Monica Kerretts-Makau



Dr. Monica Kerretts-Makau is the Academic Director at Thunderbird's Center for Excellence for Africa based in Nairobi and Proffesor of Practice.  Her passion and work focus on Governance/Leadership, Change Management & Communications and ICT4D Policy She has received several accolades including the top 100 Reputational Africans 2018 and Top 100 influential Africans 2017. She is a certified Board Trainer under the IFC & International Corporate Goverance Certifaicaiton, A Prosci Change Magement Practisioner and has trained several companies over the years. Dr. Kerretts has been Faculty and Advisor to the Dean Strathmroe Business School where she taught in the MBA and Executive Education Programs whilst undertaking several projects.

Dr. Kerretts-Makau earned her PhD in Australia (UNSW) with a focus on Institutional Governance Management in 2006. She currently serves as Council Member for Nepad Kenya (Chairing the Finance Committee) and Board director for Saham Assurance (Chairing the human resources committee) and has served previously with the Communication Authority Board  (Chairing the Audit Committee) and with Bank of Africa where she chaired the Credit and Human Resources Committees. She currently serves as Advisory board member to many ICT Global reports. She engages in several global panels and consultancies including those for UNCTAD, World Bank and UNDP on the Digital Revolution and what it means for Africa and its transformative governance. She previously worked with Strathmore Business School and was part of the Board leadership training programs as well as the Executive training programs and the founding team of ilab Africa.

Dr. Kerretts-Makau served as the advisory board to the World Bank -World Development Report focusing on the role of ICT and Development where she represented Africa chaired by the President of Estonia. She has also worked as a consultant for the World Bank since 1997 and has served as Change Advisor to the Judiciary Transformation under Justice Willy Mutunga and Justice Joel Ngugi between 2012 and 2015. She has worked with KPMG as regional Knowledge Management Manager before joining KPMG Australia. She previously worked with Standard Chartered Bank as Instituitonal Manager. 

She can be reached on email at and on twitter @monicakerretts. She is a passionate gardener/environmentalist and blogs on Instagram as @kanakegardens. She sits on a volunteer role in the Kenya Horticultural Society-Gardening Kenya Council where she spends time advocating for environmental consciousness. ( and serves as Chair to the Kenya Horticulatural Society Machakos and wider eastern Districts.



Dr. Kerretts has studied across three continents:

  • PhD: University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia where she completed her Phd in Institutional Management in 2006.  
  • MSc: Univeristy of Salford, Greater Manchester UK, where she completed her MSC in Business and Information Technology with a focus on Knoweldge Management.
  • BA: Daystar University, a Christian Liberal Arts University with American Curriculum and Affiliation in Kenya where she received her degree in Communications and Businsess Minor Cum Laude Honors 




Fall 2021
Course Number Course Title
TGM 478 Cross-Cultural Comm & Negotiat
TGM 489 Mltntnl Organizational Ldrshp
Spring 2021
Course Number Course Title
TGM 478 Cross-Cultural Comm & Negotiat
TGM 596 Thunderbird Experiencial Pract
Fall 2020
Course Number Course Title
TGM 489 Mltntnl Organizational Ldrshp
TAM 589 Global Field Seminar
TGM 594 Conference and Workshop
Summer 2020
Course Number Course Title
TAM 542 Global Ldrshp & Personal Devlp


  • Top 100 Influential Africans 2018 
  • Top 100 Reputational Africans 2017 


Professional Associations

Board Governance 



Has worked with KPMG, UNCTAD, World Bank , Westminster Foundation and IDLO 


  • 2017 to date : Chair, HR and Finance Commitee - NEPAD/AUDA Kenya under the AU 
  • 2017 to date:   Chair Board Governance Commitee - Saham Assurance 
  • 2017 to date:   Board Member Research ICT Africa 
  • 2013 to 2016 : Chair Board Goveranance and Chair Credit Commitee Bank of Africa 
  • 2009 to 2014 : Chair Technical Commitee and Chair Audit Commitee Communicaitons Commssion of Kenya



Industry Positions

  • 1999 -2001: Manager Standard Chartered Bank 
  • 2002 to 2006 : Regional Knoweldge Management Manager KPMG East Africa and Business Analyst KPMG Australia
  • 2007 to 2018 World Bank Consultant 
  • 2017 Advisory Panel Member World Bank Report on Digital Dividends 
  • 2009- 2018 Senior Faculty and Advisor to the Dean Strathmore Business School 


Pro Bono

2018 to date: 

  • Board Council Member Kenya Horticultural Society (KHS) Kenya. 
  • Chair Machakos Wider District of KHS 

2012 to 2015 

  • Kenya Society for the Blind - Chair FundRaising 




Executive Education Courses

  • Certified IFC Board Governance Trainer 
  • Leading the Board (Several under all boards above) 
  • Prosci Change Management Certification 
  • Adult Learning and Case Study Methodology - IESE Business School, Barcelona, Spain.