Sawadee Ka

It has been a whirlwind adventure for the Wedu TEM Lab team.  After a brief yet intensive week in Glendale, the team boarded a plane bound for the politically tense turf of Thailand, only to find a peaceful county with extremely generous people.  

Mario, the Director and CEO of Wedu met the team as they departed the plane and arranged for a taxi to drop them off at the “House by the Pond”, their home for the next five weeks.  The sights, smells and sounds were unique, new and unusual.  Daisuke, our tried and true international guide, successfully led the team through the many streets of Bangkok to find the nearest 7-11 to stock up on Thai snacks, noodles and soap… just what we needed after a 18+ hour plane ride to SE Asia. 

The “Mandatory” Monday AM Meeting was the team’s first encounter with the Wedu staff and visionaries.  It consisted of quick introductions, brief reports and a lot of laughter as everyone shared “fun facts” about themselves.  After a long morning of debriefing, the TEM team was able to have their first experiential “Thai experience”.  They followed the Wedu visionaries down a back alley past countless small street shops and businesses into a small courtyard full of folding tables, rickety old chairs, and friendly food vendors.  “Al a carte” [sic], was the menu, and the adventure was the “catch of the day”.  The workday ended with project synopsis overview, followed by a thorough project deliverables review.  Everyone enjoyed some social time on the 47th open-air floor of the building that had a panoramic view of the city.

Things seemed to be slowing down, and calming down for the day… that is until the team experienced their second “Thai experience” which ended up feeling like a high speed chase through the crowded, roadblock streets of Bangkok in a Tuk Tuk made for two and packed full of four exhausted, excited “Thunderbird TEM Labbers.”

Excitement and exhilaration are running extremely high, even though each TEM member is still fighting off a serious case of jet lag.  Without question, each team member is eager for their next “Thai experience” by day’s end….