Aligning Global Marketing & Brand Strategy - Thunderbird Executive Education

Program Highlights

  • Discover new ways to harness your knowledge and experience to improve your business and propel your career. 
  • Align your business, marketing and brand strategies to create new value for your organization. 
  • Utilize effective customer-centric thinking to uncover what customers really want. 
  • Explore the benefits of smart thinking to bridge the gap between marketing and finance. 
  • Analyze best practices through brief, contemporary case studies from across the globe. 
  • Transform your thinking and gain fresh, new perspectives that immediately enhance your capabilities. 
  • Take part in an innovative, immersive experience that will bring your learnings to life.

Immersive executive experience

Through hands-on, immersive activities, Thunderbird reveals how your classroom learnings translate to real-world business scenarios. Each of the four programs in this series features an onsite visit to a cutting-edge location where you will experience firsthand the profound and successful application of course concepts. 

Client Relations
Robert Schaeffer
1 800 457-6959
Mar 3 2018 - 8:00am
ASU Tempe Campus
Tempe campus
$25 and More