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Why did Alina Buzgar choose Thunderbird?

What made you choose Thunderbird for your graduate business education?

“During my search of graduate schools, most of them only resonated with me at an academic level. But with Thunderbird, I realized that I would experience more than “just” attending classes and adding to my résumé. Of course it is important that Thunderbird is a top-ranked school of international business, and that the curricula and the teachers are world class – but the global outlook and reach, the mission statement and the rich fabric that characterizes the school is what really motivated me to pursue this opportunity.”

What is different about Thunderbird’s approach to global business education?

“When I decided that I would like to take a break from my corporate career and pursue a graduate degree, it was hard to find a school that shared my desire to make a difference – until I found Thunderbird. It’s exciting to know that Thunderbird is the platform which would both educate and motivate me by placing me among likeminded individuals who generate an amazing network of change agents around the world.”

What are your career aspirations and how will Thunderbird help you achieve them?

“When I left Romania for a one-year internship in India, the plan was that on my return I would “give back” by starting a company or a non-profit organization. This is still my plan; the timeline is the only thing that changed! Furthermore, I traveled to Africa and fell in love with Cameroon, so I am determined to do something meaningful there as well – a local transportation business and an education center (a place where young Africans can receive training and earn international technical certifications). The first thing I would like to do in Romania is start a digital audiobooks venture. This will bring my love of books, theatre and easy access to education into one initiative that should become a compelling method of learning for the young generation of Romanians.”

How will Thunderbird give you the skills to achieve these goals?

“Academically, Thunderbird School of Global Management has an international focus through every course I attend. It is not just learning about other economical, social and cultural aspects of various countries, but also how it all works together to create the global business environment. Daily interactions in class, during group projects or student club activities with people who have such varied backgrounds and aspirations is both very informative and inspiring. Furthermore, I am very pleased by the aggregate of practical experience opportunities that I am exposed to through the assortment of current and varied case studies and direct interactions with global companies. Thunderbird is a very valuable platform for learning and self discovery that will equip me with the right skills and help me more clearly define my future path.”

More about Alina…

Languages spoken - Romanian, English and Spanish

Academic background - Bachelor’s in Organizational Psychology, West University of Timisoara

Professional background - HR manager in Romania and India (with a focus on IT); change management consultant in the US