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Scholarship Renewal Process

By accepting funding through the incoming student scholarship program at Thunderbird School of Global Management, you agree to the following renewal policies: 

1.    Students must earn and maintain a cumulative 3.00 GPA throughout the program to retain scholarships.  Students forfeit any allocation canceled by a GPA lower than 3.00.

2.    Students must be enrolled in master’s-level courses full time (nine credit hours) each semester to maintain their scholarships.

3.    Any departure from this prescribed scholarship schedule must be approved by the scholarship committee in advance.  A written petition must be submitted to the scholarship committee at admissions.tbird@asu.edu. 

4.    Any financial penalties due to changes in schedule during a semester (drop or withdrawal) will be the student’s responsibility.

5.    Scholarship amounts will remain constant at the value listed on the scholarship details page, and are not stackable unless noted by an exception. 

6.    Please note: Arizona law requires students to demonstrate lawful status to ASU/Thunderbird scholarships.  Visit students.asu.edu/statusverification for additional information.