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Karaoke, Dungeons, and Discovery

September 11, 2018

TEM Lab, Fall 2018
Romania, ServUsTECH
Written by Zach Garcia

TEM Lab in RomaniaTeam HAIR+Z enjoying the countryside of Cluj-Napoca

Welcome to week 2 of the HAIR+Z international consulting experience in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. This week was filled with great days in the office, relationship-building activities, and a weekend full of adventure. 

Much of our week was spent in an early stage of consulting: discovery mode – seeking to learn everything we could about ServUsTECH from as many people as we could speak with. This meant long, rewarding days in the office. We interfaced with incredibly talented developers and designers, coming away with a deeper understanding of the strengths and needs of the business. With a project objective now clearly defined, we are in execution mode, working to deliver full value to the client before our time in Romania draws to a close.

But what is a day in the office without a great evening to follow? To build stronger trust with the ServUsTECH team, and get a better sense for their personalities outside the office, we hosted an evening of karaoke at a local underground (literally) karaoke bar. With the backdrop of centuries-old stone ceiling and walls, we sang and danced to tunes both American and Romanian. Needless to say, we made fools of ourselves, and had the best time doing it. With barriers broken, we look forward to more raw and real connections with the ServUsTECH team, allowing us to better ascertain and meet their needs.

TEM Lab in Romania

T-birds exploring Budapest, Hungary

Our adventures this week were not limited to the dungeon-like karaoke bar. The allure of Europe seduced us, sending us on a quick trip to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. Cramped overnight buses, city bikes, trains, and motor scooters showed us adventures we couldn’t have hoped for in our wildest dreams.

With European adventures and karaoke embarrassment under our belts, we are looking forward to hitting the midway point of our project, further developing our team strength, and enjoying the journey of T-birds.

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