Carlos Melendez ’15

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Carlos Melendez ’15

What made Thunderbird a perfect fit for your graduate management studies?

“I was lucky enough to attend an international school in Maracaibo, my home city. At the time, many people from around the world worked in Venezuela due to its booming oil industry. I was fascinated by all the cultures I got to experience in such a small school. When it came time to get my Master’s degree, Thunderbird was my obvious first and only choice. The top-ranked school for international business in the world AND the reputation of being a small United Nations in the southwest? What could be more attractive to someone interested in different cultures who wants a degree that can propel his career?”

How is Thunderbird different from other business schools?

“Many schools have people from all over the world, but Thunderbird really examines all these cultures in depth and teaches you to connect with them. Being a great businessman is not all about crunching numbers, but also about creating personal relationships with people, no matter where they are from.”

How will Thunderbird position you for success?

“I have always had a fascination with the energy industry. I aspire to become a game changer in this crucial time when the world is faced with trying to find alternatives for fossil fuels. Thunderbird has strong ties to some of the world’s leading energy companies, and has a great faculty which can provide me with the tools I need to excel in this sector.”

More about Carlos…

Languages spoken - Fluent in English and Spanish, conversational in Portuguese and a beginner in French

Academic background - Law degree, Universidad Rafael Urdaneta

Professional background - Law practice, handling criminal, civil and commerce law cases

Personal tidbit - His thesis for his law degree – “The application of Mercosur’s migration laws in Venezuela,” – was selected to be published by the university’s law journal.