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Looking for US-China Trade Insight? Ask a T-bird

April 6, 2017
Thunderbird alumnus Michael Crotty on US-China trade

Thunderbird alumnus Michael Crotty '74 speaks with BBC News about the flashpoints of US-China trade


With Chinese President Xi Jinping's summit with US President Donald Trump only hours away, BBC News reporter Robin Brant took to Shanghai to discuss with pundits the China-US trade relationship. Speaking with Shanghai-based Thunderbird alum Michael Crotty '74, Business Consultant with MKT & Associates, LTD, and CEIBS Shanghai Professor Gary Liu, the three discussed these five trade flashpoints:

  • Currency
  • Market access
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Technology transfer
  • Investment

"The Chinese can invest in the US in many areas where we can't invest in China because of restrictions," Crotty noted when asked about market access. "The hope for all of us," he says, "is that there will be a higher degree of reciprocity that develops over the next couple of years."

Asked about the future of US-China investment, Crotty said: "Both countries want jobs, and the growth in outbound investment by Chinese companies into the US, for example, last year was approximately $45 billion dollars--significantly above the year before. The outbound investment will continue and the outbound investment into factories and companies will continue as well."

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