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You Are a Brand. What's Your Mission Statement?

You Are a Brand. What's Your Tagline?

October 10, 2017

I held my first three fingers in the air and recited the phrase “Be Prepared.” Several other 12-year-old boys my age did the same. We all knew the Boy Scout motto by heart, along with some longer, more complicated verses that we repeated at the beginning of meetings. Boy Scouts seemed to be full of mottos and slogans. I did not know it then, but I was being introduced to an important organizational and leadership principle—the concept of a mission more

The Importance of Currency Awareness in Corporations

The Importance of “Currency Awareness” in Corporations

August 30, 2017

By Wolgang Koester '91 | Earlier this summer, I had the honor of presenting as part of the Thunderbird Summer Speaker Series. The audience included graduate students, educators and business leaders. Although it was a varied group, they all shared a common interest: They wanted to understand how global currency volatility impacts more

Watch now! 2017 Global Speaker Series Keynotes

August 24, 2017

Managing Change in Turbulent Times: Brazil, Banking & The Business of Life Rodrigo Xavier '93, Former CEO and Chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brazil Video of Rodrigo Xavier, class of 1993 - Managing Change in Turbulent Times The ability to respond to change has become a critical... read more

Banking CEO: How I Survived Long Ride on Brazil’s ‘Roller Coaster’ of Change

Banking CEO: How I Survived Long Ride on Brazil’s ‘Roller Coaster’ of Change

August 14, 2017

The ability to adapt has long been a secret to success in business. But today, it’s also a secret to survival . That’s because change and even upheaval are “definitely a norm” in global business,says Rodrigo Xavier (’93), former CEO and chairman of Bank of America Merrill Lynch Brazil. “Turbulence... read more

The Skills Gap

#1 Risk to Global Business, Survey Says: The Skills Gap

July 25, 2017

Global business optimism has hit an all-time high, according to the second quarter International Business Report by Grant Thornton. Globally, business optimism was 51%; in the U.S., it was 81%. The confidence is due in large part to strong revenue and profit expectations. But another metric hit an... read more

Take Your Business from Idea to Liquidity

The Five Stages of Taking a Business From Idea to Liquidity

July 19, 2017

Today’s business climate may seem faster, riskier, and more full of promise than ever before. It’s certainly more global, digital, and innovative. But some things haven’t changed. No matter how innovative your product or service may be, your business needs to be firmly rooted in established... read more

Suzanne Peterson, Thunderbird Global Speaker Series

How Can You Find Credible Leaders? Focus on "Predictors of Potential"

July 11, 2017

From the Global Speaker Series, Thunderbird professor Suzanne Peterson shares insights into how organizations can select more credible more

Global Speaker Series: Wolfgang Koester on Five Stages of Entrepreneurial Success

Entrepreneurial Success Is a 5-Stage Process

June 30, 2017

Building a business is like building almost anything else. You must first start with a vision of what you want. And then you need a good plan. It takes a solid plan to move your vision – your business dream – from an idea to a success. But according to Wolfgang Koester ’91, CEO of FiREapps,... read more

Project Haibung: Thunderbird Alumna Leads School Rebuilding Effort After Nepal Earthquake

Project Haibung: Thunderbird Alumna Leads School Rebuilding Effort After Nepal Earthquake

June 28, 2017

“Tragedy should be a source of strength.” – The Dalai Lama In April 2015, the strongest earthquake to hit Nepal in nearly a century claimed the lives of 8,500 people and left millions homeless. As with most disasters, vulnerable populations were the most acutely affected, notably children... read more

Ethics Through Different Lenses

Ethics Through Different Lenses

June 28, 2017

In a panel discussion, “Ethics Through Different Lenses,” presented by the Thunderbird Honor Council, three Thunderbird professors reflected on the role, importance and application of ethics in international business. The panelists were Mary Teagarden , Professor of Global Strategy, Mary Sully de... read more