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Executive Education

In Global Business Diversity Means Different Cultures, Yes, But Also Different Genders

Diversity Means Gender Inclusion, Too

June 3, 2018

When you’re the best at something, people notice. Like when the Financial Times deemed Thunderbird a "stand-out performance" for having the most female-friendly executive education program. But what does a best-of designation like that actually mean? The numbers are impressive -- but a look behind the numbers tells more of the more

Key to Continued Success for Women, Lifelong Learning Builds the Skills to Lead

Key to Continued Success for Women: Lifelong Learning

May 26, 2018

You’re a successful businesswoman. Your education, experience, and smarts have taken you far. Maybe you broke the glass ceiling on your company’s board of directors and now you’re mentoring others on their way up. Or maybe you are an ambitious mid-level manager who aspires to the more

Teaching Leadership, One NGO at a Time

March 6, 2018

What do an organization providing assistance to farmers to move out of poverty, another organization focusing on improving building and home construction on an island prone to natural disasters, and another, a well-known global leader working to end poverty all have in common? They all participated in the 2017 American Express Leadership Academy at Thunderbird School of Global more

What’s the ROI of Executive Education?

Assessing the ROI of Executive Development

November 29, 2017

The best way to assess the return on investment (ROI) of an executive education program is to begin with expectations. Thinking about what you expect to achieve from the course will help you assign it value. If a course will help you qualify for a promotion, that’s a lot of value. If it will help you solve a business problem that’s preventing revenue growth, that’s a lot of value more

Don't Be Left Behind: Commit to Lifelong Learning

Don't Be Left Behind: Commit to Lifelong Learning

November 15, 2017

Learn more about lifelong learning opportunities at more

What's Better for Me? Online or In-Person Executive Development

September 25, 2017

This article is part of a series of FAQs with Thunderbird Executive Education about the value of continued executive development and lifelong learning. With everything from knitting to rocket science taught via web-based platforms these days, we should no longer assume the choice between online vs... read more

Why Bother with Executive Development?

Degree or Non-Degree? That Is the Question.

September 24, 2017

Executive development is a must in today's competitive marketplace. But not everyone has the time, financial resources or need to pursue an advanced degree program. Executive development courses deliver up-to-the-minute graduate-level training but save on time and expense. The choice is more

Transform Tension into Collaboration

Experiential Learning Leads to More ‘Aha!’ Moments

September 13, 2017

Does this sound familiar? A group of employees is assembled to solve a complex problem, but instead of finding a swift solution, the group’s dynamics create entirely new more

Negotiation Simulations Prepare Leaders to Close Cross-Cultural Deals

August 28, 2017

As part of Thunderbird’s series of programs to develop globally minded individuals and executives, professors Denis Leclerc and Thomas Kull have designed a four-day course to help mid- to senior-level managers improve their influence and negotiation in global and cross-cultural more

FAQ: University, Consulting Firm, or Training Company for Executive Education?

Who Offers the Best Executive Development: Universities, Consultants or Trainers?

August 1, 2017

This article is part of a series of FAQs with Thunderbird Executive Education about the value of continued executive development and lifelong learning. This is a question we hear often from Learning & Development leaders at organizations looking for a custom program for their employees. But it... read more