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Thunderbird World Tour

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Thunderbird World Tour

Why I Chose a Degree in Global Management

July 5, 2017

Growing up in Nigeria, to be honest, I never thought of Global Management when I thought of a career. Like every child, I alternated between being a doctor and a lawyer. Those were the careers that my society held in high esteem. But along the way, life happened and as I entered my teenage years, I... read more

Thunderbird School of Global Management Wants to Celebrate Your Culture & Traditions

We Want to Celebrate Your Culture & Traditions at Thunderbird!

June 28, 2017

By Bethany Chijindu '17, Master of Global Management What is the best way to get to know people from other cultures? Food and music are definitely a great way to bring a diverse community together. Both are innately part of who we are as humans; they touch us at a more deep, subconscious level than... read more

Thunderbird School of Global Management - Where the World Comes to Learn Business

Thunderbird: Where the World Comes to Learn Business

June 28, 2017

By Bethany Chijindu '17, Master of Global Management Diversity is deeply ingrained in the core of what Thunderbird School of Global Management represents and values. From its beginning in 1946 with the purpose of being a school focused exclusively on international trade and global relations,... read more

How You Can Find Exclusive Scholarships Opportunities at Thunderbird

June 27, 2017

For students interested in pursuing a higher education graduate degree in international business, this is a very exciting time. You are setting yourself up on a path to a successful global career! There are different ways to pay for your higher education. Student loans are always an option, but you... read more

7 Most Common Questions Students Ask when Applying to Thunderbird

June 16, 2017

Sogol Homayoun, Thunderbird Enrollment Advisor In my four years as an enrollment advisor at Thunderbird, I've found that students seek answers to a whole variety of questions before they even start the application process. I understand! Choosing the right graduate program can be a daunting... read more

Top 10 Employers Looking for Thunderbird Talent

June 12, 2017

At Thunderbird, we do more than provide you with the global education and insight to thrive in international management. Thunderbird’s Career Management Center provides the support and services you need to drive your career forward. Whether you’re a working professional advancing your career or a... read more

World Tour 2017

Thunderbird’s Admission Team Is Looking for the Next Global Leaders

June 12, 2017

During Thunderbird's World Tour, we will visit more than 50 cities around the globe to meet with prospective students, attend regional graduate school fairs, hold one-on-one information sessions and host networking events. Our experienced enrollment advisors will provide information about... read more