This and That

art work of Jenita Landrum

"This and That" features the artwork of Jenita Landrum, who explores race, class and gender through images reflecting the realities of living in urban spaces. The art in this exhibit reflects her journey through the art process, crossing mediums of paint, mixed media and found objects.

Landrum's career began in the Valley as an undergraduate student majoring in painting and drawing at Arizona State University, where she received a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees. Upon completion of her Master of Fine Art Degree at Ohio State University, she opened The Art Loft Studios and Gallery in Columbus, Ohio, where Landrum's work and career took flight, with her creations exhibited nationally and internationally in group and solo exhibition. She has traveled internationally to pursue fellowships in Ghana, Africa; Dresden, Germany and Poland. She is a nationally sought after curator and lecturer, and has completed several public commissions. She is currently an adjunct art history and studio instructor with Maricopa Community Colleges.

ASU Library
Nov 22 2020 - 12:00am
Vault Gallery, Downtown Phoenix campus Library
Downtown Phoenix campus