Mohamed Vall ’15

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Mohamed Vall ’15

What made you choose Thunderbird for your graduate studies?

“When I read Thunderbird’s mission – 'We educate global leaders who create sustainable prosperity worldwide' – I immediately felt this was the school I was looking for; the school that will prepare me to make change to the world and help in the sustainable development of my country. Moreover, the international theme at Thunderbird is just incredible. The student body is so diverse. Such an environment will help me understand other cultures and network with people from different regions.”

What does Thunderbird offer that other schools do not?

“The great opportunity to network with alumni all over the world is a unique feature of Thunderbird that is unmatched by any other business school.”

How will Thunderbird prepare you for your professional and personal future?

“My long-term career goal is to create a management consulting company in West Africa to help companies improve their performance in management. Thunderbird will provide me with necessary tools and give me the exposure to the challenges that I could face as a manager. Obtaining a degree from Thunderbird will give me the experience and expertise to achieve my dream.”

More about Mohamed…

Languages spoken - Arabic, French and English

Academic background - Bachelor in Jurisprudence - Muhammad Ibn Saud University, Bachelor in Management - University of Nouakchott

Professional background - 9 years of experience in project management, public relations and marketing/sales for public and private sectors.

Personal tidbit - Recipient of Thunderbird SHARE Fellowship.