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February 12, 2019
Local chapters of Thunderbird School of Global Management alumni monthly get-togethers for 2019. Read more

Here’s What Trump Needs To Learn About Immigration
February 7, 2019
To get an unbiased opinion on the complicated question of immigration, I asked Harvard’s Bill Kerr for his take on the migrant caravan, Trump, and how talent immigrants fit into global innovation...Read more

New Research Finds It’s Outcomes – Not Solutions – That Sell
January 25, 2019
The B2B sales routine used to go like this: A prospective customer would describe the challenge s/he faced. The sales rep would look at his/her company’s current offerings and present a solution to...Read more

Thunderbird and the American Express Leadership Academy: Teaching Leadership, One NGO at a Time
January 23, 2019
Every year, Thunderbird and American Express host the American Express Leadership Academy. The Academy takes emerging leaders from non-profit/non-governmental organizations and helps them become more...Read more

Larry Fink: Greed Was Good; Purpose Is Better
January 23, 2019
Larry Fink, founder and chief executive of the world’s largest money manager, is freaking out. His 2019 letter admonishing CEOs to start thinking beyond their bottom lines led Barron’s to call him “...Read more