Strategizing for Crisis Leadership - Thunderbird Executive Education

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Program Highlights

  • Explore the contemporary crisis management landscape to better understand the challenges your organization may face. 
  • Dive into crisis management fundamentals to enhance your self-awareness and stretch your crisis management thinking skills. 
  • Discover and understand global practices and implications of crisis management and see how cultural issues can exacerbate crisis challenges. 
  • Learn how to build a robust global and virtual crisis management team. 
  • Explore the variety of crisis management tools to interpret and assess a crisis scenario. 
  • Engage in action planning for breakthrough results, including style switching to adjust your crisis responses during fluid situations.

Immersive executive experience

Through hands-on, immersive activities, Thunderbird reveals how your classroom learnings translate to real-world business scenarios. Each of the four programs in this series features an onsite visit to a cutting-edge location where you will experience firsthand the profound and successful application of course concepts. 

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Robert Schaeffer
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Jan 29 2018 - 8:00am
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