Campus Security Report - Thunderbird

The purpose of Thunderbird's Security & Safety department is to provide a safe, secure environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors and to serve the needs of the Thunderbird campus community in a professional manner. 

  • Security officers patrol the campus on bicycles and on motorized vehicles.
  • Security team members are available by phone or radio at all times, providing 24-hour-a-day, 7-days-a-week, round-the-clock protection and services. A security officer can be reached at +1 602 978-7223 or, if you are on campus, dial extension 7223.
  • The Security department is entirely mobile in its response mode and can reach any location on campus in a matter of minutes after being dispatched. 


The Security & Safety Office is located on the southwest corner of the campus, next to the main entrance. If you visit the Security Office after hours and the door is locked, it is because the team is out patrolling the campus. There is an emergency phone located outside the office door, which will connect you directly to a security officer located anywhere on campus.

Security & safety services

  • 24-hour campus patrolling, with primary concern for the personal safety of all students, staff, faculty and visitors.
  • First responder to all police, fire and medical emergencies on campus.
  • On-campus escort services upon request.
  • Incident investigation and reporting.
  • Monitoring alarms for intrusion, robbery and fire.
  • Assisting motorists with minor problems or calling for services.
  • Emergency first-aid and CPR when necessary.
  • Holding and returning found property.
  • Maintaining centralized campus key control and distribution.
  • Student vehicle and bicycle registration.

Security and Safety Officers are responsible for enforcement of Thunderbird rules and regulations. Violations of law are reported to the Glendale Police Department for action. The Security & Safety department works closely with local authorities in the investigation and prosecution of crimes and in fire, safety and health-related issues.