This page is managed by student leaders of the Thunderbird Student Government.

Thunderbird Student Government

As representatives of the student body, Thunderbird Student Government seeks to promote the welfare of each individual by enhancing the student experience, along with ensuring the satisfaction of the institution as a whole. As citizens of the world we strive to promote values of diversity and inclusion to create a sustainable environment that allows us to excel as professionals during and after our studies.


The main objective of Thunderbird Student Government is to provide the students with the opportunity to raise their interests and concerns so they may be brought before the faculty and administration to adjust according to the needs and wants of students, as long as it is in the best interest of the institution as a whole. Proper management and allocation of resources is essential to promote school traditions and cultural involvement, which has become key for the development of global leaders for many years.

Traditions & Events

Regional Night: Thunderbird Student Government is in charge of hosting 1 Regional Night per semester. Each Regional Night focuses on a particular area of the world and allows the student body to learn and experience the cultural richness of these areas. Each event is wholly student-led and includes performances, trivia, cultural fashion, food and beverages related to the region being celebrated.

Global Gala: This event celebrates our graduating students each semester as they transition to part of our beloved alumni network. The entire student body is invited to this event, making it a true Global Gala.

Club Day: Thunderbird offers many clubs for students to get involved with based on their interests and preferences. The Student Government hosts Club Day so that these clubs can showcase what they have to offer. Students may join as many clubs as they wish.


Executive Board



Kylee San Miguel

Description: As President, I oversee the whole of Thunderbird Student Government, working with some of the best students Thunderbird has to offer, all with the goal of ensuring student needs are heard and acted upon by administration.

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Michael Severin

Description: As Vice President I execute the duties and responsibilities of the President in his/her absence. Oversee any issues concerning the student body to facilitate the connection between them and the administration. 

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Chris May

Description: As Treasurer, I am responsible for the management of the financial resources of TSG. It is also my responsibility to provide budget updates to the executive board and student body as a whole.

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Chairs and Representatives

Maddie Handler
Community Outreach

Description:  As the Community Outreach Chair my role is to connect Thunderbird students with the outside community through volunteerism. This role allows Thunderbird students to make a lasting impact in the community in which we live. 

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Kelsey Teske
Marketing & Communications

Description: Lead marketing and communications for TSG, to ensure the student body is fully aware of every ongoing event on and off campus.

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Denis Batemi
GPSA Liaison

Description: I assist fellow students who are seeking funding through GPSA for travel, internships, and other matters related to funding opportunities for students. 


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Andrew Dzielinski

Description: My role as the Community Outreach Representative is to provide support to the C.O. Chair in our efforts to integrate T-birds into the Greater Phoenix area through professional, academic, and service opportunities. 

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Student Clubs


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