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Our Vision

Global Impact Through 100% Employment

Our Mission

To fulfill the vision of Global Impact through 100% Employment, our mission is:

  • To provide resources that facilitate informed decision-making, competitive career readiness, and successful job search behavior capable of sustaining graduates in managing careers for life.
  • To initiate and build relationships with local, national, and global organizations that value “Global Business Degree” talent.
  • To create and market effective programs that will enhance talent and corporate connections.
  • To continually foster staff development initiatives that maintain pace with corporate partners in intelligence, technology and diversity.
  • To capture measurable data that allows for continual evaluation and improvement of processes.

Our Team

Mr. Guy Groff
Senior Director 

Ms. Debbie Spano

Mr. Mike Low
Director, Master of Arts - Employer Relations & Career Coaching 

Ms. Helen Wu
Director, Employer Relations 

Ms. Pamela Ehlers
Associate Director, Career Coaching & Development 

Ms. Angelique Tatum
Associate Director, Career Coaching & Development 

Ms. Paula Friesen
Senior Academic Advisor 

Ms. Julie Gunby
Academic Advisor 


For immediate questions, please contact us at or call us at 602-978-7245.

If you wish to mail us marketing/recruiting materials, please address it to:

Thunderbird Career Management Center
1 Global Place, Glendale, AZ 85306.