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The Next Generation of the Thunderbird Family of Misfits

November 13, 2017

Each fall semester at Thunderbird, a bushel of interesting individuals flock through the classrooms, the Commons, and (of course) the more

Learning to Fly Online: A Letter to The Online MGM Students

Learning to Fly Online: A Letter to My Fellow Online MGM Students

October 16, 2017

Here you are, on the precipice of a great journey—you are midway through your first set of courses as a Thunderbird Online Master of Global Management (OMGM) candidate. Most of you are teetering somewhere between exhilaration and trepidation. I know this because I was more

5 Things I Learned From T-Bird Alumni at Career Weekend

5 Things I Learned from T-Bird Alumni at Career Weekend

October 16, 2017

By Amanda Cardini '18, Master of Arts in Global Affairs & Management Das Tor Staff Writer A few weeks ago, the Thunderbird Career Management Center hosted a career weekend filled with events designed to help new students prepare for job and internship searches. I’ll be the first to admit that I... read more

Summerim in South Africa

A T-bird’s First Flight: My Summerim in South Africa

October 4, 2017

During my first year at Thunderbird, I sometimes felt like a bit of an odd one out. Every classmate I spoke with had amazing stories to share of their experiences around the world—their home countries or the far-off places they’d visited. I, meanwhile, had never gone farther than New more

T-birds Land Jobs Worldwide

T-bird Grads Land Jobs Worldwide

June 21, 2017

Video of Spring 2017 Convocation - Thunderbird School of Global Managementread more

Thunderbird School of Global Management's Dr. Allen Morrison on "Globalization in Uncertain Times"

The Lightning Speed of Technology

May 19, 2017

Thunderbird School of Global Management's Dr. Allen Morrison on "Globalization in Uncertain Times." Watch the video. By Bethany-Angel Chijindu ’17, Master of Global Management candidate The evening of May 16 was truly an inspiring time at Thunderbird, as students, faculty, alumni and the community... read more

At Thunderbird, #YouAreWelcomeHere

Thunderbird Students Take Part in the #YouAreWelcomeHere Movement

May 11, 2017

The national #YouAreWelcomeHere campaign, promoted by NAFSA Association of International Educators , affirms a shared commitment to provide a diverse, supportive and safe environment to all students. Thunderbird continues to extend a warm welcome to international students. Video of You Are Welcome... read more

Thunderbird Dastor

What Is Happening in Peru? A Flooding Season

April 6, 2017

Photo courtesy of Reuters I would have loved to write about the opportunities for investment in Peru by throwing out some numbers from the World Bank. It would be highlighted as one of the South American countries with the biggest growth, boasting +3.9% in 2016 . Perhaps that could be a good idea... read more

Thunderbird: We Are All the Same video

We Are All the Same

February 28, 2017

Thunderbird thrives on and embraces the differences that make us all the same.The best leaders understand cultural nuances and the value of unique perspectives. #tbirdonlyhere #tbirdlife #WeAreAllTheSame Video of We Are All the Same - Thunderbird School of Global Managementread more

Thunderbird Diplomats with Pride

January 25, 2017

By Juan Carlos Quiroga (Thunderbird Campus Ambassodor 2016-2017) The value of being part of the Campus Ambassador program goes beyond purely tangible estimates, as the program and team also offers great potential for personal and professional development, satisfaction, and achievement. My... read more