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Celebrating International Women's Day 2018

March 8, 2018

Today we are celebrating International Womens Day! Thunderbird is proud to continue its support and help create future leaders and businesswomen in roles, organizations, and communities across the more

Build Your Skills (and Avoid the Blooper Reel) in Global Marketing

How to Avoid the Global Marketing Blooper Reel

March 1, 2018

Global marketing gaffes get plenty of attention in their re-telling – from Pampers in Japan to Coca-Cola in Saudi Arabia ­­– but there are also heaps of global marketing success stories. Which category will you and your company fall into?read more

An International Mindset Preps Executives for Success

An International Mindset Preps Executives for Success

March 1, 2018

Global mindset refers to the set of qualities and attributes that help a manager influence individuals, groups, and organizations from other parts of the world. It’s part personality, part know-how -- like the ability to overcome cross-cultural differences in negotiations or avoid gift-giving gaffes and other cultural more

An Educational Edge for Entrepreneurs

An Educational Edge for Entrepreneurs

February 22, 2018

Today, all business is global business, so Thunderbird School of Global Management has programs to prepare entrepreneurs to start or expand a business with international exposure and reach. And with the diversity, affordability, and support systems available in Phoenix, a Thunderbird experience sets you up to more

Battle of the Valleys - Phoenix vs. Silicon

The Valley of the Sun Outshines Silicon Valley for Tech, Start-ups and More [INFOGRAPHIC]

February 16, 2018

Let's count the ways the Valley of the Sun shines brighter than pricey Silicon Valley for tech start-ups, entrepreneurs and more

Ethical Leadership in a Global Economy

Ethical Leadership in a Global Economy

February 15, 2018

You’ve recently been appointed as the country manager for a non-Western business market and, after you arrive, you discover that many of the people working in your factory are teenagers. In your home country, the United States has very strict child-labor laws. In the local market, having teens work isn’t just commonplace, it’s expected. How do you handle it?read more

Thunderbird Alumni Host Panel Discussion on Global Offset Industry

February 14, 2018

Thunderbird alumna Julie Goodman '12 recently hosted a panel discussion focused on career opportunities in Global Offset and Industrial Participation. Watch the livestream more

Valentine’s Day Traditions from around the World

February 13, 2018

When the stores are packed with flowers, chocolates, candies, and cards you know that St. Valentine is around the corner. Before Valentine’s Day became the mass-marketed consumer-frenzy holiday that it is today, it had its roots in ancient Roman history and traditions. Nowadays, the holiday means big business and people around the world celebrate St. Valentine’s Day by showing appreciation and affection for the people they love. In some countries, it is more of an excuse to share love and friendship than candy and more

Phoenix is Not Silicon Valley – And That’s a Good Thing

Phoenix is Not Silicon Valley – and That’s a Good Thing

February 6, 2018

Silicon Valley has long been a breeding ground for entrepreneurs and home to some of the world’s best-known high-tech companies. Now Phoenix, however, is inching in on Silicon Valley's territory - creating an ideal environment for tech companies and their more

It’s a Peach, Not a Stork! How P&G Turned Around its Pampers Fail in Japan

It’s a Peach, Not a Stork! How P&G Recovered from Pampers Fail in Japan

February 1, 2018

Rookie mistakes may be common, but some are more costly than others. You know it’s bad when a corporate blunder becomes a case study in business schools. (Want to read a few? See Sometimes Even the Best Brands Strike Out.)read more