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How You Can Find Exclusive Scholarships Opportunities at Thunderbird

June 27, 2017

For students interested in pursuing a higher education graduate degree in international business, this is a very exciting time. You are setting yourself up on a path to a successful global career! There are different ways to pay for your higher education. Student loans are always an option, but you... read more

7 Most Common Questions Students Ask when Applying to Thunderbird

June 16, 2017

Sogol Homayoun, Thunderbird Enrollment Advisor In my four years as an enrollment advisor at Thunderbird, I've found that students seek answers to a whole variety of questions before they even start the application process. I understand! Choosing the right graduate program can be a daunting... read more

World Tour 2017

Thunderbird’s Admission Team Is Looking for the Next Global Leaders

June 12, 2017

Learn how you can become part of the next generation of global leaders at Thunderbird . There’s something different about the students who choose Thunderbird. A different kind of passion. A different kind of purpose. Be part of this diverse global community and bring your own cultural insight to... read more

MaryAnne Radioque

Q&A with Thunderbird’s Enrollment Advisor

May 31, 2017

Thunderbird's admissions & recruitment team assists prospective students and applicants with a customer-focused recruitment approach, providing information on upcoming events, connections to students, alumni, and faculty, and advice to aid in program selection. Enrollment Advisor MaryAnne... read more

Thunderbird offers exclusive military scholarship

Thunderbird Offers Exclusive Military Scholarship

May 25, 2017

On Remembrance Day, 2011, Merle A. Hinrich ’65 addressed the audience of Thunderbird alumni, students, war veterans, friends and family gathered for the unveiling of the restored Thunderbird Tower. It was fitting to hold the rededication of the Tower, the iconic heart of the Thunderbird campus, on... read more

Balancing Full-time Work & Full-time Program

March 27, 2017

There's no time like the present, says Thunderbird Executive Master of Global Management (Executive MGM) program participant Jeff Mask. Balancing his full-time career with his full-time degree has, for Jeff, made the program experience even more valuable. With immediately applicable learnings and... read more

Jeff Mask, Executive MGM - Connected to your Cohort

The Cohort Connection

March 27, 2017

Thunderbird’s Executive Master of Global Management (Executive MGM) program is delivered in a cohort model, with participants representing a variety of industries, organizations and cultures. The cohort model adds immense value to the degree experience, providing you with an in-class network of... read more

Dr. Denis Leclerc, Academic Director of Thunderbird Executive Master's program

Got questions about our Executive Master of Global Management?

February 23, 2017

Are you ready to broaden your global mindset & network? Discover Thunderbird’s Executive Master of Global Management (Executive MGM) program. Every course is taught from a global perspective, which prepares you to lead and manage people across borders and across all levels of an organization... read more

Thunderbird Unique coordinates

Thunderbird’s Unique GPS Coordinates? #ONLYHERE

January 21, 2017

Every slogan, every tagline, every lyric to every song starts somewhere – it comes as a spark, a glimmer or maybe with a clap of thunder and flash of lightning. Sometimes, you borrow and more