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Guidelines for Hiring a T-bird

At Thunderbird, we want recruiting our students to be as easy and flexible as possible. We also want to optimize your success and deliver the highest yield possible based on your offers and marketing efforts. With this in mind, we have outlined a set of guidelines practiced by the organizations that tend to have the highest acceptance rates at Thunderbird.

Full-Time Offers

We advise our students to consider each opportunity as a long term commitment and to accept offers where they can make contributions over time. For this reason, we suggest that all candidates be given a minimum of three weeks to make a decision, or until the end of October, whichever comes later. This ensures students have an adequate amount of time to fully evaluate an offer. We understand your need to finalize business planning and will encourage students to make their decisions as quickly as possible. Students are held accountable by the CMC for their actions during the career search process. We encourage you to stay in close contact with us throughout the recruiting and offer process so we can ensure students are adhering to our guidelines, and assist you with any information that may be helpful.

Internship Offers

Thunderbird has interniship candidates available for work in the summer, fall or spring, with some eligible to work extended internships if they choose. This is great news to employees who feel a surge in workload when large intern classes leave at summer's end. We encourage you to consider the many options for hosting Thunderbird talent at your organization. 

Students are encourages to view each internship for a full-time opportunity. We ask all students to pursue only internships where they have a sincere long-term interest. In the same way, we recommend that students be given a minimum of two weeks to make a decision about an offer.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Students are expected to honor any job offer they accept, whether verbally or in writing

  • Employers are expected to follow through with any offers they extend. If an offer must be rescinded, employers should contact their account manager immediately to work out a positive communication strategy.

  • Students who accept an offer are required to stop interviewing and notify any potential employers that they have discontinued their job search.

  • Students are expected to represent themselves truthfully and accurately both on their résumés and in interviews.


Thunderbird welcomes employers on campus who have fair employment practices.