March 1, 2017

Whether just starting college or looking for the next step in your career ladder, those in their 20s have some big opportunities ahead. This is the decade when particularly major events happen, so make the most of it with these tips on reaching your career and financial goals. 1. Get relevant... read more

6 Soft Skills

6 Soft Skills that Can Boost Your Career

March 1, 2017

Boost your career Wonder why you didn’t get that last job you applied for? After all, your hard skills — degrees, training and related work experience — were a close match to those listed in the job requirements. The fact is, although the right academic pedigree is important, a majority of... read more

Best interview questions

The Best Questions to Ask During a Job Interview

February 27, 2017

I once wrote about questions that YOU ask during an interview that sabotage your chances of winning the job. The big mistakes include asking about pay, asking about training programs, asking questions that you can easily find on the Internet, and not coming prepared to ask questions. Now I want to... read more