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Chapter Connections October 2017

October 24, 2017

Munich – September First Tuesday was held at the Alter Hof. L-R:: Wally Schoch '76, Axel Mees '76, Birte Lesoigne, Matt Duys '82, Mr. Kirsch Sr., Tom Lipton, Craig Kirsch, Frank Lieber '96, Larry Schulz '73 and Chapter Leader Athan Kostopoulos '85.

South Florida – September 27th six decades of alumni gathered for a fun evening of conversation and oysters. Those attending: Fred Lissauer '74, Chapter Leader Karl Palsgaard '11, Mack B. (Mickey) Shaw '66, Betty Sue Shaw, Mary Lynn Manning '86, Philip Hall '97, Ross Croulet '80, Stephen McCarthy '09, Susy Macario '72 & Todd Teichman '77.

Jacksonville - End of Summer event at Top Golf.


Luxembourg – Monday September 25th alumni gathering.

Ho Chi Minh City – First Tuesday those in attendance:Ken Liffiton ‘10, Rub Turner ‘99, Kenji Hamada ‘97,  Kellie Kreiser 04, who is the Executive Director of Thunderbird for Good.  Also joining the group was a prospective student, one of our colleagues from ASU working in Vietnam at their HEEAP project, and a corporate partner from PwC.

Tucson – October First Tuesday.

Indianapolis – Chapter Leader Nate Fagen has re-energized the Indianapolis alumni by holding an   October First Tuesday at a restaurant named Thunderbird.  Those attending Kaoru Negishi ‘13, Josh Halu ‘14, Chapter Leader Nate Fagen ‘16, Tina Tian ‘02 and her husband, Cynthia Weiner ‘91, and Chris Doron ‘75.

South Florida – Miami Oktoberfest those in attendance plus 4 guests.  Alberto Galofre '96, Bob '86, Amparito Jones, Carolina Montero '99, Casey Sutton '15, David Silberfeld '87, Jane Iversen '14, Natalia Iversen, Jorge Iglesias, John Crosby '96, John Proctor '85, Pilar Proctor, John Viault '92, Jonaki Moitra '15, Chapter Leader Karl Palsgaard '11, Michael Haerting '82, Mike Brown '88, Mike Kohrt '82, Malinda Earp, Nicolas Eterovic '06, Patricia Moraes '14 Victor Leal, Robert Richter '08, Sebastian Sierra '17, Stefani Chaney '17, Stephen McCarthy '09 and Wake Margo '08

Houston – Chapter Leader Kristin Weikel ‘99, hosted Tex Mex and BBQ at her home.  This was the first time the group had been together since Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area.