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Looking for Qualified Interns?

Global assignments are complex. T-birds are ready for the challenge.

Highly qualified, well-prepared, globally minded and equipped to make an impact on Day One. Learn more.


Career Management Center Vision

Global impact through 100% employment.

Career Management Center Mission 

  • To provide resources that facilitate informed decision making and successful job search behavior capable of sustaining graduates in managing careers for life

  • To initiate and build relationships with local, national, and global organizations that value "Graduate Business Degrees" talent

  • To create and market effective programs that will enhance talent and corporate connections

  • To continually foster staff development initiatives that maintain pace with corporate partners in intelligence, technology, and diversity

  • To capture measurable data that allows for continual evaluation and improvement of processes

  • To research and develop annual team performances goals that will surpass customer expectations

Career Management Center launches "Good Neighbor" initiative

Research says that 80% of jobs today are landed through connections with other people. To help encourage networking throughout the Thunderbird community, the CMC is excited to present the Good Neighbor initiative! The goal of this initiative is to connect students with students, students with alumni, and alumni with alumni. Learn more…

So, how does it work? 

T-birds who are seeking a position in or information about an industry/company can complete a Good Neighbor profile detailing their request. The CMC will share highlighted participant profiles in Thunderbird’s Friday Student Update newsletter and this monthly Alumni Digest, linking to the CMC Twitter and Facebook pages where the full profiles of each participant will reside. 

If a fellow T-bird is seeking information about an industry in which you have experience or expertise, reach out and offer assistance! Like a good neighbor, T-birds are always looking to help each other realize his/her goals and establishing positive relationships. 

Sign up today! Simply complete the Good Neighbor form provided and submit it to with a picture of yourself. After that, all you need to do is enjoy networking and promoting Thunderbird.