Why Hire a Thunderbird?

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Looking for Qualified Interns?

Global assignments are complex. T-birds are ready for the challenge.

Highly qualified, well-prepared, globally minded and equipped to make an impact on Day One. Learn more.


Specialized Global Training
for Today’s Challenges

Thunderbird provides an intercultural learning community, a globally infused curriculum, and cross-cultural training at its best. Thunderbird’s specialized global management degrees are anchored in accounting, finance, marketing, management, statistics and strategy, all infused with dynamic training in international leadership, intercultural communication and regional political nuances.

Global business requires a different brand of leadership. 

Thunderbird prepares students to enter this complex and exciting market with specialized, hands-on training in international business, cross-cultural relations, global political economy and regional business environments. 

With their global outlook—and their Thunderbird education—T-birds will stand out among your candidates.