Abdul Ghani Popal ’16

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Why did Abdul Popal choose Thunderbird?

What made you choose Thunderbird for your graduate studies?

“Raised in Afghanistan with the experience of traveling abroad, I have always appreciated diversity and been fond of visiting new places and people. The international aspect and the global focus of both Thunderbird’s academic curriculum and student body attracted me to the school. In addition, its well-known academic standing and rankings, alongside its mission for creating worldwide prosperity, made Thunderbird my top preference.”

What makes Thunderbird so appealing to international business students?

“I find the global network of professionals, diverse student body and career development opportunities provided by Thunderbird extremely unique, and these are the most sought-after attributes of business programs by any student!”

What are your career/personal aspirations and how will Thunderbird help you achieve them?

“I believe that economic development and sustainable global prosperity play a vital role in creating solutions in cases of poverty and conflict. In the case of Afghanistan, I would like to be a part of the change brought through economic development that will ultimately diminish and resolve the staggering problems facing the country. Because global prosperity and sustainable economic growth are the mission of Thunderbird, the education I will receive will position me in the direction to achieve the goal of creating a sustainable business environment of economic development in Afghanistan.”

More about Abdul...

Languages spoken -  Pashto, Dari and English; understands Urdu and learning German and Arabic.

Academic background - Bachelor’s in Business Administration/Management, American University of Afghanistan

Professional background - Experienced in start-ups, with a background in logistics and transportation in the private sector

Personal tidbit - Recipient of Thunderbird SHARE Fellowship