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Top 5 Ways Thunderbird's Career Center Can Boost Your Job Search

July 24, 2017

Getting on the right track: Identify your career goals from before Day One

Thunderbird's Career Management Center (CMC) offers services that help students decide what they want to do in terms of career and which industries they want to work in. Before incoming students even attend Foundations, they take tests and assessments (like "Career Leader" and "TTI Talent Insights") that evaluate their strengths and talents, and then the CMC hosts feedback sessions during the first semester to go over the students' results. The CMC also brings in experts from TTI Talent Insights to explain the research behind the strengths assessment, go over the students' results, and give them tools and tips on how they can use this new personal insight to find the right careers and the right companies. Plus, the CMC assigns students a personal career coach who works with them in ultimately deciding which career path to take, whether it is finance, marketing, human resources, consulting, etc.

Doing your research: Review jobs & job-search guidance through subscription services

The Career Management Center offers students access to a variety of job-search subscription services such as Vault, Mergent, Business Monitor International and Mint Global. These services give students direct visibility to available jobs, while also providing tips in regard to research and where to apply.

Learning from the experts: Prepare for your career search with a CMC Career Coach

CMC Career Coaches are there to work with and guide students. For instance, Coaches help students create targeted resumes and cover letters until they are confident and able to customize their resumes to every employer. The Coaches also help students hone their interview skills by offering mock interviews and giving feedback.

Networking for the win: Gain access to the Thunderbird career community

The CMC provides both on-campus and virtual information sessions that give students the opportunity to get firsthand information about companies and give them a chance to practice their networking skills. Other events bring Thunderbird alumni to campus for networking, job-search support and anecdotal advice.

Preparing you for career fairs: Be ready to shine at career events

The CMC not only provides guidance for standing out at career fairs, they also offer "scholarship" support for students who apply to fairs early so it's more affordable for them to attend. Plus, the CMC team works with students in the weeks before the fairs to make sure they're ready to shine, by working with them on their resumes, networking and interviewing skills. 

Being prepared for the job search during and after graduate school is critical. Thunderbird's Career Management Center offers accessible, on-campus support and services to make sure T-birds are ready to hit the ground running in the search for their global careers!

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