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Ana Carrillo-Noriega ’15

What attracted you to Thunderbird?

“Thunderbird is a globally renowned institution devoted to developing and strengthening its students’ global mindsets and providing them with the international business skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing business environment. My experience in international business has allowed me to develop a clear vision of the professional I want to become, and in order to become a successful international marketing professional I need to further my education in the field. Therefore, after analyzing various options and studying diverse curriculums, I discovered that Thunderbird offered the most complete education in international marketing.”

What is different about Thunderbird’s approach to global business education?

“Thunderbird offers students the possibility of studying international business by creating an international business incubator. Thunderbird’s teaching strategy allows its diverse student body to learn by experience and discussion, which I truly believe strengthens and further develops the students’ global mindsets and prepares them to face the real issues in international business.”

How will your Thunderbird education prepare you for your dream career?

“In my career thus far, the professional experience I enjoyed the most was developing an international marketing strategy for my family‘s table grapes export business. This experience allowed me to position my family business in the global produce marketplace and achieve significant sales growth that has allowed us to keep expanding within the international table grapes market. Creating this new international marketing strategy ignited my passion for the field and I plan to professionally develop in this area. I believe that obtaining my degree in global management with a concentration in marketing at Thunderbird will provide me with the right education to achieve this goal. Furthermore, Thunderbird’s alumni network is an invaluable gift for any aspiring international business professional.”

More about Ana…

Languages spoken - Spanish, English and French

Academic background - Bachelor’s in Marketing (minors in international business and French), University of Arizona

Professional background - Experience in global real estate consulting (for people interested in investing in Mexican tourism real estate) and in international produce sales (as a premium table grapes exporter)