MGM: A Specialized Global Management Degree

Thunderbird’s Master of Global Management, A Specialized Global Graduate Degree that Can Take You Anywhere

Thunderbird’s Master of Global Management degree shares many elements of a traditional MBA, while offering a more specialized curriculum created especially for students destined for global careers – whether in business, government/foreign service, or non-profit/NGO and aid organizations.

The Thunderbird MGM opens a world of opportunities in any industry and in any corner of the globe.

Along with accounting, marketing, finance and core business competencies, the MGM offers training in cross-cultural communication and negotiation, global management strategies, corporate social responsibility, and includes a Thunderbird Applied Learning Practicum delivered outside the student’s country of origin. The MGM mixes traditional business learning with a truly global cultural and geo-political educational experience.

Thunderbird’s MGM degree is also available online and in an executive format.

Compare & Contrast Thunderbird’s MGM with a traditional MBA






Global Leadership – Develops specific skills needed by experienced managers to lead global businesses, NGOs, government service.

Provides a general business education for the management professional in a corporate role.


Solid foundation of core business competencies taught from a global perspective while honing leadership capabilities and fostering regional business and cultural acumen.


Programmed, traditional curriculum that is functional in approach: accounting, finance, marketing, management, etc.

Learning Model

Interactive, experiential educational format offers direct application to participants, flexible to change.

Functional areas delivered in a traditional linear academic model of one subject course area after another.

Target Students

Experienced professionals who are excited by new cultures, languages, customs and geography, and enjoy the challenge of success in global management.

Professionals needing general management training.

Length & Format

Offered in 12, 15 or 21-month options, partially delivered in global locations and/or on campus or online. 

Typically 18 months to 2 years, delivered in a single location, with potential for international field trips.

What will take your career farther? The MGM.

“Thunderbird has an international focus through every course. It is not just learning about other economic, social and cultural aspects of various countries, but also how it all works together to create the global environment. I am also very pleased by the practical experience opportunities I was exposed to through varied case studies and direct interactions with global companies.”

Alina Buzgar, Romania
Class of 2016

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