Off-Campus Housing

Off-Campus Housing

Things to consider

Thunderbird's Housing Services team helps students determine which housing option will best support the educational process and provides several resources for students who would like to live off campus. Keep the following in mind when making your housing decision:

Proximity to campus

Life as a graduate student demands that much time be spent on campus attending classes, conducting research, participating in group meetings and attending cultural events. Living on or near campus makes the obligations of student life easier. Take a look at the list of apartment complexes that are within walking distance or a brief drive from campus.


Public transportation is limited in the Glendale region of Phoenix. If you live outside of walking distance from campus, you will need to have your own transportation to campus, as well as to local stores and restaurants. Several shopping centers and restaurants are near the campus.

Utilities and other expenses

Because you will likely be responsible for your own utilities in off-campus housing, please plan accordingly. Utilities can be costly in the summer when air conditioning is required.


Finding a roommate can help defray costs of off-campus living. Thunderbird's Housing Services department can help connect you with the right T-bird to share your space.

Renter's Insurance

Whether you will be living in an apartment off campus or in the on-campus dorms, it is always a good idea to insure your valuables. Students are encouraged to protect themselves from loss by purchasing appropriate insurance. Here are some tips:

  • Review any homeowner's policy that you or your family might have to determine whether the contents of your dorm/apartment are already covered or could be covered with a relatively inexpensive policy rider.
  • Consider purchasing a renter's insurance policy for the duration of your residency if your current insurance does not already cover your personal property.
  • Keep in mind that you should include the replacement cost of items such as computers, jewelry, televisions, DVD players, musical instruments, stereos and other electronics, books, calculators, clothes, shoes and sports equipment.

For your convenience, the following renter's insurance companies may be considered. However, Thunderbird does not endorse either company.

For information regarding damage to personal property, refer to the "Safety and Security" site on