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Resilience in the Face of COVID - 19 : How These New Thunderbird Grads are Adapting to the Challenges of a Global Pandemic

Resilience in the Face of COVID-19 : How These New Thunderbird Grads are Adapting to the Challenges of a Global Pandemic

July 30, 2020

Having finished their degree programs in the middle of a global pandemic, these six 2020 grads are navigating uncharted territory. But because of their education and experiences at Thunderbird, they feel prepared to take on their professional or educational futures and tackle any challenges that come their more

For Luis Moreno ’77, Adaptability is the Key to Success

For Luis Moreno ’77, Adaptability is the Key to Success

July 22, 2020

For individuals, institutions, governments, and countries, adaptability is the key to successfully navigating through periods of change. That’s a lesson Thunderbird alumnus and President of the Inter-American Development Bank, Luis Moreno, has experienced throughout his life and career. Video of In... read more

COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

COVID-19 and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

July 1, 2020

Before COVID-19, the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) was already disrupting just about every aspect of our lives, both posing challenges and creating opportunities. Now in the midst of the global pandemic, those opportunities and challenges are accelerated and amplified. That was the topic of... read more

T-birds Taking Action

T-birds Taking Action

June 10, 2020

T-birds taking action during COVID-19! A big shout out to Antonio Solis ‘11, he and his business partner converted their cardboard plant that mainly manufactures cardboard displays for CPG brands in Mexico and USA to create low-cost cardboard hospital beds and supply around more

Using the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Fight COVID-19 Around the World

Using the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Fight COVID-19 Around the World

April 29, 2020

From artificial intelligence for medical diagnostics to mobile technology for data collection and contact tracing, technologies associated with the Fourth Industrial Revolution offer efficient and effective ways to cope with the speed, scope, and impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But these technologies are far from evenly distributed around the world, and this leaves lagging countries and their vulnerable populations at a considerable disadvantage in their capacity to decrease the risk and slow the transmission of the more

7 Skills Every Future-Ready Leader Needs

7 Skills Every Future-Ready Leader Needs

March 9, 2020

Although the future may look like it’s full of robots and artificial intelligence (it isn’t), the reality of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is that the most successful businesses, nonprofits and governments will be led by highly skilled individuals who can understand and accommodate the demands of an increasingly connected, informed and fast-moving world. Let’s take a closer look at the seven key skills every future-ready leader is going to need if they want to succeed…read more

ASU-led NASA Psyche Mission Launches Free Online Class  Featuring Thunderbird’s Mansour Javidan

ASU-led NASA Psyche Mission Launches Free Online Class Featuring Thunderbird’s Mansour Javidan

February 11, 2020

Course on building effective teams covers team culture, diversity, bias, and inclusivity Imagine a team of scientific experts representing 15 distinct institutions, all highly regarded in their fields with a support team of at least 350. Now imagine that team working on a finely tuned mission to space, an exploration like nothing before, a trip to study a unique metal asteroid orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. Now that’s teamwork. NASA’s Psyche mission is being led by Arizona State University. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory is responsible for mission management, operations, and navigation. The spacecraft’s solar-electric propulsion chassis will be built by SSL with a payload that includes an imager, magnetometer, and a gamma-ray spectrometer. The mission’s scientific goals and objectives are vast and include giving scientists the opportunity to learn more about Earth’s own metallic core. For more details: Psyche: Mission to a Metal more

Thunderbird grad Ramon Laguarta leads food and beverage giant in water use, packaging, climate change mitigation efforts

PepsiCo: Helping to Build a More Sustainable Food System

February 5, 2020

During the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos in 2019, the then newly minted Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and ’86 MBA graduate from Thunderbird Ramon Laguarta promised “huge progress” would be made by 2030 to reduce plastic waste, which contaminates humans, wildlife, and oceans. “We can reduce the amount of plastics in the system, both in our beverages and in our snack businesses," said PepsiCo's Laguarta said last year when he sat down with corporate leaders at Coca-Cola and Dow Chemical. “I’m quite optimistic that by 2030, I don't know if we're going to be solving the problem, but we'll have made huge progress against where we are today.”read more

ASU-led NASA Psyche Mission Offers Free Online Course on Team Building from Leadership Experts

February 3, 2020

NASA Psyche Mission are being designed and built in preparation for launch to the Psyche asteroid in 2022, the mission management team at Arizona State University has recently developed a series of free online courses based on the real-world challenges of running a space mission. The course series, called the NASA Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit, is offered free worldwide to anyone with internet connection and is available via ASU’s Continuing and Professional Education platform. The courses feature interviews and experts from NASA, ASU and Psyche Mission team members. The new Psyche Mission Innovation Toolkit online course is designed to help learners understand the unique challenges of a diverse team and provides tools to help address these challenges and take actions to be more successful in working with others. Image by ASU Continuing and Professional Educationread more

World-Renowned Expert to Head ASU-Thunderbird’s Fourth Industrial Revolution and Globalization 4.0 Initiative

January 21, 2020

Landry Signé, Leader in Global Political Economy, Joins Thunderbird Landry Signé is a world-renowned expert and award-winning professor of global political economy with a long and impressive list of experience, honors, and accomplishments. Next on his list is Thunderbird where Signé is the new Professor and Founding Co-Director of Thunderbird’s Fourth Industrial Revolution Initiative and Globalization 4.0 Inititiative. Signé joins Thunderbird School of Global Management where, in addition to leading the Initiative, he will be teaching courses on global business, world governance and disruptive technologies. Perhaps most directly relevant to what Signé offers Thunderbird is the fact that he has been recognized as a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader for “finding innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues.”read more